Machamp raid soloed by using only six powerful Xatu!

A trainer named DrAwesomeBlox posted a great video on Youtube, detailing how he managed to solo a Machamp by using only six Xatu. After an initially failed attempt, DrAwesome managed to down the Machamp after landing a number of successful dodges and charge attacks!

The successful battle is incredibly exciting up to the very end, as DrAwesome manages to land a perfectly timed (and risky!) charge at the 2 second timer. After defeating the boss, he can’t believe it actually happened:

Oh yes, yes! Woah! I soloed a Machamp with Xatus! Oh my gosh, I did not waste one million one hundred Stardust, oh my gosh. Soloed a Machamp with Xatus, got it on video, on Android. I feel like it would be a bit easier on an iPhone. Oh-my-gosh.

We’ve never thought that this is possible, but DrAwesome proved that Xatu is not to be trifled with. Curiously, this was not a one time attempt. Further investigation of DrAwesome’s Youtube channel shows that his first attempt was 6 days ago, but to no avail.

Practice makes perfect, especially in crazy scenarios like this one. We are quite curious to see what other bosses are soloable using unconventional lineups — if you come across an interesting raid lineup, let us know.

  • Gekkie

    How about with 6 Lugia (not powered up), all 2000-2040 CP ?

    • Jan Dvořák

      I didn’t try that but Lugia is quite slow and tanky so I think you won’t have time to use all of them.

      • Armel Apelete

        Yes a youtuber ”FunKySho” i believe soloed a Machamp with just one Lugia maxed out!

        • Michal Husak

          Based on simulator tis is relay possible (1 ludgia solo machamp). The Machamp must have Counter/Close combat moveset to be 1 Ludgia soloable. I use 2not totally maxed Ludgia + Alakazan for speed up.. 6 non powered Ludigias are useless – to slow, you will lose because of time out.

          Another possible funny combinations witch should work:
          5x Grandbull
          5x Mr Mime.

    • Joe Oliva

      2 maxed ones maybe, without powerups you’ll lose to the timer.

  • Heydavid17

    Hmm… my 100% Xatu doesn’t seem that useless anymore haha 😛

    • Dan

      I guess my 2 don’t either!

  • Brian Keith

    hes also possible with just an Espeon army if anyone is just looking in the comments for a quick tip for soloing Machamp. otherwise, this was quite impressive with Xatus.

  • Linus Holmberg

    Am i the only one seeing that aerodactyl tail in the beginning of the fight?

    • Linus Holmberg

      Saw now that it was from a second gym beside this gym

  • RudyGr

    What a waste of stardust!