we hope you’re properly enjoying the first day of the Equinox event and bathing in Stardust as you should. After all, even Carl Sagan once famously wrote “We are made of star-stuff”.

Let’s dive into news!

New spawn points discovered in the wild

We’ve observed that a number of new spawn points have appeared in the wild, granting increased number of Pokemon spawns. We are yet to confirm if the effect is world wide, but numerous separate reports on reddit and Twitter indicate it is.

The occurrence of new spawn points ties in with the event going live, likely hinting that Niantic wants to reward players who plan to walk and hatch this weekend.

We haven’t observed a large scale spawn points removal.

Niantic resolves the “I’m not getting double Stardust” bug

When the event went live yesterday, an interesting bug was discovered: double Stardust was not properly rewarded for several in-game actions. The bug is now fixed and the fix was confirmed by Niantic Support:

Equinox Event Egg chart is here!

The first version of the event specific egg chart is here, showing all of the Pokemon that hatch from the special event 2KM eggs. Not bad, but not stellar either – Safari Zone eggs were still a better deal.

Equinox Event Egg Chart
Pokémon Rarity
Larvitar 10%
Mareep 10%
Chansey 10%
Snorlax 0.8%
Dratini 0.3%
Tyrogue 4.6%
Rhyorn 0.3%
Remoraid 12.2%
Togepi 12.2%
Slugma 11.7%
Oddish 10.9%
Slowpoke 7.6%
Pichu 0.8%
Krabby 0.5%
Spinarak 0.3%
Gastly 0.3%
Aipom 0.3%
Zubat 7.1%
  • Reals26 Gaming

    I’ve been noticing an influx of 10k eggs.

    • Rafael Martins

      Mee too, since the event begun I got 2.

    • Adam McLain

      Me too I got 6 10km eggs in a row when I was out after work last night

    • Christine Allen

      I have one 5k and eight 10k, I haven’t seen a 2k egg in awhile!
      This event best last long enough for us to hatch some of them so I can get and hatch a 2k!

  • Laney

    i have received 4 since the event began. i don’t understand why we are receiving 10 km eggs when this is supposed to be a special 2 km event.

    • Nick Wilson

      Shhhh don’t ruin it…double fun…

      • Joel Jensen

        you only get 5-10 candy when hatching a 2, so i will gladly take the 10 km eggs. i bought two of the ultra boxes so i have 16 super incubators.

        • Ben Ostler

          i have 27

    • Dmitriy OP

      What u think and what it is are different things. Its not special 2km event. Its made so whining people get pokemons/stardust they dont have. And also spend more money on game.

    • scelestion

      They didn’t say they would give you more 2Ks, the ones you get are just better.

  • Joey Genco

    They’re giving us more 10k eggs so that we buy Super Incubators to free up more spots for 2k eggs more quickly.

    • Nick Wilson

      Plus 10k Stardust

    • Antonio Mercurio

      plus 30 candies

  • Nathan

    it took the equinox event to hatch a dratini out of a 10k and that hasnt happened since they were moved down from the common tier and before the event i had to go to long beach just to hatch one

  • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

    Sneaky Niantic. I see all of you said they are handing out 10km eggs. Lucky for me, I got to lvl 30 the night before the event so I have 3 incubators!

  • Michal Hušák

    So the chance to get a larvitar is 1:10. Chance a hatched larvitar will be 100% is 1:216. So i must hatch 2160 event 2km edges to get what i need :-(.

  • Luke Davies

    I just hatched a Snorlax from 10k (pretty sure i obtained during the event) so it doesn’t appear to hatch from 2ks?

    • Joel Jensen

      what normally hatches in 10 km eggs will still hatch

    • Kevin Mask

      Snorlax hatches from both, along with most 10K mons

  • Antonio Mercurio

    Porygon is in 2km egg

    • Kevin Mask

      you hatched a porygon from a 2K yourself?

      • Antonio Mercurio

        dont need to, have seen too many vids of people hatching them!

    • Ladyichiban

      I had one in my 2k yesterday with a 82 iv

  • Kevin Mask

    so much for the 10%, I even managed to hatch a Slowpoke form a special 2km egg, and still hatching a loadshit of Sudowoodo from 10K eggs, no matter how much you spend and you break your legs walking, you still need luck and only luck.

    • Finn Brown

      I hatched two

  • Finn Brown

    Does any one have a problem where their eggs dont reflect the distance you walk
    An example of this is when yesterday i rode 14k minding my speed And it said Had walked 2k. that really annoys me
    I real want to know how to fix it

    • Kevin Mask

      always been like that, nothing new

      • Finn Brown

        but is there away to make it slighly better

        • Kevin Mask

          Niantic should know, that’s not up to us.


    All I’ve gotten are 5k eggs -_-

  • Nikola ferić

    Not reciving duble stardust

    • Dan

      That’s distinctly impossible. Catch a lowest level evolution Pokemon, and you’ll get 200 stardust.

  • Kevin Mask

    Are you sure Miltank is not in the 2k egg? Some sites reported it.

    • AverageGamers

      Is this true? I’m looking for this one too.

      • Kevin Mask

        nope, actually I haven’t seen/read anyone hatching a Miltank out of a 2K eggs, so I’m not sure whether those sites are right, I did managed to hatch 2 Miltanks tonight, but from 10K eggs. This list is not complete anyway, cause you do hatch Porygon from 2K eggs now.

  • Kevin Mask

    So Cleffa is nowhere to be found during this event?

  • AverageGamers

    It’s good that people are getting eggs, even if not 2km ones. I haven’t gotten any since the event began! 😑

    Thankfully, the 10km egg I already had BEFORE the event, just hatched a Mareep. So I’ve pretty much have gotten what I’m looking for… 😐

  • Ladyichiban

    I got a OMANYTE in my 2km egg

  • Kevin Mask

    Somebody hatched a Mareep from a 10K egg in these days by chance?

  • CINDY L Kimmick

    I’ve hatched these from equinox 2K eggs that aren’t on your list.