a new wave of EX Raid invites has been sent out, scheduling a new EX Raid on December 25th, Christmas day! Trainers have reported various raiding times, but they all are using the same 45 minute window frame (eg. 18:00-18:45).

The selection criteria seems to be… weird again, targeting a mix of experienced and occasional raiders. We have no information on whether Delibird will be making an appearance for the raid, but we sincerely hope not.

Releasing Delibird via the EX Raid system would be basically be the same like having Grinch steal your presents for Christmas and tossing them in a furnace in front of you.

Let’s see how this raid turns out, but as we’re expecting a relatively soon announcement of the X-Mas Holiday Event, we expect that Mewtwo will stay as the EX Raid boss of choice.

  • Nick Mann

    My brother got one, we did the same raid. Don’t have one still.

  • Josh Hack

    My issue is the fact that it’s on Christmas, no-one will be able to go to the Raids because they’ll be out of town or relaxing with family.

  • Iluyan

    What a joke, an ex-raid on 1st day of christmas. The joke gets even better : My town was finnaly included, for the first time ever in this wave, and a lot of people in my group got an pass, expect for me and a few others Since we actually work, ….Thats really painfull.

  • Lmiller

    Did a raid and did not get an ex pass again!
    My husband and i are lvl 33 and 34 and both have our badge for legendarys. We did a raid with our son lvl 6 and he got a pass but we did not.
    … how dose that work?

    • Nam Nguyen The

      That’s very good X-mas present for your son. Congrats to him!

    • Robdebobrob

      Did 30 Ho-oh raids, level 39. Didnt get a pass
      Friend did even more, level 40. Didnt get a pass.

      There is no logic anymore to EX-raids, and if Niantic is saying otherwise they are lying.

  • Grimmiii 25

    Aside from the time, most upsetting for me:
    3rd Ex-Raid in town now, with more ppl getting a 2nd invite (out of the 3)..while others like me are still waiting für their FIRST Invite EVER.
    My data:
    golden Gym-Batch, Raid Batches at bronze (84 & 82), last Raid i did there 6th December

  • Thorend

    2 players from our local raid group have the EX Pass at this point. Both the trainers did not receive an EX pass during the test phase. We have over 100 active trainers and at least 30 had done raids at the selected gym this past week, and at least half of 15 of the 30 trainers are both gold at the selected gym and average more than one raid per day.
    The algorithm for selecting who gets EX passes seems completely broken. I feel bad for my wife and the other trainer who got the ex pass but will not be able to do the raid due to the lacking dps. I feel equally bad for all my fellow trainers who met the criteria and didn’t get invited.

    • Robdebobrob

      I havent heared of a EX-raid where not enough people were invited to complete it. Are you sure other players you are not in contact with have passes? ( I realize its probably hard for you to know if you are not in contact with them :p )
      The christmas day date could complicate having enough people arround tough.

      • Thorend

        I sent out a message on discord and so far we have only 3 reported (3rd just reported in). I am hoping you are right and that more players report getting a pass, but i find it is strange that the invites would be so spread out.
        Just got a report of a 4th person. I think it could be done with 7-8.

  • Heydavid17

    Once again… I’ve been skipped as well, however it doesn’t really bother me this time. Since the spots that have been selected are places I normally don’t raid, and I spoke with some from my local raid group, and we agreed on a few things, from what we’ve noticed about past EX Raids.

    At this point, it seems that EX raids take place at the very same gyms(that has hosted a EX Raid in the past), every 14 or 15 days.
    As of lately, an EX Raid has taken place once every week as well.
    With this in mind, then it would seem like the next EX Raids will take place on either the 1st or 2nd of January.

    Since my area was skipped this time, cause our gyms will host the EX Raids now on the 18th of December, then we are a few bunch that are expecting a EX Raid to take place at our EX gyms on the 1st or 2nd January.

    Plus we’ve noticed lately, that no raids has taken place at all, for some days on the gyms that host EX Raids

    • Robdebobrob

      “Plus we’ve noticed lately, that no raids has taken place at all, for some days on the gyms that host EX Raids”

      The passes for christmas day raid were sent out to people who raided there today in our city.
      Once it is revealed wich gyms will get an EX-raid on them, there will be no other raids appearing before the EX-raid is done.

    • anne-susan

      we kinda noticed the same, 3 exraids are/been here 2 near each other north point of city , 1 in south (all almost near border of city) small city near us has 2 exraids on same gym (one in past one on the 25th) we also think the next one probably will be on the 1st or 2nd of january our quess will be one of the south city gyms and that the passes will be given on the 23rd of december
      the gym thats already been here once and the one 18th (so far i know) had no raids on it for a week before the raid, we also quess the gym for 25th will have no raids on it from the 18th
      the ppl who did get a raid pass either where ppl who did a ho-oh raid on the 13th or a machamp on the 16th (as they did no other raids there) and some ppl who do raids there daily who either were ath that ho-oh raid or at the machamp raid

  • Curtis Beales

    The fact that the raid is on Christmas day is a joke in itself. This is the first Ex raid my town has received since this started and the people that have got a pass have raided once in the past week. Other players such as myself raid at least once a day and I’ve even done 6 Groudon raids today. People i know did the same raid that people who got their pass did and they didn’t get one. The system is broken and rewards the wrong people!

    • FacePuncher

      There are no “wrong people”. Everyone is playing the same game and if they have done the raid then they too deserve the same random (very important word there) chance to be awarded an EX raid pass

      • Curtis Beales

        Wrong people was probably not the correct wording to use, the ‘wrong people’ I was referring to are people that I know spoof but are bragging in the chat group we have about how they got the pass.

        • FacePuncher

          Oh ok. Yeah I get your point now. I hate spoofers bragging too. “Wow look at all the awesome pokemon i have without leaving my mom’s house coz im too obese to walk anywhere” pisses me off

          • The Car Kid

            I hate when spoofers spoof on their main. I have an account dedicated to spoofing (haven’t used in since march, I quit spoofing) but it is not my main.

        • Robdebobrob

          Spoofers are instantly removed in our chat groups. You should do the same, or leave that group and make 1 without them.

    • Richx93

      Same situation except our first wave of invites went out about 2 months ago. The vast majority of those selected are raiders who mostly only play at weekends, or could be considered ‘inactive’ (raided at the gym that gave the EX pass only once in the 1 week period). You kinda just learn to get used to it and expect the disappointment, and until the system changes it’s probably going to keep happening.

      • Higher_Ground

        it’s an annoying set up.

        The gyms that give EX raids aren’t anywhere near me. They are all spread out in every direction, about 30 mins from downtown. I raid daily at several gyms different gyms throughout the week but can only afford to get to the sponsored ones at most 1-2x a week. And if I wanted to cover all 5 I’d be running all over town every day.

        I like that people who are super dedicated can significantly increase their chances by raiding every day at the same sponsored gym. But given where they’re located, it basically only rewards the people who live nearby because they’re the only ones who can do it on a regular basis.

        I’m just as disappointed by not getting a pass (though I have raided a few times there) as I am in the system in general. I’m not jumping through hoop after hoop for this.

        • Christopher Andrew Moore

          Why don’t they release for all?
          Simply because it creates interest, the less people have it the more others want it. Ergo fuelling people to play more in order of a hope they will be rewarded. Good luck with that optimism!

    • Neopiru Games

      you are right, I’m celebrating Christmass in Poland in a small city, and there is no way I will drag my self out of the town to drive and catch Mewtoo and leave my family which I visit not that often because I live in a different country… this is a special time for me and for most probably too, I would rather not tap on the screen during this time

    • Stefan Berec

      wrong people 😀 oops!

    • @souravsingh

      agree the curtis i have complete all pokemon still missing the mewtow

      • Christopher Andrew Moore

        So that’s still incomplete then.

    • Ian Piddock

      I myself (level 40) was out 6am on 16th December raiding Groudon’s with a group of 15-20 people. Did 8 raids that morning and covered off the ‘Park’ gyms in the process. EX passes get issued and I don’t get one, yet first timers at the gyms get them. Niantic recently published how to get EX passes, so you follow the process and don’t get an EX pass. Why? I can’t keep grinding like this, spending money on the game, following the rules and not getting the rewards. It sounds childish but ‘It’s not fair’!

      • David Bentley

        They did state that the next wave of ex-raids was targetting low level accounts and casual raiders, I have the highest level account in our towns raid group and have done almost 400 raids including 50+ raids at my home gym where the ex raid is at and still didnt get a pass. 12 noon on Christmas Day when people are having lunch with their families is a total joke.

  • Vitor Duzarte

    I received mine today, other than the date itself I’m very excited. Also, this is the second ex raid that happens on the same gym. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or if it’s intentional. Maybe those who haven’t received an invite should try to raid in that gym. Good luck trainers, cheers

  • MarxBrothers88

    I got a Pass of EX Raid , the twice for me. The first was the Mewtwo Raid on September 22nd , 3 months ago. I am lvl 40 , silver badge of the sponsored gym .

  • Not so pleased after all

    This is the first EX raid pass that i’ve gotten. Missed out a couple of times now, and felt like i’ve been among the few players in my town that didn’t get invites earlier dispite having raided at the gyms where the EX events have been held.

    The fact that this raid is on the 25th of Dec pretty much feels like a spit in the face… Thank you Niantic.

    • Joswald7

      Same! And to make matters worse, I can’t go because the raid location is near where I go to school, and I’m away for Christmas break.

  • Rhys

    Maybe they’ll all be shiny? I’d got out if knew that was the case.

  • Kiaan Mudaly

    I did a raid a gym on the 10th. There were 2 groups. I did the first group with my level 37 account and the second group with my level 25 account and I only got the raid pass on my level 25 account.

    • Kiaan Mudaly

      This is my first ex raid pass and it’s in Johannesburg, South Africa.

  • Rakorsky

    The date iand time s total joke. A lof o ppl i know will be out of town, visiting their families. It’s my first ex pass and I also wouldn’t be able to participate.

    • Honkee Kong

      the system is a joke. most of the people who got em didnt even deserve em anyways.

      • Erick Fournier

        Wow. You sound so priveledge and judgemental.

        • Higher_Ground

          he’s a troll. I’m surprised I haven’t blocked him already but I do recognize the name.

      • Amy Sies

        Really? I’m a lvl 40 and this is my first ex pass.

        • T.Armstrong

          I know someone who is also lvl 40 (who just got to that level in the last two weeks) who just got a raid pass. We were complaining because all of our EX raids were downtown and not many of us are able to get downtown to do raids during the week and even then it was starting to get colder out. All I can say is that I hope everyone gets an EX raid pass soon and not on a special event.

  • Heart Mind

    Nil for me still. Well. Niantic has not got the msg from their fans.

    • Lion

      Niantic hasn’t gotten the MSG because Pokemon fans aren’t savory, we’re salty.

      *patiently waits for someone to get the joke*

  • deemon

    In our town to all our surprise Niantic decided to ignore all the Park raids and gave EX pass to some random non-park gym. Good job and merry X-mas, Niantic…. NOT! Ou… btw I will not buy a single coin from niantic shop anymore, until I have finally got my EX pass 😀 so … yeah.

  • Stefan Berec
    • Dávid Bartoš

      tvl. a ja furt nič. xd

  • Tablekiller

    This is a bad Joke. After month I’ve received finally this Ex Raid Pass for an Arena in a Shopping Mall which is closed totally on that day and noone have a chance to get near the Arena.
    Me and several other Players are pissed, but the employees of this center will talk to niantic and “see whats gonna happen” … I bet they change the date to a day where i have to work or so… stupid Ex raids.

  • Lissa

    We’re looking forward to it in my town – there are two EX raids an hour apart, no people invited to both that we can see, and 19 of the people from our Facebook group have declared having invites so far. It’s going to be a bit of a faff, going out at noon on Christmas Day, but it will also be fun to see all those people and do something Pokemon special for Christmas.

  • leander007

    We have ONE gym where i live and this is my fourth invitation. 🙂

    • Honkee Kong

      too bad you still suck

  • Dario Brenzini

    I got one. I’ll be there as it’s my first mewtwo and so will oher players, I’d not mind if Niantic change the date for this, 24 or 26 would be far better.

  • Chris Denton

    No one wants ex raids niantic. City raids are exclusive enough.

  • Viktor Olsen

    I try to raid sponsored gyms but i Can not get a raid inv

  • Leo Luo

    I could’ve received one, only that I was late to the raid at where it is taking place, and they started without me even though I had told people I was going to be there on Discord. I’m pissed.

  • anne-susan

    finely got my first exraid pass, yet not on my main char, but on my newly made one xD
    (time window lvl 33 2ho-oh-3/4 lvl 1/2 raids-1 groudon-1 machamp raids in 1 week no pass, lvl 23 1 machamp raid thats all got pass) we have 17 ppl (so far we know for this one) 12 high levels 3 noob accounts and 2 lvl 29 but with bad or no counters

  • Brady Newton

    here is my way of explaining an EX raid. It is like somebody inviting you to a restaurant but you have to have 20 people to go there but they only invite 5 people. EX raids are never giving out to people who can beat them it is always invited to people who can’t because their is not enough people and not high enough lvl. EX raids should be removed.

  • Ross

    Level 40, finally got my 1st ex-pass. It came from a Starbucks, and I did 2 raids there during the week. One was an Absol where there were 2 groups and 30+ people total. The 2nd was one of the 1st Groudons and there were 3 groups and 40+ people total.

    From what we have noticed in our city, the ex-raids always go to a gym that had a lot of Raid activity during the week. Even tiny parks will get Ex-passes if there were a couple of big turnouts for raids at those gyms during the week.

  • Thiago Stone

    I receive an Ex-pass from a Raid that i had done 2 hours earlier. Was raiding Groudon in London. Im a little bit hard core gamer, the best u can be playing free. In this account (I play with 4 accounts) i have made 155 Legendary raids in he past 5 months. (422 in all accounts). Just hope isn’t Delibird, seriously. This thought havent even cross my mind before u guys bring this to us.

    • fredling

      I hope kharma gets you Delibird after breaking tos and by using multiple accounts. That makes legit players have a lesser chance of getting an invite since your fake ones gets in the pool for possibly getting choosen for an exraid!

      • Thiago Stone

        Well, its a good thing then that i dont believe in karma and i dont care for what u think. And if it comes with a delibird, i still will gonna get first than u.
        And, just for record, none of my accounts are fake, i play in each one of then, what makes me four times worthy than u. Swallow ur ressentment and go play more.

        • fredling

          It just makes you break the tos. Its sad to hear of cheaters in the game

          • Thiago Stone

            Its a extreme idiotic ToS, dont u think? Who is Niantic to say that i cant play pokemon in diferent phones? Even all in one phone? There is somethings that i disagree and i will not accept. And u call this cheating? Please.

          • Robdebobrob

            Strictly speaking, it is cheating since it is in the TOS wich you agree to by playing. Regardless of what you think of it.

            Also, its not gonna be Delibird. No way whatsoever.

          • Thiago Stone

            Oh, and yes, hardly will be Delibird’s. He will problaby By Wild.

  • Joe D

    had enough of the “ex” raid BS….

  • Chris Seals

    I got an EX raid pass for the 25th. If I catch this one it will be my 5th Mewtwo and even I think the

    EX system leaves a lot to be desired for most people.

  • Christopher Andrew Moore

    I never got one thank god bit busy that day anyhows lol

  • Udit Narayanan

    To be honest, I don’t celebrate christmas, so I really hope they reschedule it rather than cancel it if anything.

  • Raizing8ing

    Lots of people are upset about EX Raids, but I se no people being upset about the REAL issue: It’s WAY TO EXPENSIVE!
    People in my town are raiding Pokemons like crazy, whether they want/need the bosses. I know people doing 50 raids no invite. 100 raid no invite 400 RAID NO INVITE.
    That’s 400 Euros (or eqv).

    It’s time to STOP! How will Niantic ever react if noone complains about the REAL issue??

    • FacePuncher

      I would imagine that raiding at any gym puts your name on the list to be picked only once. So if they are raiding hundreds of times at the same gym expecting to increase their chances of getting an EX pass then people are just wasting their own money. Of course I have no proof of this and could be wrong but imagine if you raid at a gym 400 times and your name is on the list 400 times. When they hand out the EX passes your name could be picked all 20 or however many they issue times and then have to do the EX raid on your own. And then you would complain about that

      • Raizing8ing

        What I complain about is the PRICE Niantic suggests that you have to pay -and so should you!
        I will not speculate as to whether or not “Christmas Niantic” have good algorithmes or not – the problem is the end result, the player experience,

        I do see Niantics problem – if they do 100% random they could end up with only low-level players not able to take down the boss.
        However, it’s not that hard to mediate the price after all: Two free passes a day, or being able to stack for seven days for a raiding weekend? Actually STATING that over -say 50- raids in one month will not increase your chance for EX?
        (These are all ideas that hurt their current bottom line of course)

    • Robdebobrob

      You dont need to raid alot to get an EX invite. No one is forcing you to buy all those passes. I know regular raiders and people who raid only with free passes alike that got an invite.

      A local level 40 player here has spent 0 euros on the game. He does everything on the coins he gets from gyms, and he got his third EX-invite.

      • Raizing8ing

        I sure am happy for this individual! (not concerned about multiples because of the beta phase) However, among the people I meet, and in local FB-chat, a lot of people are increasing their raiding “more is better”
        Surely, for the majority, this is the case in your town as well, this is in line with the “pay 2 win” philospphy of this game.

        • Robdebobrob

          Acutally, the guy that raided the most in our town (483) has had 1 invite. The probably number 2 (arround 350) hasnt had a single invite. Me myself am sitting at 260 and i have had 1 invite. So more isnt better in our case.

          • Raizing8ing

            More data is more better, thanks.
            Now get Niantic to say that last bit 🙂

  • Nick

    There is an EX raid in my town on Monday the 18th? Is there anywhere else with this?

    • Robdebobrob


  • Mithu Dhar

    Total system has gone wrong..They invited such people who raided once or twice in a month.But i raided daily but still have none..Very disappointing..!

    • Daniel Doiron

      People who didn’t get one invite are more “likely” to get obviously…. but if your total raids done is low, and your gym isn’t silver or gold, that’s why you didn’t get one.

      OR you don’t do enough raids on a weekly basis.

      • Mithu Dhar

        Raiding everyday with every free pass

  • Shubham Khamaru

    It’s so strange to see a better pokemon like Groudon appear without any ex raid nonsense and a somewhat weaker mew two in ex raids…and now if they release delibird as an ex raid boss, then i will be happy not getting one…and again, as usual nianctic pisses of its player base with it’s nonsense changes in the game 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Chanderule

      Groudon wouldnt make sense in an EX Raid
      And he’s also weaker than Mewtwo, sorry bud

      • Lion

        Mewtwo max CP – 3982
        Groudon max CP – 4074

        If going by CP, then yes, Groudon is slightly stronger.

        • Chanderule

          But Mewtwo still has higher attack, making him a better Pokemon to use in raids (assuming you arent fighting an electric type)

          And it still wouldnt make sense to put him as an EX boss, Ho-oh and Lugia are regular bosses as well

          • Lion

            From all we’ve seen so far, I don’t really expect anything Niantic does with this game to make much sense. I’m still half-convinced that the people expecting a Delibird EX raid might be right, despite it would be an awful way to introduce that Pokemon to this game. I got the EX pass for Christmas day… I decided I’ll go check it out. I’d be happy if it’s some stupid Tier 1 or 2 Delibird raid, happier than if it’s actually a Mewtwo and we can’t do the raid b/c everyone is out of town or with family.

    • Robdebobrob

      There is no way the EX-raid is a delibird. It makes 0 sense, and i dont know why GOHUB would even think it is a possibility.

      If EVERYONE would have gotten an invite then it would be possible (but still dumb cause of the fixed time) but if they release delibird they are going to give everyone an equal chance to catch it.

  • Jakub Srna Zatloukal

    Nothing agian

  • Fragdealer LP

    The whole EX-Raid system is like throwing your Christmas presents into a fire….

  • Coltonandgen

    A EX raid on Christmas? Niantic screws up again, people who got the EX pass might not be able to go to the raid, as they’re going to be spending Christmas with family or friends -_-

  • Camilo Maiz Ortuzar
  • anne-susan

    little side question, are raid time chanced for europe?? normally the last raids ends around 19:00 here, but now we see 1/2 raids that ends aroun 20:15

    • Robdebobrob

      The last few weeks (since winter time actually) its has been that the last possible time a raid could end was 19:30. This is for CET (Central european time) or GMT+1.

      • anne-susan

        yes i know that, i am gmt+1 (looking at your name we are both dutch probaly) what i say is that this raid ended at 20:15(egg came out 19:30) while since winter time there were no raids after 19:00/19:30

        • Robdebobrob

          Yeah, Dutch 🙂
          I didnt really notice any in Breda today staying that late, but i cant say i really looked for it. None of the level 4 or 5 raids that are pushed by our telegram stayed after 19:25 today. Ill look out for it the next few days to see if anything stays longer.

  • Johansen

    I totally agree that EX raids should stop now – they are mostly making the spoofers happy. My town with over 200.000 people and many active Go players have had only 4 EX raids. The one last week only spoofers were invited. Some level 40 players in my raid group haven’t even been invited yet and some have quit playing for that reason. Niantic promised they would change the system for a better one, but the facts are they didn’t change anything at all. Niantic should drop the system and change it to level 5 raids instead. The faster the better if they don’t want to keep annoying the legit players.(I already caught Mewtwo – so that’s not why I’m very annoyed with EX raids).

  • Nick Maters

    The first ex raid in My town ever only 8 of the 40 invites are players of My town the rest is uknown 4 players just start the game en And there are 20 people that raid ever day in the gym where the ex raid wil take place And only 1 got a invité Nice job again

  • Shubham Gupta

    I have also received a raid pass on 25 dec

  • Johnny D.

    Here is the blunt truth. Ex-raid passes are awarded based on SKILLS and MERIT. If you did not get one, then I’m sorry to break it out to you but you are probably not good enough to be considered a top-tier trainer. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun doing amateur stuff and piggybacking on groups leading level 5 raids, though. You have as much a right to enjoy the game as anyone else, but please be realistic and reasonable about your expectations. It’s just like sports… you can enjoy playing basketball without being in the NBA. But please, please, please stop whining and complaining on this page… if Niantic sees this they will be offended and possibly shut down the game.

    • vegetano1

      STFU XD

  • Christina Walker

    Wish it wasn’t Christmas day. I can’t make it and most the people I know who got passes can’t make it. Right now looks like only 5 will be at the raid in our town.

  • Parker Chavez

    i have never got one and i do raids all the time

  • GMan

    I have done countless raids. I did one Mawhile raid ALONE at a gym I never been to, passing by an area I don’t normally play. And that’s where I get my first EX pass for on CHRISTMAS day. I’m currently in 3 discord groups, 2 of which cover that area and I seem to be the ONLY person to have gotten the EX pass for that gym on CHRISTMAS. Is there any way to contact Niantic about this? Someone help

  • Nikhil Sharma

    which raid will come after groudoon

  • Nicholas White

    I haven’t gotten even one ex raid and I play for like 5 hours a day and do so many raids.