Niantic announces Ingress 2.0: Ingress Prime

Niantic has unveiled the first trailer for the upcoming Ingress 2.0 release, now officially called Ingress Prime. Ingress Prime will launch as a client update at some point in 2018.

It seems that Ingress 2.0 (aka Prime) will feature a few interesting changes:

  • a new angle on the story line
  • a completely revamped game client
  • a new tech platform, similar to what we’re used to in Pokemon GO
    • protobuf instead of JSON (confimred by Fev Games)
    • code base now similar to Pokemon GO
    • same style of engineering

“This game was the place where we figured out all of the things that we later applied to Pokémon Go, and will be drawing from for other projects that we do in the future,” says Niantic CEO John Hanke. “We really look at it as our spiritual core.”

Niantic is getting ready for a very hectic 2018, with Ingress being re-launched and Harry Potter Wizards United shaping up to be the Pokemon GO of 2018, it’s hard to imagine that a small company can support so many games under it’s umbrella.

However, Hanke was quick to confirm that the team has grown significantly, with Niantic now employing more than 150 developers. Ingress finally has a fully staffed development team running the show now.

Are you interested in us covering Ingress? We expect an increase in the number of Ingress players with Ingress Prime, especially from the ranks of Pokemon GO player base. If Prime turns out to be an easier way to get invested in another Niantic powered AR mobile game experience, we don’t see why not give it a try.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, we are very interested in how you feel about Ingress and us covering it on a separate blog / website.

  • Josh Hack

    That’s cool, I might get into Ingress a little now. Let’s see what happens with PoGo first, considering Niantic are now working on 3 games at once.

  • News for games

    I don’t get it I thought it pokemon go

  • bassrats

    Neat. I actually don’t know a thing about Ingress. I might be game to download it for Prime and give it a go. As for coverage here, might be good to have a subpage for it, while keeping PoGo the main topic here.

  • Michal Hušák

    Under its umbrella ? Maybe a transformation to Umbrella corporation and logo change is wort to thing about :-).

    • Tom

      Lol please give me no flashbacks to Gerard Way’s awful comic series.

      • WingedSupernova

        1. Umbrella Academy wasn’t bad
        2. He’s referencing Umbrella Corp from Resident Evil

  • Edwin Fung

    I don’t believe Niantic can handle 3 games along the way. 2018 will be a desolate year to Pokemon GO.

  • Eskimo Joe

    I don’t have time to play to “go” games!!

  • Pokemon Trainer N

    Just make a separate site to cover that game. Easy. No complaints there. Just don’t cover it on —POKEMON GO— hub.

    • Pokémon Go hub goes over what Niantic does so it’s fine

    • Samuel Wiser


  • Chris Denton

    I have no interest in another niantic title. I’m here for Pokémon and it’s a struggle dealing with niantic for that.

    Hopefully this means Pokémon GO 2.0 is a possibility. An AR Pokémon game that doesn’t require you to live in a city with active players all around.

    • Robdebobrob

      Ingress 2.0 isnt really a new niantic title. Its a bit of an overhaul from Ingress to a new “engine”.

      • Chris Denton

        Right, I’m not interested in ingress. I suppose that’s what I should have said.

  • Robdebobrob

    I have no idea what to think of Ingress 2.0. I know how ingress works, because im still trying to get into OPR so i can try to add portals to get new stops and gyms in pokemon GO. Its a painfully long road. I made some progress during the ingress double AP event, but not as much as i wanted since it overlapped with PoGO double XP event.

    Some more news about Ingress would be nice, because i havent found a good website that covers any news about it really at all. If its on a new website that would be great. If its on this one, it will probably recieve the same hate as DraGO news, and rightfully so in my opinion.

  • mikelerch

    I play both games but have always preferred Ingress. You guys are my favorite Pokemon site, so I’d love to see you cover Ingress as well (ands why wait until 2.0?). But you should use a different URL for sure.

  • RLB63

    I’m what I call 16-40. I play both games. I’m Lvl 16 ingress, Lvl 40 Pokemon go. So I would be interested in a website for ingress

  • Trung D. Nguyen

    For the people who are talking down about Ingress.. remember that it is because of Ingress that Pokemon GO even exists. Your gyms and stops (minus the PoGO sponsored ones) were created and come from the Ingress side.

    As for coverage on this site, I think it can and should be covered here. Though yes, in its own subsection would be fine. I was pleasantly surprised that this site even covered about Prime. You have to respect the roots and framework for GO. Fevgames is probably the best site for Ingress as this one is for GO for news.. Though fevgames does a lot in general.

    While I prefer Ingress over PoGO, they have their differences and their own core fanbase with much different approaches to what and what is not acceptable. I personally see it way too often with the majority going well against the established rules.

    The best example? Having more than one account is cheating.. however… how often have you seen one person at a gym raid carry more than one device or raid more than once on the same device for the same raid? While in PoGO people have cared less because it ends up giving some benefit for the entire group there for the raid.. something like that is significantly worse and would not be accepted in an Ingress community.

    Spoofing is always an issue.. and should NEVER be accepted. I could care less if don’t have enough people to do a raid.. no one should be actively promoting or asking people to spoof to their location to help. I could care less about people doing that joystick crap. If you’re not there.. you’re spoofing.. and you’re cheating. I don’t care if there’s a rare Pokemon down the block and you can’t go outside to catch it. The point is for people to GO outside.

    Different gameplay, different people, different mindsets. Don’t like it, don’t play it, but shut your mouth if it’s not your thing. Let people enjoy their damn game.

    • Robdebobrob

      “For the people who are talking down about Ingress.. remember that it is because of Ingress that Pokemon GO even exists. Your gyms and stops (minus the PoGO sponsored ones) were created and come from the Ingress side.”
      And no one is really happy about it..

      “The best example? Having more than one account is cheating”
      Ive heared of a thing called “Mule account”, wich basically just caries an extra 2k items for you since you can drop stuff on the ground and pick it back up with another account in ingress.

      I agree with you tho, there are players here with 3 or even 4 accounts.. For raids, i dont care to much. We always have enough people, theres no need for them, but you cant really stop it. For gyms its annoying tough. For the enemy teams, cause theres suddenly a full gym in 1 minute with just 1 or 2 players there, and for your own team cause they cant place their own pokemon in it, cause its already full.

      • Trung D. Nguyen

        cheaters will cheat. regardless of the game. yes, cheating is also a problem in Ingress.

        being able to transfer items between accounts is fine as long as each account is individually owned by a person. one person, one account. that’s what is established as fair.

        i would not be surprised if it is because of that issue that the fundamental part of Pokemon’s gameplay with collecting and trading was not implemented in GO because of that issue. people would be trading pokemon within their own accounts, powering up one account and having it be a powerhouse to take down gyms or defending them. As you mentioned, it is more problematic if those people decide to use their different accounts to fill up a gym. Simply not fair for everyone else.. even to the people on their own team.

    • Chris Denton

      If it wasn’t for ingress I may have stops and gyms in my area. Ingress is 100% responsible for the lack of stops, gyms and spawns. You seem to think that’s good for everyone but it is not at all good.

      You could enjoy your crappy city game, in peace, if it didn’t make Pokémon a crappy city game.

      I would rather not have an opinion on a game that I don’t play but that’s not possible because pogo piggybacks on the lack of data that ingress has given niantic. I would respect the roots/ framework if it didn’t revolve around being in a city to do anything.

      Also, it’s couldnt care less, not could care less.

      • Trung D. Nguyen

        Sorry, but the majority of the Pokemon GO player base made the game worse for everyone. It didn’t start from the Ingress side. It was the horrible reputation and PR that GO trainers got when they started doing stupid things like trespassing and swarming areas like cemeteries that caused complaints.

        I know plenty of locations that had a lot of stops and gyms, but the idiots caused them to be removed.

        As far as a city game.. that’s fine.. but players of both games in rural areas have been the ones truly suffering. If they want more stops, they need to wake their game up and contribute.

        The stops and gyms you see were all submitted by players. Data that was collected from a community that has been doing this for a significantly longer time. Does it suck that Pokemon GO players can’t submit anything? Perhaps.. but look at the overall maturity of the group. It took Niantic over 2 years and the help of OPR and the community to help push thru the ridiculous backlog.

        Even after GO was released, there was a ridiculous swarm of new Ingress agents that started playing just to hunt on PoGO. None of which cared for the game nor probably even play.

        So no, your lack of stops and gyms in your area is not 100% because of Ingress. There’s plenty of blame on the PoGO players as well.

        • Chris Denton

          Wrong, I haven’t had any stops or gyms disappear or appear, no changes since launch day. That’s on ingress. You can blame pogo but we have no way of submitting stops so that theory goes out the window.

          Can’t level up in ingress to make stops or gyms because there is nothing around in either game. My fault I’m sure.

          • Trung D. Nguyen

            Sounds like you need to submit a request, but if there’s nothing submittable in your area.. then that’s another problem. If your local park doesn’t have a stop or gym, then that’s a legitimate concern that should be addressed directly to their help desk.

          • Chris Denton

            Yeah and they always say, we are not currently accepting new pokestop submissions. The end

            But no, none of our parks, or business have stops. Drive 30 minutes 1 way and there’s a stop on every building.

            Ingress is what the framework is and the framework is the problem.

          • Trung D. Nguyen

            what about the one guy who wrote them and a ton of new things appeared? thought I read a very recent article.

            but i wouldn’t be surprised they stopped taking submissions (because for a while they were taking them from the PoGO side) because of the flood of invalid requests. you can blame the idiots for that.

            people will ruin things for others.. unfortunately, looks like you’re suffering because of a large portion of that.. truthfully, i’m sorry your area is sparse. If i could help you further I would.

          • Chris Denton

            I read that same article and knew that it must have been a coincidence that those stops were added and then an article came out saying it was all of that country and not just for that one guy.

            I’ve tried everything to get niantic to help but they just don’t care. The amount of money I have paid in just to be able to catch Pokémon is not enough for any level of customer service. I’ve called the BBB several times on niantic. They are just garbage to deal with.

            I appreciate you trying to help.

          • Trung D. Nguyen

            Yea, i was thinking it as probably a coincidence too.. but I was thinking it probably helped nudge it a little in that guy’s area in particular with whatever submissions were there in the queue. Yea.. it does kinda suck for rural areas.

            Though the rumor mill has mentioned Niantic trying to work on it as they are very much aware of the problem.. I have yet to hear anything for a solution because being rural for an Ingress agent is just as problematic.

          • Chris Denton

            OSM is a step in the right direction so long as they update the maps regularly. I’ve added the parks and businesses in there so if they use that in conjunction with the ingress data it should help significantly in areas like mine. But they would have to use the POIs on OSM otherwise there will be no change other than visual.

            If a single player can nudge them to help an area I should be golden. I’ve been asking once a week since launch.

          • Robdebobrob

            I like the way OSM looks, but there are 3 different millitary areas in our city. And instead of being outlined properly, theres just a vague square placed over it. Which at 1 location overlaps half a park including a gym.

          • Chris Denton

            Yeah I have seen people saying stuff like that but the good thing is that you can get on OSM and fix it.

          • Robdebobrob

            Different scenario. The portals were there in Ingress, they just didnt translate to stops and gyms in PoGO.

            You cant get a stop/gym in PoGO whitout it being a portal in Ingress. So i guess if you want to add them to your city if it has none, you should see if there is an Ingress helpdesk you could contact, and try to submit portals that way.

          • Trung D. Nguyen

            yes, I noticed that during the migration, Niantic purposefully omitted some portals because they didn’t want too many pokestops near each other. in a small spot.

            and while I have seen gyms on top of each other.. the ones I’ve seen like that were because of the sponsored locations.. like if a Sprint and a Starbucks we’re next to each other, those gyms or stops would be ridiculously on top of each other.

            that or if the Starbucks had a portal to begin with, the sponsored Starbucks gym/stop would be on top of it too..

  • nik

    Pokemon Go guys should get experience of an Ingress anomaly if it’s happening nearby to actually know why it’s hardcore fans are still hardcore fans and why PoGo seems not so interesting when Ingress 2.0 is coming.

  • Chris Seals

    “…it’s hard to imagine that a small company can support so many games under it’s umbrella.”

    Because they can’t.

  • Anthony

    That’ll be a hard pass for me. Nothing about their development of Pokemon Go has given me any desire to deal with that frustration for another game from this company.

  • Wolf Gang

    I think it would make no harm to have two (or even three) sections on this site. One for every of this three games. If I’m not interested in one of them, I don’t will visite it.
    And if I want to to take a look, there it is the information…
    So, yes, I would like to see the information about the three games.

  • peponzio

    It is interesting to know all around what happens to Niantic, as it does affect pokemon go. Though a separate blog would be better for everyone. I for one would visit both sites if only to be aware of the news.

    Personally I have an ingress account but never really tried to play it. But the players that do spend time and effort on it deserve their own page. Thats just my opionion though.

  • Saskia van den Berg

    I tried ingress but it was to spacy and tecnical for me .