Niantic has just published that players worldwide have managed to unlock the Bronze level of event rewards. In other words, the current Global Catch Challenge counter is set at 500 million catches, activating the following worldwide bonuses:

  • Double XP
  • 6 hours long Lures
  • More Pokémon appearing worldwide

It’s been roughly a day and a half before the community managed to unlock this reward tier, arguably the most difficult one out of the three. We are now on route to unlock the 1.5 B and 3 B reward tiers.

If you’re on the fence whether you should participate or not, we recommend you to get out your phone and start catching. Double XP is crazy, especially when combined with the new Box Sales that includes discounted Lucky Eggs and Lures.

What’s next?

With the double XP and increased spawns, we expect that the global catch speed will increase significantly, making it much easier to reach the Silver and Gold reward tiers. We expect that Trainers will use the new Boxes and group up in order to Lure the hell out of this event.

  • Catching 500 Million Pokemon will unlock double XP, 6 Hour Lures and increased spawn rates
  • Catching 1,5 Billion Pokemon will unlock double Stardust, double XP, 6 Hour Lures and increased spawn rates
  • Catching 3 Billion Pokemon will unlock two regional Pokemon, Farfetch’d (worldwide) and Kangaskhan (East Asia), double Stardust, double XP, 6 Hour Lures and increased spawn rates
  • Ph. Win

    Wow, more Pidgeys!

    • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

      Hey. Pidgeys are great. XP source, stardust source, evolution source!

      • Ph. Win

        Sure. I just keep wishing Niantic would use events like this to develope some kind of storytelling. Instead it’s again, well…just Pidgeys.

        • Justin Rodriguez

          Storytelling? Lmao, this is Pokemon and a mobile game version. If you want a game with good story telling then you’re in the wrong franchise.

          • Ph. Win

            You can laugh off whatever body-part you want (and sure I know this is not a rpg).
            But do you think that “tap-tap-tap, swipe, tap-tap-tap” and “okay, 3 months of legendaries by chance” will keep players amazed for another 1.5 years?

            All I tried to say that this game is too mechanical and Niantic stay way behind the game’s potential unless they create stories, quests, a narrative around all this.

        • Ysmael Pantaleon

          Go outside. Meet people. That’s better than any “story” because it’s your life IS the “story”.

          • Hedronal

            The game plays that more as “Go outside and do phone things” and “find people online for raids and hope you get enough” though.

        • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

          Yeah. I was thinking of a special gym in every town where you can fight gym leaders who have certain strength Pokémon dependent on how much you’ve beaten them and your level. With beating them gives you some DOPE rewards like TMs, Stardust, Coins, Etc.

    • Joe1407

      I have found that I can do 80 Evolve in 30 minutes on my best day. 500 xp X 2 = 1000 X Lucky Egg = 2000 X 80 = 160000. Pidgeys, Caterpies, & Weedle “Oh my” ?

      • David Denk

        little tip if you have go plus do the same thing around heavy stops that are lured up when I was grinding I did this because it will catch and spin while you are doing an evolve spree. Half hour should get you close to 170-190k depending on how lucky the go plus is treating you. (every little bit adds up)

        • Joe1407

          Yes, My problem is the plus only worked a little while stop working. But I did forget to add in the 7 Day. Now what if I did 2 or more level 5 raids. That would be 40,000 per raid in less then 6 minutes. This would add 4000 more to my total per raid. You could go nuts working out all the numbers. LOL

  • Robdebobrob

    Alright. Nice. Now, no slouching. Keep catching for that sweet sweet double stardust.

    • Dimas Aditya S

      lets get it…lets get it…

    • CyberBishop1

      Yup, been catching damn near everything that pops up.

  • Edwin Fung

    Great work guys. Let’s fight for Golden Rewards!

  • Kutay Koru

    Don’t let anyone bring you down, we are getting that Farfetch’d!

  • Flexifab

    With M dollars they wins… they not be able to add a progress status in game…

  • Dimas Aditya S

    lets get that double F**king stardust lets get it you want it!

  • Neopiru Games

    umm… when has it unlocked exactly ? I’m plying 2 hours already and no double exp whatsoever

    • David Denk

      it was unlocked when I was on my lunch break from work so at least 5 hours ago if that helps.

  • Chris Denton

    Sure would be nice if increased spawns meant new spawns and not just more in the same places.

    I’m not much help towards the 3 billion with my 3 spawns an hour.

    • Hedronal

      And of the same species. Then again, I have found two wild chanseys and a wild blissey lately (from an area that isn’t a nest), so it may be different species.

      • Chris Denton

        Wow! Congrats, I’ve never seen a wild chancey or blissey. Even for the valentines event I didn’t see any.

        • Hedronal

          Not a single wild chansey during the valentines event? I feel sorry for your luck or spawn-light area. Those things were like weedles are the rest of the time, or more it felt like.

          • Chris Denton

            Not 1. Caught a ton of clefairy and jigglypuff but no chancey. I have hatched 3 but no wild ones.

  • CyberBishop1

    Been catching everything I can today plus doing a few raids and legendary raids.. Moved up almost 350000 since 9am this morning.

  • aapenkilde

    Why did pokemongohub not accept my comment? I did question Niantic’s numbers, but not in a unfair manner. To bad only cheerleading pays off here.

    • Daniel Doiron

      do you mean it’s pending ? prob a banned word or something , happens sometimes

      • aapenkilde

        I can’t recall if I used any faul language. I stated that I thougt that the 500 million was a PR stunt from Niantic. With 5 million players daily and many of them are tracking accounts to Maps etc. I can’t see how it’s posible to catch 500 million in one day. The gift boxes came out rather quick, so my guess is that this was pre planned no mather how many pokemon we catch.

        • peponzio

          There’s a lot of information from many different places and to be honest I do not really trust many sources. Someone in our chatgroup said of a korean or japanese website reporting 1 billion catches just minutes before the official (hopefully?) twitter account claimed 771 million.

          Some websites say there are 5 million active daily users, some go as high as 20 or 30 million or more, or even make educated guesses given monthly data. I guess someone ought to be right.

          Now, could Niantic be setting this up? Maybe. Can we know for sure? I can’t, at the very least.

          We need to trust someone, so I guess that only leaves Niantic’s data as the most reliable. But we all know how we feel about that. We’ll just have to play along with their “announcements”.

          As for the flagged comments, some are automatically disabled because who knows why, until an admin sees and reenables them. Which sometimes doesn’t happen. And if you try too much your next comments are considered spam. Oh and if you edit too much, too. We can only be patient or email Go Hub about it.

    • Robdebobrob

      Gohub doesnt delete comments that are critical of Niantic. Theres enough proof of that. Foul language, or a website link will cause it to stay pending untill Gohub aproves it, or denies it. (they always denie when there is a link or foul language)

    • Chief Chad


  • Joe Azarcon

    Stardust and kangaskhan is all I’m after.. already got a farfetched in a lucky plane ride out of hongkong. Wonder if we can hit 3b though, reward is only up to dec. 1..

  • Dominic Perez

    All Pokemon Will Be Caught On Sight.

  • FranJaDiNi

    But then after 1,5B we will get 4x XP and 12Hrs lure modules?

  • peponzio

    Came for the support and words of encouragement.

    Was not disappointed.