Niantic has sent out a new Pokémon GO Newsletter last night, recapping the current and past events: Pokémon GO Park, release of Legendary Pokémon and the Chester Pokémon GO event.

Curiously, this paragraph was included for Legendary Pokémon (we highlighted the interesting part):

“Lugia, Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos have been spotted in Pokémon GO! Have you battled one of these Legendary Pokémon yet? From August 7–14, Zapdos, the Legendary Pokémon that represents Team Instinct, will appear at Raid Battles in the real world. Team up with your fellow Trainers and line up your Pokémon carefully when battling these extremely powerful and rare Legendary Pokémon. Good luck, Trainer. Be prepared for more legendary adventures!

Just to clarify: this newsletter was sent out on August 10 2017, a couple of days after Zapdos was released. We are not sure what the wording implies.

Maybe they are stating this purely in a “Continue to catch them!” kind of way, but could also hint at the fact that more legendary raids are coming.

For those interested in more details about the events mentioned in the newsletter, you can read our coverage of both:

Full credits for this news goes to Alex Daisuke, an awesome GO Hub reader that e-mailed us and brought this to our attention.

  • ElectroBlade

    Of course more legendary raids are coming… how is this even an article? This doesn’t hint at anything directly after Zapdos, it’s just a “be excited for the future” thing. Pokemon’s official website had something similar written when these first started.

  • j0eStER_t0aStER

    We believe Japan will have Ho-Oh. But I’m wondering if the Legendary Dogs will come with Ho-Oh since Lugia came with the Birds.

    It’s been said the 3 Legendary Birds works with Lugia that has created him and Ho-Oh created the 3 Dogs.

    • Charter

      These are just rumours. Besides Ho-Oh beeing part of the Legendaries Trailer, there’s absolutely no hint that Ho-Oh or the dogs are coming soon. There are not even sprites of these pokemon in the game yet (although of course they could add them).

  • Antonio Mercurio

    I caught a legendary…….

    Then i woke up

  • Nguyen Ngoc Tu

    Cheaters have got many legends so easy, meanwhile we haven’t got time to run around to catch them… Yeah, get over it, losers…

    • George

      I don’t cheat and I’ve caught 3 Arcticuno, 3 Zapdos, 6 Moltres and 2 Lugia and I work a full time job (40+ hours per week). I think you’re just not trying hard enough.

    • Laurel Daly

      I have at least one of each legendary, and I caught them without cheating. I work full time and I also don’t even have a car, so getting to raids when people agree to meet up is challenging. I still managed to do it, though, so I agree with George. You’re probably just not trying hard enough.

      • hkmaly

        Or he lives in area with low number of players (and gyms). I have no idea how many players are in Vietnam, do you?

        • Laurel Daly

          Not sure why you targeted me specifically. There’s facebook raid groups for just about every area, I would be extremely surprised if there actually wasn’t enough players in an area, it’s a matter of communicating and meeting up.

    • Rhaine

      I have 2 Lugia, 3 Articunos, 5 moltress, and 12 zapdos. You need to join a group. I found a group at a raid and they added me to their chat.

  • Rolly Domingo

    It’s hard to catch any of these legendaries. Can’t form more than 4 trainers.

    • Laurel Daly

      Look for pokemon go facebook groups for your area, that’s what I did and I have at least one of each legendary now.

      • Terri

        I did the same thing. It’s been a lot of fun and I have several of each one

  • bandarlogical

    I just want the damn raid eggs to come back. I must be up to 20 times now that my attempted takeover of a gym has been foiled by the sudden appearance of a Raid Boss. They don’t need an hour-long hatching time–just 15 minutes heads-up is all I ask!

  • Jango210 .

    Theory** Next week Niantic will have Lugia, Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos spawning as raid bosses like they did in the “Adventure together for Legendary Pokemon!” trailer.**Theory

    • driftw00d

      Good call! They are back

  • Mohammed Ashik

    I think the 3 dogs of johto is coming huh? (entie ,raikou and suicune )

  • Viktor

    Everything Niantic does is only intended to have the most money in our account. Nothing else is unconditional, only money from us, from players !!!. Therefore, only 50 coins per day, never more !!!. They do not give us more anymore !!! All changes are made profit for shareholders !!! We, as players, are only puppets to give money !!! That’s why the new changes are unpopular and hidden behind the “interest” of the players that nobody really wants! Unfortunately Niantic does not admit this publicly, we have to learn from the leak of their session !!! So, play as much as you can and most importantly, buy the most things in the shop !!! Niantic will be happy and will do everything we can to make even more money into the game !!! So, who is still not playing, quickly installing free and giving money to Niantic !!!

    • Daniel Sjostrom

      There are other ways of ending a sentence than 3 exclamation marks, just saying…