In today’s news roundup we’ve got three strong stories and a number of smaller news. As you may have guessed, Niantic hasn’t yet shared anything about the other legendaries.

Verizon says that Niantic is the one to blame for Pokémon GO Fest issues

In a surprising turn of events, Verizon’s spokesperson stated that Verizon is not the one to blame for the Pokémon GO Fest. “This was not a Verizon issue”, the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson added that company engineers “reported that even when attendees were experiencing issues accessing the game itself, other applications like YouTube worked just fine — which indicated the issues were outside of Verizon’s control, like an issue with the game’s server itself.”

Niantic CTO, Phil Keslin, shares more details in regards to ARKit

In an interview with Mercury News, Phil Keslin shared his perspective on the past year of Pokémon GO, but more importantly, he shared additional info about the ARKit integration that was demoed earlier this year.

Q: Does Niantic use ARKit?

A: We use it. We already demonstrated how we might use ARKit. The biggest one we did was the playground mode where you can pull out six of your Pokemon and stick them in a playground in a real life setting and walk around them and see how big they are. You don’t get a good feeling for how big a Charizard gets to be.

We can’t wait to walk around a Steelix!

Worldwide bonus extended to July 27

Despite the prior announcements, the GO Fest Bonuses have been extended for another 72 hours, now ending on July 27, 5:00 P.M. PDT. This move was widely interpreted as Niantic’s “We’re sorry” gesture and was received with a lot of excitement by the community.

GO Fest Bonuses:

  • Double Stardust
  • Double Candy
  • Double XP
  • Increased Pokémon encounters
  • Reduced hatching distance
  • Reduced buddy distance
  • willem de dijk

    Is this also for non go-fest players in other coutries?

    • PugSuperStar

      Yes, the bonuses apply for those that DID NOT attend Go Fest. I am in the USA but I am hearing it is worldwide.

      • Dan

        Actually, it’s for everyone, regardless of attendance of attendance at Go Fest.

  • Roelf Brouwer

    Do the Legends also leaving the Raids after this?

    • Shark Bait

      No. These legendaries, (as far as I know as of know), will continue to be in gyms after the bonuses are over. Also, legendary raid eggs and passes should be coming to pokemon go once the bonuses end, along with the other tier 1-4 raid eggs.

      • Alex

        Are the legendary raids suspected to decrease in frequency after the event?

  • Alex

    GO Fest attendee with Verizon. I could not access any internet. I couldn’t look at twitter, or facebook, and definitely not youtube. I could barley get texts. Niantic should have forced carriers to put the towers up, but to say that their service was totally fine is a joke.

    • Dan

      I would have gone the WiFi route to doubly discourage spoofers.

      • jstaylor62

        Depending on the number of users and crowd density, Wi-Fi might not have been a viable option either. There’s only so much RF available for data channels.

        You can’t simply throw out a bunch of Wi-Fi access points and call it good. Regardless of the number of access points available, devices are still competing for RF bandwith at heavy device density.

        • GonzoI

          You’re absolutely correct. They could accommodate 14% of the 25,000 people they sold tickets to with totally maxed out WIFI with everyone in the crowd being polite about the connection and no one nearby trying to leech WIFI or run their own networks. In real world conditions, maybe 8% of the crowd.

        • Michal Hušák

          The suggested number for one Wi-fi point is about 50 users. Maximal limit for best protokol is aprox 300. So 20 000 people will need about 70 – 200 routers. They will for sure compete for frequency and colaps …

    • Jeffrey Stevens

      Same story here with AT&T. I was basically locked out of the game from 10 am – 5 when people started to leave. Still wasn’t great and even had issues around Grant Park the next day. The further you got from the park, the more reliable it was.

  • Larry Wicklow

    I noticed it this morning and in fact I have commented early on another HUB article. That’s pretty cool! A little consolation! This morning an Articuno appeared in front of my house, where the only gym in a 10km radius is. I “cried” while watching him slowly disappearing after the time ran out. Nobody showed up so I think I’ll never get legendaries. My phone has issues with gps spoof so I cannot even try to reach cities and try to capture my legendaries (I dislike cheating, I would only use it to catch a legendary where many people still play the game and then stop mocking my position. But i cannot do that, so what a pity).

    • Kevin D

      Try searching for local trainer groups on facebook. I had to drive 30-40 minutes to meet up with the group I found online in order to tackle the legendaries. They spanned all age groups (including someones grandma haha). They did about a dozen raids around town. It took all day but it was worth it. I was 2 for 2 on Lugia but only 1 for 6 on Articuno. Good luck to you.

  • yuififf

    When they released the master ball? Now that the legendary have a catch rate of 2 is hard to catch them.

    • Dan

      It’s supposed to be hard. They’re legendaries.

      • yuififf

        Also, in classical games I always used master balls to capture them. Quidi have to put this too

      • David Wawrzyniak

        Unless you were in Chicago, and you got to catch 7+ of each because it was auto catch for 24+hrs. Niantic is so stupid… they gifted all Pokemon GO Fest attendees both Lugia and Articuno, but still crap on everyone else.

        • Dan

          They gifted them Lugia. They still had to complete the raid to get Articuno. Also, unless you were there, you don’t know what happened. Nobody had cell service until they dispersed, and Niantic did ask the providers to help out with that.

    • Josh Hack

      They will either be (legendaries) easy to find but hard to catch, or hard to find but easy to catch. I think they will do the first combination.

  • Tyler Steinhause

    I was at GoFest and managed to get into the game around 50% of the time, and was able to get onto other apps just fine. I overheard someone saying that any Iphone that is a 6s and newer would have the best chances of getting in. All sorts of speculation that day but it did seem that what this random guy said seemed to be true.

  • Happyam

    Is it really that Niantic’s “We’re sorry” or Niantic’s “We need to make up the $3 million loss from Go Fest back, and quick!” (100 +20) * 25,000

  • Jason

    I noticed after getting off work last night was still double stardust.. super excited for that that is the reason I looked at GoHub today haha to see if there was an update about how long bonuses are going to last.. trying to get that stardust and certain candies too

  • Jerome Glover

    A Famous youtuber from Instinct shared a video where he explains how Niantic tried to reach out to all these companies warning them to put out tower on wheels and how big this was going to be, every company claimed they had it and they wont have any issues and sent none, so every company had issues. Sprint sent out a tower and had the least amount of issues with connections.

  • Michal Husak

    According ARKit. I had tested 3D pokemon visualisation by Oculus Rift HW + PC. It use hi-res 3D display, IR tracking and full power of last generation GeForce cards. This was looking really good.
    I do not believe the mobile phone HW with image analysis back-tracking can offer enough good quality fro VR.
    Pokémon GO application is written in Unity 3D witch have full support for VR HMD on PC. I wander why Niantic does snot make a VR HMD PC viewer for PoGo – e.g. to watch a battle in arena for non participating trainers.

  • vision33r

    Niantic is so stupid, they should create a Wifi hotzones over the area and allow only attendees with the invite code to get on it and have only Fest content on the Wifi network. This prevents spoofers and improves connections. Relying on wireless carriers is their biggest mistake. Any large events like Festivals and conventions have dedicated Wifi hotzones.

    • Michal Hušák

      Even wifi compete for fregvenci and can not handle 20 000 people.

  • Slappy

    Oh btw, niantic lied to us about double stardust, that was not the case, what you got was 100 more stardust per catch, an single upgraded gave 400 stardust when it normally gives 300 and a full upgrade gave 600 stardust when it normally gives 500.