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The month of June is celebrated as the LGBT Pride Month among the members of the LGBT  community, in order to commemorate the Stonewall Riots event of 1969. Stonewall Riots (or Stonewall Rebellion) was a series of spontaneous, violent demonstrations against a police raid at the Stonewall Inn (Greenwich Village, Manhattan). The event is widely considered to be a watershed moment for the LGBT movement and this year we’re doing a shout out for the LGBT Pride month on GO Hub.

If there’s one thing that’s really, really good about Pokémon GO, it must be the community’s acceptance of different genders, beliefs, body types, styles, religions, habits, disabilities and sexual orientations. For the most of us, it really doesn’t matter who you are, how you look like or what you believe in, as long as you can do some damage in a raid and be a friendly face in the crowd.

We, as Pokémon GO players, should take pride in what we are, and I think many of us do. But I also think that we should extend that pride to other facets of the society. Is staring at your phone and throwing pixel balls really less strange than being gay? I don’t think so. We are all strange in our own way.

LGBT is still a controversial term in many countries, my own included. If you’re reading this from a more liberal area of the world (US, western Europe), it may sound strange to hear this, but don’t be surprised – there are still a lot of places where being different is an offense on its own. This is not exclusive to LGBT, but to a plethora of other differences: skin color, religion, diet.

I’ll admit, I don’t know how it feels to be gay nor do I know how it feels to be oppressed because of it. But I do have friends that are somewhere on the LGBT spectrum and I can tell you this: these people were my friends before I knew that they are gay and I honestly don’t care that they are. For me, it boils down to whether I want to have a beer with that guy / gal or I don’t. Simple as that.

Support your friends. Support your fellow players. Support difference. 🌈🍻

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