the global Pokemon GO Community has managed to unlock the final reward tier and complete the Global Catch Challenge! We’ve done it everyone!

We caught 3 billion Pokemon in seven days, how incredible is that!

As announced, the Gold Tier rewards are as follows:

  • Farfetch’d available worldwide for the next 48 hours
  • Kangaskhan available in East Asia for the next 48 hours
  • All of the previous rewards stay active until December 1st, 1:00 PM PST (double XP, double Stardust, 6 hour Lures, increased spawns)

Official Tweet confirmation:

In other words, you are probably on your way out already, reading this on your phone and walking to finally catch a new region exclusive for your Pokedex.

We completely understand, we’re actually doing the same thing, as this post was written in advance as preparation for this glorious moment. If you are reading this post, it means that Antonio briefly updated the post, clicked the “publish button”, packed all of his batteries and ran off into the wild. We expect to see him in a few hours, so things may be a little quite on the Hub until then. Check our forums though.

In other news, let’s see some numbers behind the event.

According to /u/lolypuppy, a redditor that analysed the time and contents of every number announcement made to date, this is how the past few days looked like:

Week day Pokemon caught
Sunday 298M
Monday 414M
Tuesday 497M
Wednesday 509M
Thursday 555M

All in all, not bad! Honestly, we are sick and tired of people asking us “Oh, you still play that?” and now we finally have something amazing to show them and rub it in their face.

Yes, people still play Pokemon GO, with more and more returning players coming every day. And here’s 3 billion Pokemon we managed to catch in just 7 days. Beat that.

  • Edwin Fung

    Thorend I know it’s you who post this article. Let’s capture Farfetch’d/Kangaskhan!

  • Robdebobrob

    Nice. Just went out for a quick duckhunt, found one 75 meters away so i could go back inside again (its cold here at 2:30 AM). So the dex is a little bit more complete again. Tauros wordwide with the christmas event? ^^

    • kevin batema

      Thats the last one gen1 regional for me (tauros) and for gen2 only heracross then i completed the regional pokedex (have no mewtwo that’s the last one to complete my pokedex for gen1 and 2 for the released one’s)

  • News for games

    But I don’t see any


    thank you PokemonGoHub for the timely updates! but more importantly, for keeping our hopes and spirits alive with your always inspiring articles that keep us grinding along everyday!

  • Fiz Flow

    Really enjoyed this event… N caught 3 farfetch’d within the first hour close by… Tq PoGoHub & Niantic

  • CyberBishop1

    I have enjoyed this event, lots of EXP and now Farfetch’d. Drove around my neighborhood and a couple of mini mall parking lots close to my house and caught 16, out of that only 2 appraised decently but I am thankful for the opportunity to catch them.

  • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

    Caught him way before the article came out. We did it guys

  • Meagen Hoy

    Pokemon Go Plus watch helps a lot too.

  • kevin batema

    I caught him in less 20 min that WE catch’t 3bil mon’s and i have niw caught 15 with pinab and i have a good iv one

  • raichu DL

    my GOplus flashed yellow and there it was. then we decided that only a wonder appraisal farfetch’d was enough. our mission was successful on the 11th catch.

  • Feomarth Hlaalu

    Great work niantic, i also hope in kangaskhan, tauros and heracross worldwide.

  • DevilxDan

    When does the whole event end (double xp) and when does farthetched go?

    • Michael Nisslbeck

      At 1pm PST Dez 1st the event ends and farfetched will stay for appr. 40 more hours from now on

  • Pan Tajny

    Better release heracross, it have some use at least.

  • Cokraine

    “All in all, not bad! Honestly, we are sick and tired of people asking us “Oh, you still play that?” and now we finally have something amazing to show them and rub it in their face.”
    What is the age of the guy who wrote the article?

    • Mr Martinez

      Just a number 🙂

    • vision33r

      You still trying to catch a 1st gen Pokemon?

  • Jo Blow

    Anyone know exactly what time the Farfetch’d go away?

    • Robdebobrob

      Arround 24 hours after this comment. Give or take an hour.

  • Joe Messersmith

    I am a 48 year old male who works as a project manager in the energy business managing million dollar contracts. Married 25 years with 3 children. I play this game everyday and was out for hours when Farfetch’d was released. Your only as old as you want to be when you want to be. Enjoy life and ingnore the stuck up people who can’t remeber how to act like a kid again. Team Valor rules !!!

    • Heydavid17

      My man, total respect to you! =)
      If you enjoy playing this game, then all the best! You may be double as old as me, but so much respect! Be yourself, and just have fun! =D

      P.S. Team Mystic rules the most!!! =P

    • I am a 49 year old project manager working in the retail and enterprise mobile space. I have been married 12 years, no children, but plenty of nieces and nephews. I play this game everyday. I don’t have a Farfetch’d yet. Why am I responding to this post when I don’t have a Farfetch’d yet!? Team Valor does rule! Yay! Cheers!

    • PITA

      🙂 I hear ya Joe. I’m a 58 YO female with 2 grand kids. The youngest begged me to put it on my phone and I refused many times. Finally relenting, seeing it as a thing for us to bond over. Her interest quickly faded, but I was NOT going to give up after coming so far! LOL. Proudly working my way through level 38 (3 million points, YIKES!) but am determined. Realizing Farfetch’d was released, went out at 8pm last night to catch it. Caught 5!! Also a Team Valor member! Keep up the good work, Joe!

    • Melodie Ferrille

      48? You’re just a youngster! I’m 60, and my workplace is a pokestop (a post office). My 20 yo son also plays, but is only a L. 25 to my L. 34. And we’re both team Mystic. 🙂

  • Mandy Kota

    I am hoping that there are more events like this in the future that allow other region-locked pokemon to appear worldwide. Since Kangaskhan moved to only one other region during this event, maybe he will go worldwide next time and another region-locked will make a slight move?

    • Robdebobrob

      Personally id prefer tauros. Here we already had kangashkan. But yeah if they just rotate them all sooner or later it doesnt matter to much wich one goes where first to me, just as long as it happens.

    • Higher_Ground

      Not sure why they settled on Kangaskhan, but they had to do something for East Asia since they already had Farfetch’d. Hopefully we all of them released over the winter – which I’m guessing they may do since we’re about out of legendary pokemon for a bit.

  • Nicole L Leist

    We should do this kind of event every year

  • Leafer

    78 year old man . I played everyday until I hit level 40 and then “what’s the use of playing? ‘? No further goals like level 41 to 50 or more. Suggestions anyone?

    • Zapmeister

      Neither Niantic nor Elyland (drago) have solved the problem of no endgame. IMO, the solution will always have to involve some kind of player interaction (not necessarily PvP) that introduces a ladder that people can climb (and fall down) indefinitely.

  • Leafer

    78 year old man. I hit level 40 and then what’s the use? No further goals like levels 41 to 50 or more