Hanke just confirmed for the German news outlet “Wired” that Gym rework is the next major update coming to Pokémon GO. We speculated, we voted and now we know – it’s gym rework.

Here are the most important points from the interview:

  • Hanke said they had little time to innovate as they had to tackle real time problems with their technology and platform
  • Gen II is first update, three more coming
  • The next update is Gym system rework
    • he admits the current Gym system is incomplete
    • he admits that Gyms don’t work as well as they wanted them to
    • from Ingress they learned how common goals help communities get together
    • “We will rework this [gym] aspect of the game so that there will be more teamwork and people will get more incentive and reward for participating.”

As for the future updates in 2017, he hinted PvP and trading:

How will it continue after the Arena update for 2017? “For the two releases that follow, we are pushing the most diverse features back and forth to define the final goals,” says Hanke. The developers at Niantic would think a lot about how players can trade monsters and fight against each other.”

He went on to discuss possible legendary birds and Mew/MewTwo events:

In addition, Niantic wants to finally deliver what many trainers have been waiting for since the first few weeks: the legendary Pokémon – Mewtwo, Mew and the three elemental birds assigned to the teams. “I can safely say we’ll see more of it this year,” says Hanke.

Hanke also touched on the problem of GPS spoofers, saying it’s not the players fault if they can use the tools that are publicly available to cheat. He confirmed they think it’s Niantics’ responsibility to tackle those issues and ensure a fair playing ground for everyone.

You can read the whole article in German here.

  • arik100

    Give me a break, if they want they can easily implement algorithms preventing use of cheating techniques, it’s as easy as that.
    Sure, there will always be those few which can use the limitations of the game to their advantage but now they just don’t care about cheaters and it’s by choice.
    Probably they gain something from not doing so

  • vision33r

    If they implemented algorithms to prevent cheating the game would be dead. Some gyms would get no visits in remote areas which some guy would put a 3000cp monster and you can never take back. Learn 2 play and quit complaining about cheating. Nobody is cheating a fight when you can easily find ways to win gym battles using the right pokemon. Only noobs can’t win.

    • Alex Daniel

      There are some people in my city who take down every red and yellow gym. I used to get between 4 – 7 gyms before they started doing this. Now I can’t take more than one [max 2, if they’re busy with other gyms, I guess] because they will take it down before I can reach the second one. So don’t tell me about noobs when you can only get 10 coins a day.

      • vision33r

        100 coins is $1, so you’re complaining about not making a dime every night? You can make more pokecoins recycling cans and plastic.

        • The game should not be dependent on you spending your money – though they should be welcome to make some money off of those who want to spend more. But not being able to earn enough for 1 incubator in 3 months is just plain rude, and NOT due to being a n00b, as you so elequently put it.

        • Alex Daniel

          Why spend money on a free game, when the other team is taking all those coins for free? Niantic has to do smth about them, not make me spend money to be able to level up.

  • It’s frustrating that in my area there seem to be a lot of strong instinct players who take all of the local gyms to level 10 with only two of us mystics to take it down and hold it. They are rolling in coins and we can only hold it long enough for one coin collection before it’s taken back again and we’re fools if we try and take them all as they take 1+ hour per gym, by which time one of the gyms has been taken back so we still get 20 coins in one week while they continue to get perhaps 80 a day.

    • I think they should allow everyone to change teams once, just like they allowed a single name change.

      • Agreed, but I wouldn’t choose to do this, especially now we’ve learnt the legendary birds will be “assigned” to teams – I love Mystic, I just think there should be some way of unseating the kings or a max time you can hold a gym before you have to have a 24 hour break and take it over again.

    • טך׳ע ז׳בליךך

      stop crying. Im instinct and i have the same problem with the other 2 factions, and it’s normal some places will have 1 faction some others other. This is not for crying about. Lol

      • It’s a discussion – perfectly acceptable to voice our concerns in the hope they help make it fairer. If you have this problem, you’d want it to be fixed.