A curious new EX Raid bug has been observed worldwide, with EX Raids spawning in select gyms, but no Trainers receiving an invite to raid! You read that right: a raid has appeared, but no one in the nearby area received an invite.

We were sceptical at first, but after reading through dozens and dozens of e-mail reports (send yours at [email protected]) from all around the world, it seems that a mistake was made on Niantic’s end: an EX Raid was scheduled, but no invitations were sent!

The following countries / areas have reported observing the same phenomena:

  • Germany
  • Major areas in USA
  • Major areas in India
  • United Kingdom
  • Greece
  • Sweden
  • Netherlands
  • Hong Kong
  • Thailand
  • Norway
  • Israel
  • Poland

Newly discovered via reader e-mails after publishing this article:

  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Czech Republic
  • Singapore
  • Belgium
  • Malaysia

The typical “symptoms” of this bug are super easy to detect: an EX Raid happens, nobody gets an invite, players see an EX Raid on their devices and confusion rises. Although we haven’t observed this bug in Croatia, it does not mean it did not occur.

It’s believed that this bug is not intentional, but an artifact of a recent deployment on Niantic’s server backend that knocked out the EX invitation distribution service. We are unable to confirm if the new algorithm was activated and causing this issue.

Given how invites were distributed in the past, we can estimate that the deployment took place at least a week ago and that invitation distribution was broken for at least one to three days since than. Our observations are based on earlier EX invite cycles and times and are not exact.

If you have observed the same phenomena, let us know in the comments section below. We believe that this is a worldwide issue, but we’re still lacking reports from South America and select regions in Asia to be completely sure.

  • Curtis Beales

    Classic Niantic. Trolling the players.

    • Christopher Andrew Moore

      Agree they don’t make mistakes by accident. No business does.

      • Chris Denton

        They make mistakes on purpose then? That doesn’t seem right

    • Pinky Mirror

      On the positive side; it’s the hint that this gym is an EX raid candidate in the near future.

  • Maurice Vuijk

    This of course means all players receive one invite as a make-up present 🙂

  • Leo Luo

    Didn’t happen to our area, but there weren’t many people. (I wasn’t invited lol)

  • Douglas Chiavegati

    This happened in Brazil too. Maybe the EX-Pass was delivered only to boots and “flyers”

  • Chris Denton


  • Philipp

    Happened in Zurich, Switzerland too

  • Jaime Palma

    Me and my daughter raided alone, then with a group at 2 sponsored gyms I got 1 pass and she didnt get any there has been many instances where this has happen I have contacted Niantic 5 times when this has happen but all I get is the auto response and sorry this has happened. They say that gym badge is important well yesterday found out a player had a low bronze badge while me and my daughter have mid Silver but they were given a pass and we weren’t. Then they say make sure to raid at sponsored gyms which we do, this lottery system is crazy but all they say is sorry and keep raiding. If anyone knows of someone that can actually help from Niantic feel free to contact me. Thank you

    • Robdebobrob

      Its not an issue, its a feature…
      But seriously tough, with the last wave of EX-passes sent ive seen such random stuff. Nothing made sense. Its even more random then it was before.

      • Christopher Andrew Moore

        Firstly read there page on the ex raids. Secondly ignore all you read on there page as it’s bollox and thirdly gather 120 ppl to do a legendary raid and only stop when the raid has been done by all 120 ppl and fingers crossed I was right.

    • Christopher Andrew Moore

      Niantic just need to read this site and will have all the keys to fix the game. They don’t sadly so we’re all left fuming well those who don’t spoof any how

  • Titi

    Happened in Romania too.

    • Andrei

      Which city?

  • leonidaswin

    Yeah, here in Argentina, Buenos Aires happened the same, we can saw the raid in gymhuntr, but no egg in the gym. The ex raid started 5pm, lasted 45 min with the gym closed.


    Hello I am Mobashsh the trainer. Yes I had also seen raid of Mewtwo https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/43d593c8da07eb0627a94e4c32fe03548950f274e8fa146a044a9488ca7a2f22.png in San Francisco but do not got an Ex raid pass.😢😭😭

    • Higher_Ground

      I’m pretty sure they aren’t having raids at 1:30 AM local time…

      something about that seems a little fishy

      • Billy Bryant

        possibly his phone is force set for a different timezone?


        Ya my mobile time was not correct at that time..that’s why it happened.

    • Sk Yuvi

      Mee tooo


        We should expect better luck next time

  • Julio Sánchez

    Same here in Zaragoza (Spain). Yesterday.

  • Cicaklanun

    I don’t received any invitations at all even so many times I raid at sponsor gym

    • Christopher Andrew Moore

      Uk doesn’t even have sponsered gyms were aimlessly raiding parks for nothing

      • Bo Sin

        Canada doesn’t either…

      • Sheree Jones

        neither do we in australia…but my small town has had 5 ex raids including one exactly like this one mentioned

    • Yveltal Wings

      I got invitation 5 times ,and I. Proud to be in Indian ,in my place have enough sponsored gyms

  • Eric Wu

    In Taiwan, there also has same problem too. perhaps much more players will receive EX raid tickets than before?

  • Hank

    “John Hanke laughing hysterical”

  • Aensland

    It happened in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. The location of gym name is “Taman foto”. With a clear concience, we ask niantic to fix the issue. Because some of our player from community might decide to leave pokemon go.

    • Pinky Mirror

      And you think Niantic care? LOL. Greetings from Jakarta,

  • Higher_Ground

    You guys sure it’s not just spoofers?

    I have yet to get a pass, but people in my town went to an EX raid at a sponsored gym on Sunday and said that the raid lobby had over a dozen spoofers when they tried to go in. They said there were more cheaters than legit players at that particular EX raid.

    I can easily see this happening now that Niantic confirmed our hypotheses about how passes are distributed. They can just squat on sponsored gyms long enough to get gold badges – they don’t even necessarily have to spend money or do any raids.

    As if the system wasn’t bad enough already!

    • Christopher Andrew Moore

      Yes spoofers get mewtwo, and no it’s not right.

    • Armelo Apelete

      Actually i infiltrate a spoofer’s discord and believe me or not, these guys spend over a thousand dollars everyday for leading raids groups. And have over 3000 raids in their legendaries raids badge.

      • Pinky Mirror

        Spoofers bought coins a lot. That’s the reason Niantic is doing nothing to them.

  • Partysaurus Rex

    Where are the “It’s meant to be ‘exclusive’ crowd” now? Still working as intended?

  • Joseph Shearman

    Happened last nigh at Veterans Park in white settlement Texas. No invites sent

  • Sorin Stancu

    To make it up, they should make EX raids global, with no invitation required!

    • Partysaurus Rex

      Yes, because the system continues to wow us all with “impressive” implementation. I for one was thrilled to find out despite playing the game since launch, despite the fact that people fighting Mewtwo in Times Square was part of their hyped up launch commercial, that some people (for no rhyme or reason) might not get a chance to encounter Mewtwo, much less capture it.

  • Sebastien Polack

    Same problem 4 gym in Toulouse France

  • Michal Hušák

    Maybe the AI living in Niantic servers had a private EX raid party ?

  • Zachary Jon Engel

    In Austin, MN we observed the same thing happening. The gym was closed for an EX raid, but nobody was invited. The weird part was the re-opening time for the gym, which was 1:14

  • Sheree Jones

    we had one last week like this

  • 張博皓

    Taiwan also took place no-body Raids yesterday.

  • Greg

    Niantic awarded an ex raid pass to the most famous youtube Papaspoofer, who even makes money on it by publishing a video. Niantic please give us paying customers a hint where where to teleport. I want one for my account too.

  • Charles

    Well I got an ex raid pass for the 11th

  • Chihab Houssam

    Just get rid of the EX raids system, it’s just not fair at all.

  • Jayden Garcia

    This is why Pokémon go is dying