a new batch of raid invites has been distributed, targeting mostly new and first time raiders. We’re unsure if the new EX raid distribution algorithm is already in place, but it could have been postponed for after Ho-Oh raids finish.

Multiple anecdotal reports state that first time and casual raiders were given priority in this raid invite cycle. We can confirm that gyms that were selected include both sponsored and normal gyms, mostly, but not exclusively located in parks.

We’re actually quite interested to see how the algorithm works, so make sure to share your raider badge and more info in the comments in case you got an invite in this turn.

P.S. If you did not receive an invite, don’t be super salty — we didn’t get one either, despite heavily raiding for the past 3 weeks in a row. We were on a mission to complete an absurd amount of raids, but haven’t had any luck with receiving an EX invite.

  • Iluyan

    I thought they promised to improve the ex-raid system, but still no pass, And Believe me, we raided, INSANELY Much the past weeks….Its ridiculous.

  • Greg

    405 raids, no invite yet.,

    • Paul Parke

      718 raids, here our town hasn’t been picked once and we can’t get invited at malls where the sponsored gyms are

      • Greg

        Thx God i caught a high IV Ho-oh and discharged 200 out of the 700+ rare candies to max it out 😀

  • Gekkie

    157 raids, 6 golden gym badges, still waiting for my first EX pass

    • Unforgiveness (Unforgiveness)

      I’m at 611 legendary and 216 regular raids and still waiting lol.

      • Robdebobrob

        Thats quite… Interesting indeed.

  • Heydavid17

    Oh lord… the disappointment is about to start once more

    • RehTreau

      If it’s disappointing you then you should probably not take it so seriously

  • Curtis Beales

    Just over 110 legendary raids and all 29 gyms in my town are gold. Still no invite. No gym in my town has every had a invite yet villages with 5 gyms or less have.

  • Jeremy

    Got one today for the 11th at a sponsored gym. This will be my 5th EX invite in total and my 4th at this particular gym. I have gold badge and am level 35.

  • Rashid Eldesoky

    10 golden badges raided tier 1-4 with local groups at park last months
    we don’t have sponsors gyms around us
    its such a unfair system for people who are really dedicated players
    i don’t think they can improve the ex raid system because its all ready working for niantic

    • RehTreau

      10 badges isn’t very many

      • Rashid Eldesoky

        i know but we don’t have that much gyms in our local area

        • RehTreau

          It’s largely irrelevant how many gold gyms you have, latching on to loose criteria and whining about it is a waste of time.

          • Justin Lee Seward

            I got one at a gym I’ve only ever raided at twice. Bronze gym.

      • Jason Walsh

        There are people without golden badges that got EX raid passes here

  • Robdebobrob

    Seems i was to early to share my story in the previous post, so here ill go again, with some additional info:

    New “wave” of EX-raids here again. 3 people known so far. Its a gym a friend and me raided on 5+ times passed few weeks, located in a park. 2 guys who hadnt done any raids in a while raided with us today. Both have never recieved a EX-raid pass before. 1 of them got it, the other didnt. My friend and me didnt get any either, but we both already have a Mewtwo so thats ok. It still seems very random tough. Both the guys who didnt raid a while had the gym bronze.

    Now ive heared that an active level 40 player is invited there aswell, for his 2nd Mewtwo.
    Another player (Level 35, stopped playing altogether for 6 weeks untill 2 days ago cause he thought Draconius was better) who already has 2 Mewtwo has been invited for his third at a different gym, wich is not in a park, and for wich he barely has a bronze medal.

    I was excited for the “new” way Niantic was gonna hand out passes, but it just still seems random..

    Oh and the times here are 10:30 till 11:15 in the morning and 15:30 till 16:15. Will be interesting to see how many people show up on a monday morning.

  • Bulkers OK

    5 accounts got invites in my city. 28,28,29,31 and me 38. Theres no way we can beat the boss with squad like this. One of those 28lvl accounts is my 2nd phone account that has silver gym badge and 26 raids done overall. I made this account 19 days ago. I had spare phone so I made it for fun. So yeah, ex tests are done? Gj Niantic at making 99% of players mad again.

    • FacePuncher

      So you got an EX raid pass and you are still complaining?

      • Bulkers OK

        So what that I got one since we wont be able to get him to red before time runs out…

        • trisw farm

          Share yr location and u will have lots of people going there haha

          • Robdebobrob

            Thats not how EX-raids work.

        • fredling

          So you cheated with second account, possibly taking another persons invite. And complain here!

    • RehTreau

      Mewtwo is absurdly easy to beat, do you know what you are talking about or are you just talking to feel important?

      To say “x number of accounts got invites” implies you are aware of every single person that did each raid that ever appeared at that gym during the given period of time. Like really, go away.

  • James Waldron

    I must be an outlier then; lvl 39 and this is my second ex pass. Compared to my first in September, I’ve been raiding significantly less due to final exams approaching and was surprised to receive a second pass when numerous trainers in our discord who raid multiple times a day everyday still haven’t gotten one. I hope this isn’t the new algorithm…

  • Christopher Andrew Moore

    Breath not being held

    • RehTreau

      Depriving your brain of oxygen isn’t wise.

      • Xhan Mohammad

        reading all your reply in your earlier comments. Its full with heat. I just wish someone give u a hug for a minute.

  • S-GUTZ

    Do ex passes get handed outnall at once or could I get one in a couple days

    • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

      Don’t quote me on this but I think it’s all at once…

  • Daniel Doiron

    The gym badge bronze/silver/gold and total raids done doesn’t seem to do crap yet….i past 200 raids done and have 3/4 of the town silver…tired of this.

  • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

    I think if you live in a densely populated city/town it’s gonna he harder to get a pass due to all the raiders. That’s my opinion and it also makes sense

    • RehTreau

      No it doesn’t make sense, you should post it on reddit though with all the other made up stuff so people believe you and the cancer grows.

      • DeaditeSlayer

        If you live in a small town and there is a small raiding population then they have a higher chance IF the town gets an EX raid. I have read stories of towns with only 5 gyms getting an Ex raid so almost all the raiders got an invite.

      • Kanker

        Maybe if you post more cancerous comments, not helping anyone, people will start liking you…

      • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

        I said “I think”. FIRST TWO words on the comment. And it somewhat does make sense because less people equals less raiders which equals higher chances of getting one…

  • Marcelo Abourachid

    I’m a casual raider and still waiting my first ex-raid. Still waiting raids at night too…….

    • RehTreau

      k 👌
      There are non-casuals that haven’t gotten one either, I hear if you complain enough nobody will care though.

  • Aryan Nagpal

    I also haven’t got a single ex raid pass yet.

    • RehTreau

      k 👌

  • asdf

    In a completely unrelated note, it looks like iOS finally fixed PoGo Plus!!!! I’ll try it late with android

  • Tj Herrington

    My daughter got her first pass. Of course, it’s on a school day. During school hours. So, thanks for the pass that she can’t use.

    • RehTreau

      Hey Einstein, they stated that raids would be scheduled for the most active times and spoiler alert, kids aren’t doing the majority of the raiding.

      • Tj Herrington

        We have a fairly active raid community here. So far one person who got the pass can make that time.

        They also said the high level gym badges, etc would help toward getting the passes. And yet all the people in our chat groups who go the pass have silver or bronze badges. None of the players with gold badges got it.

        • RehTreau

          One person that you are aware of, people love to act like they know everyone that raids in their area or everyone that got a pass each time when they have no clue and are tossing out made up claims to complain.

          The winning is cancerous and I wish those that do it constantly would just quit the game.

          • DeaditeSlayer

            I live in Montreal and one raid got only 7 invites and there was only one account at 38 and the rest were below 30. People had to take time off of work to go which is retarded AND they had to try multiple times to take it down because the accounts other than the 38 were pretty bad. They almost couldn’t even get to catch Mewtwo. So imagine if you couldn’t take Mewtwo down after that!

          • Kenneth Stevens

            hey Reh, I am more sympathetic to their whining than to your obnoxious troll comments. STFU!

          • Tj Herrington

            Probably not everyone, but i am on two separate local chat groups for raids in that area with over 70 distinct members between the two of them. So, I’m pretty comfortable with the assertion.

      • Robdebobrob

        The 2 times the EX-raids here are happening are 10:30 till 11:15 in the morning and 15:30 till 16:15. The 2nd 1 is ok i guess, but next to no raids are happening here at the first time. It just feels to me like stuff is still being tested, and i wouldnt be suprised if they just cancel it to see if that works.

        Edit: Could you take your trolling somewhere else btw? Ive read your comments on this page and youre not contributing anything usefull.

      • Pedro B.

        Hey smartie when kids are at school adults are working….

      • Zeke Birch

        I wish more teens did. There’s about a hundred people in my area that play and I am the only one 🙁

  • abhimanyu singh

    I don’t think so ex raid pass system cover new players
    I didn’t get single ex pass from last 3 months I sent u lots of mail u didn’t hear truth about ex raid System
    We all players are very disappointed from this unfair ex raid system

  • abhimanyu singh

    I have all my local gym golden badges

    Still didn’t get single ex pass
    What are u doing NIANTIC
    Plz RemoveThis ex raid system

    • RehTreau

      I don’t think you understand how things work

  • ikato kiyazaki

    Silver badge, did 1 level 2 raid and 1 level 4 raid through out the week. Got the pass. 2nd time getting ex pass. Not the same location

    • RehTreau

      Congrats on your pass and for not being a negative Nancy

    • Honkee Kong

      you are not deserving

      • ikato kiyazaki

        0 money spent btw

        • Honkee Kong

          then u def dont deserve one. wayyyy too many people have a better cause that have done 1000 raids. sorry about ur luck.

          • ikato kiyazaki

            Sorry to hear that, i cant help with that. Try living in a small area

  • RehTreau

    k 👌

  • Krrish Dua

    Why ex raid are not happening in india😣😣😯😯

    • Josh Hack

      Trust me, they mainly happen in your JIO Sponsored gyms out there. You get loads of EX raids

  • DragonitoGames XD


  • Berri Nator

    I’m trying my best to like this system, and the recent changes are definitely for the better, but the whole idea behind rewarding people with this “exclusive” pass was just wrong from the beginning. It would be like if I offered people a 100 dollar prize but just kinda threw it at someone randomly who happened to walk by. It doesn’t feel like the people getting them did anything special other than just being very very lucky or fortunate enough to live close to a gym that NIANTIC blessed with their “park” or “sponsored” tag. It was a nice try NIANTIC, but in the end, you need to just scrap it and make Mewtwo like the other legendary raid bosses (but rarer spawns would be more than enough to make it feel special.)

    • Berri Nator

      Oh and I didn’t even mention my biggest beef with the system. Even if you manage to play ALL your cards right, and you get your pass, you then have to show up when NIANTIC wants you to, which very well may mean you need to take time off work, neglect a loved one, shrug off a responsibility that you had committed to…I could go on.

      • San Der

        extaly monday midday when everybody is working….

    • San Der

      its the biggest scam ever…..let people pay a lot for raid pass and then the give a pass to people that just started lol biggest scammers ever…

    • Hedronal

      Reading your comment I agree with in general, but one important difference: The EX Raid system Wasn’t a nice try.

      There was nothing good about it from the beginning, it just took a game that relied heavily on rng (random numbers, for readers that don’t happen to know that one), went into the raid feature that is still based on rng and also relies on people wrangling, and added more rng and people wrangling in place of actual features or depth in the game. Whether one person gets that pokedex entry (and if there’s ever a second one from the absurdly rare raids, I may just quit the game) should not depend on an arbitrary number and level of other specific lucky folks all being available at the right time.

      It’s not even just contrary to the spirit of the game, it’s contrary to the spirit of gaming in general. You can’t play with your friends for it if you or they aren’t lucky enough to all get invited. You can’t use clever or even grindy ways to get in, no trick or knowledge will help you, it’s barely more than random.

      EX/Exclusive raids were a bad idea from the get-go, that could possibly have been salvaged up to mediocrity but hasn’t been and at this point will not be given even that relief.

    • Hedronal

      A second post, for a different subtopic: Mewtwo being the extra special legendary pokemon I get, it’s supposed to be a big deal. That said, simple rarity doesn’t make something special.

      My way of making a Mewtwo raid special would be to have it be a multi-stage boss fight, in which Mewtwo takes (or clones) one of your pokemon and jacks it up to raid boss size, then you have to fight past that to get to Mewtwo itself.

      It’s just what Mewtwo did in the movie, and it’s something special and unique for that boss. The stolen pokemon could be from your fight gang, the first one in it, random, pitched to counter what you brought, your corrupted buddy or starter, or anything really.

      I’m interested to hear what ideas other people have for better Mewtwo and other legendary raids, readers with ideas, please share.
      DISCLAIMER: Reading improved raid ideas may result in disappointment that they aren’t in the game compared to the rng situation that is.

  • quantum rex

    New raiders? Same people got it over and over

  • San Der

    so the people that spend a lot money on coins…..dont get a pass ad all……done over 250 legendary 50 normal still no pass friend of mine raid 2 times in a month and get a ex raid pass

  • Greg

    Cheap propaganda…Niantic stop bothering us with EX raid invite rules/conditions BS talk.. I don’t give them a cent any more, ever.

  • Chanderule

    Why target first time raiders and not those who actually did spend some effort, Niantic?

  • juan garcia

    I can confirm, I got my 1st EX yesterday, shortly after beating a Ho-oh, and that was my only raid in the month at that park, I’m 31, at least 3 other people who helped at that raid got their passes

  • Jennifer Madsen

    We had 7 trainers do a 2 Star Raid at a park gym that has frequently given EX-Passes. The trainers were level 12, 15, 31, 34 (2), 35 and 40. All the trainers received their gym badge at this raid because no one had been here before. Only the level 31 received the Ex-Pass. His total raids completed were similar to one of the level 34s (never had an ExPass invite), who did not receive the pass. Only the level 40 and The other level 34 have a MewTwo. We can’t find anyone in the area who received this Pass besides the one player in our group. I can’t figure out the pattern. Lol

  • Jayden Garcia

    I am so mad that I have been all over the world for an ex raid pass and I have never received one! Niantic needs to step up their game because Pokémon go is dying

    • Honkee Kong

      quit sooofing cheater

      • Jayden Garcia

        I’m not a spoofer

  • Jakub Srna Zatloukal


  • DIGGY55555

    Fourth time getting an EX raid pass at the same gym. I’m a level 32 and a couple of my friends also got it. There are three people (besides me) that are low level 30s and someone that is lvl 26. All of us did either 3 or 4 legendary raids at this sponsored gym in the two days before getting the EX raid pass. I only have a silver badge at that gym and so do most of the other players.

    • Honkee Kong

      which is garbage cause lvl32 is trash. enjoy your welfare.

  • Laura Mills

    Never had a EX raid pass, but both my kids got one at the same place we all raided and I didn’t get one. My son got 2 EX raid passes in fact. I think they need to work on the invites based on whether person has ever had a raid pass or invite and invite all people who raided at same time in a particular raid so they don’t arbitrarily break up families.

  • Chanderule

    This is the result of all the “testing” you have done, Niantic?

  • Honkee Kong

    f niantic… f mewtwo and f pogo. its all a gd scam

  • Gaxela

    In my case its not about wether i get an invite or not but getting mewtwo introduced into my area. I dont mind having to wait every week to get a chance but for now i live in a void zone regarding ex passes. I dont live in a rural area and there is plenty of players in the same situation

  • anne-susan

    out of nowhere there was an exraid at my homegym today (one closest near my home), no one in our city had a pas :/

  • Pinky Mirror

    There is a gym in the national ‘park’ in Jakarta that got EX raid before. The first EX raid, only 2 trainers came and there were 2 flyers also. Now, they sent the invitation again, about few people got the EX raid pass, but, the national ‘park’ closed every Monday, which is the day of the next EX raid there.

    • Comk4ver

      Ouch, send an email to Niantic with pictures of the parks hours that show the park is closed on Mondays.

      • Pinky Mirror

        Yes, I think my friends will do that. And They also still trying to find permit to enter the park.

  • Technogal

    What’s with the tiny EX Raid groups? Only 8 people a local Mewtwo raid yesterday?!!!? That’s a drastic cutback! Or maybe they invited 32 former players who would NOT even see the invite ’cause they never open the game anymore! D’oh!!!

  • Justin Lee Seward

    I got one during this wave! Suicune was finally good for something. (I went 3-21 on suicune)

  • Carl Mieczkowski

    Seems Niantic should be ripe for a class action lawsuit. They have falsely and fraudulently given purchasing customers the expectation that if purchasing and participating in raids, they will be rewarded with a coveted Ex-raid pass. They have then went on to purposely withhold these Ex-raid passes from customers, and completely from certain regions, so that customers will become more desperate and continue raiding, and thus purchase more coins, padding Niantic’s profits at the expense of their duped customers. The proof is in simply demonstrating how many ex-raid passes have been distributed per user and per raid, and then the question is if this ratio or percentage is even remotely close to reasonable expectations. Also, with already purchased coins, they have continued to change the rules and rewards of the game, which is unfair at the least.