Trainers, the Pokemon GO in-game map was updated, now featuring the latest changes that were added to the Open Street Maps data set. We are still working to confirm the reach of this change, but it seems it’s a worldwide change.

It all started yesterday, with a number of Australian players reporting that the map was changed in various areas around Melbourne. A number of reports from other Australian regions soon followed, but there were no further reports from other parts of the world.

Today, a reddit thread popped up on The Silph Road, claiming that the in-game map was updated in his area (Winnipeg, Canada). Luckily, these claims were soon backed up by a series of screenshots from before and after (click for high resolution version):

Pokemon GO Map Changes (November 2017)

A similar thing was later observed in various other parts of the world, especially in places with high housing concentration. It seems that a number of residential areas are no longer visible on the map, following an import of the fresh OSM data set.

The following areas have been confirmed affected:

  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Australia (for a week, at least)
  • East Asia (general area)

However, we believe that this is a rolling change, so it may take a while before your area is affected. The following areas have confirmed not receiving any updates yet:

  • Croatia (eastern Europe)
  • Ireland
  • East Coast USA
  • Mexico

Interestingly, players have reported that the update is purely visual, bringing no new spawn points or nests. This is, of course, subject to change in the future, but as of now, it’s a purely cosmetic change.

Has the map changed in your area? Let us know in the comment section below!

  • a urbz

    Looks like day/night.. Can’t see any differences

    • James

      Check the roads

  • kevin batema

    In holland are some changes to

  • XYH

    I think the map was changed in the early morning on Nov.15(CST). BTW, I live in Chicago, and play the game every day.

    • XYH

      The map was changed again two hours ago!!

  • Chad Ginsburg

    There were definitely changes at least a week ago. The map added a lot of small little parking lot roads where a work at least since last week.

  • Antonio Mercurio

    I live in Sydney and there has been a huge change, parks and pool now change colour slightly, now houses dont show up and its all green! This happen last week though

  • Flexifab

    In France it changed too 😉 even out big cities 😉

  • Emilio F. Marbán Trovato
  • KyuKon

    I’m in Tokyo and it changed around 2:00 JST.

  • Fiz Flow

    Malaysia confirmed map change…. It was so weird… I thought i was in a different area… Haha

  • Oscarv

    Change confirmed in central Catalonia (41.7N 1.9E) around 2345 UTC Nov 30th.

  • Hannybunnie

    Israel confirmed map change 🙂
    Hope the update won’t be only a graphic improvement, but also include terrain changes like new parks and roads.
    But most importantly, more Pokestops and gyms 🙂

  • hkmaly

    (At least part of) Europe changed too. Didn’t noticed right away, as I don’t remember the map pixel-perfectly, so I’m not sure when, but when reading this I looked and then confirmed by comparing to screenshot I did two days ago and there are differences in roads and generally map seem to have more details.

  • Odi

    It definitely changed in Switzerland too, lots of new roads in my area (Zurich)

  • Leon119

    Just changed in Cyprus as well. Especially where i live which is a very rural area. Thing is some spawn points that used to be on roads that were dead ends with houses dont exist anymore so if i didnt already know the spawns i wouldnt know where to look. Hoping for a spawn point update as well. Mostly on rural areas

  • P-necio

    Now, Chile updated.

  • Kathryn Lautermilch

    It really needs to fix Bryan, Ohio. They have had NOTHING. As in no spawns nothing. Only outskirts of town and gyms and pokestops. Lost lots of players because of this huge impact of play.

  • Richard Križan

    there has also been an update on map in slovakia in the middle of the night. all the walking paths from openstreet map have been added. I have edited the map on 17.11. and some of the changes have been added, some not.

  • Simon Ståhl

    Map updated in Sweden this night. They nuked our village, our house is gone, all houses gone, even the school, and many streets gone too…

    • Mats Rundqvist

      Same here. Everything nuked. I now live in nowhere. Another nail in the coffin for us rural players???

    • Dancindan84

      Same thing where I live in Canada. The college I work at had 2 of its newer buildings disappear.

    • Hee Chan Chae

      u mean pokestops and gyms disappeared too?

      • Simon Ståhl

        No, they didn’t change the gyms and stops, they just destroyed the rest of the map…

  • Ondrashek

    This update is in Czech Republic too.

  • asdf

    It looks like Mexico is finally getting the update… A few minutes ago, the map was completely vanished, even tho i had WiFi connection, and later, some streets changed a bit.

  • asdf

    I have a question… Didn’t Pokémon Go use Google Maps as its map source? (I don’t know, that’s why i’m asking xD perhaps i’m outdated) Maybe they use both Google Maps + OpenSM…

  • Tablekiller

    Also in Germany there was a visual update and more small roads and little paths added

  • Batista Jericho

    They did a similar aesthetic change of the map in Stockholm, Sweden.
    My house survived the nuke blast radius that have erased other houses.

  • Ágúst Sveinbjörn Ólafsson

    Map updated confirmed on Iceland

  • Siedemnasty

    Polish map has also been updated.

  • Rustam Talibzade

    Map changed in Azerbaijan this night

  • mawgan andrew

    The UK has been affected

  • Raynaldo Jepe

    This is not mere cosmetic changes i suppose. A few park areas which previously show light green color now have darker green color. This can lead to potential ex raid gyms..

  • Raifmhmt

    Changed in Cyprus 😀 but instead of adding 😀 the roads disappeared 😀

  • David J Taylor Sr.

    changed in wisconsin, united states buildings and creek missing near home

  • Luis Felipe Miró Ríos

    Mexican player here, today I noticed the change, buildings are gone and pokestops are a little off from the position they used to be by a few meters

  • xXTomOKXx

    Town I am from in Ireland has had a map update

  • Graham Lock

    Much improved West African map. Instead of savannah all the streets around are shown

  • Aadam Abdool

    Guyana seems to be better off, more buildings have appeared on our maps and with improved accuracy, to a degree.
    As far as I know Only places with a high density of buildings in certain residential areas of the capital have had their representations removed from the map-scape.

  • David Hanousek

    Map updated in the Czech Republic. Do not miss our city and many streets have disappeared, and some have come again

  • Gustavo Dante

    Here in Israel was updated too! And they f***** up!
    Before (Sorry unique pic I found):

    Thanks for bring back maps from 40 years ago where cities even don’t exist Niantic! Israel is out the game now yeah?! 😣

    • JacoobJacoob

      I am from Israel too and my map got better lol

  • BlueZoisiteBZ

    reminder: using openstreetmap you can add in everything that went missing, therefore the next map update they will do (which should not be long from now) the maps will be updated)

  • JacoobJacoob

    Any idea on when they might update the map (visually) again? Did they ever update it while they were using Google Maps?

  • Connie Northrop

    My area in AZ has roadways with no details at all. No buildings, residential or business. It is bleak and boring,