This is an e-mail we’ve received a few hours ago by one of our readers:

Hey GoHub Team,

seems like Ninatic has removed the Ex Raid invitations at 25.12. for some shopping malls. I can say for sure, the invite for Centro Oberhausen in Germany was removed today. Mine is gone and the invitation for some other I’ve seen today is also gone.

We didn’t got any information from Niantic so far, maybe this is worth of a news?

We can confirm that the following is happening: if you got an EX Invite for a raid scheduled on 25/12 and if that raid is happening in a venue that’s closed for Christmas, your EX Raid invite will be canceled.

Curiously, we’ve Tweeted out asking our Twitter community for any additional reports. So far, only a handful of readers tweeted back with confirmation, which could indicate that the cancellations will only be applied for shopping malls where the gym can’t be reached from the outside of the building. But we could be wrong, it’s too early.

As per recent developer notes, player should be compensated with Stardust and Premium Raid passes, which seems to be happening correctly.

  • Josh Hack

    Damn, those unlucky players must get some insane compensation for getting an invite for a raid they cannot go to

    • Richx93

      By the looks of it that “insane” compensation is only 1 or 2 passes. Which is ridiculous. It should be far far more, easily into double figures when you consider the amount that people have spent trying to get an EX pass.

      • Tablekiller

        i’ve got 1 raid pass and some stardust as compensation ….

  • Gaston Rios

    Another joke from niantic… not funny again for people who didnt get another raid EX pass in two months…

    • Patrick Terry Jr.

      you want them to have an EX raid in a CLOSED mall on Christmas? It would be even more unfair for them to have it still on but so you can’t get to it

      • Ricardo Vasquez

        That’s Niantics fault for picking that day for an ex raid, if it was for the 22 or 23 it wouldn’t be a problem, but since they decided to start having ex raids on Monday’s they made this a problem. They clearly weren’t planning ahead.

        • Patrick Terry Jr.

          If you don’t like Niantic or the way they do things, don’t play PoGo, it’s that simple, just don’t come on here to complain

          • Ricardo Vasquez

            I’m not even complaining lol I’m just giving a point, you can’t just play a game and not be able to criticize it

          • Robdebobrob

            OMG Patrick everytime. Let people have their opinion and try to see the difference between crying, and feedback.

          • Patrick Terry Jr.

            Well when they sound like a two year old it is crying

      • Tablekiller

        The funny thing is, this shopping center had opened for the raid, for real. So there where no problem at all… That sucks really

    • Paul Cawston
  • Jon Jon Javellana

    A lot of PISSED off people because they gave it to accounts that have never done one before, now its cancelled…

    • Thomas Solebrant

      They cancelled at Mall of Scandinavia that is open for the grocery stores and cinema, others stores are closed. Also the gym is on the outside and you can’t reach it from the inside. Was my first too…

  • Clovis Mello

    It would have made more sense to not schedule EX Raids on Christmas day…

    • Partysaurus Rex

      This… so much this.

    • Christina Tenny

      yes! agreed!

    • Miyuka Szczepanski

      It seems plausible that it’s a scheduled algorithm that creates the dates rather than them setting it themselves.

      • Nur Abud

        thats still no excuse, you can easily add certain dates to be ignored to it

  • Mario Sannum

    Why not just give them a new EX raid pass for an accessible gym near the shopping mall on the same day and time instead?

    • Tablekiller

      answer from niantic support: “While our system doesn’t allow us to grant EX Raid passes, Stardust and Premium Raid Passes have added to your account automatically when the EX Raid Battle was canceled.”

      • Tara Tron

        In other words “screw you, that’s why.”

      • Ralph Munoz

        What kind of crap is that? The system doesn’t allow to grant passes? Didn’t they create the system? Don’t they OWN the system, they can do what ever they want to the system. They just don’t care and are lazy!. Unbelievable. If they really wanted to they would but unfortunately they won’t. Everyone go sign that petition that’s live.

        • Thomas Solebrant

          Makes no sense to me either. If they can keep track of who had a pass they can easily grant a new one at another date and cancel old one.

        • disqus_gD2ESe3UbF

          where is the petition?

        • Nur Abud

          where is the petition Ill sign

  • Tablekiller

    Hey, you’ve got my mail 😀 You are very fast!
    I’ve got additional infos from niantic support:

    “Sorry to hear the EX Raid you were invited to has been canceled. We understand how disappointing this may be.

    We’re constantly making improvements to Pokémon GO and occasionally, you may notice changes to the PokéStops or Gyms in your community. At times, previously planned EX Raid Battles are canceled due to unforeseen circumstances.

    While our system doesn’t allow us to grant EX Raid passes, Stardust and Premium Raid Passes have added to your account automatically when the EX Raid Battle was canceled.”

    The funny thing is, Centro Oberhausen would have opend for the raid so that players could reach the Gym… totally unnecessary cancellation. And really? “unforeseen circumstances” at christmas? 😀

  • peponzio

    Well it’s been about 2 straight weeks on EX raids on Mondays and a couple of friends got their first passes. Except it is in a closed park that opens from Tuesday to Sunday.

    Obviously they couldn’t do the raids, nor did they get any compensation. Seeing how raids are supposed to be calculated on popular raiding times it means many people are raiding on mondays in a closed park, or Niantic simply chooses the day and averages daily times.

    The worst part is that I know a few people who did actually raid that Mewtwo and didn’t go to the park. You may guess how they did it.

  • Rishi Bhagat

    these is my first ex pass and they cancelled it

  • Thiago Stone

    Mine still up, But its in a Park in central London.

    • Satwik Kamatmehbro


  • Paul Cawston

    What about the $100 prize will they honor that?

    • Tablekiller

      What $100? What are you talking about?

      • Paul Cawston
        • Paul Cawston

          Thanks Niantic for the Premium raid passes, I just lost out on 14000 coins

          • Shok73

            No, you were not going to get $100 of free coins — that is the name of the Gym. All Sprint stores are named “Get $100 In PokeCoins Free”

          • Shok73

            Notice how it is written — “This is a reward for a previous victory at [GYM NAME]” … the gym name is “Get $100 In PokeCoins Free” … instead of “Sprint”

  • Sdm459

    Niantic is the Grinch with this move. I and a bunch of local trainers had their ex-raid passes revoked from a gym that is completely accessible any time. This is a slap in the face for those of us that have been playing since the start and finally got a pass only to have our “Christmas present” stolen by a company that has never shown that they care about their customers.

  • Nur Abud


  • disqus_gD2ESe3UbF

    this was gonna be my christmas present this year lol porque?!

  • John Public

    Hey guys, I need some help. I have a 12 year old daughter that plays and she lives with her mom a few states away. She absolutely loves pokemon and has been begging for a mewtwo for a long time. She said that’s all She wanted for xmas. So I sat at the sprint store for the past few weeks and what I thought was a beautiful day of perfect sunshine she got an ex pass on Xmas day and she will be here with me. We were both so happy and bonding so well. Even bought her a pokemon go, pokemon clothes, pokemon coins, …everything. We’ve been talking about this ex raid since we got the passes. Well I just noticed tonight that they cancelled the raid and didn’t seem to give anything worth a flip to make up for it. Anyways, my question is how do I break my little girls heart on Xmas and make up for It? She already saw the raid pass and knows about it. However now it has disappeared.

    Honestly I am so upset about it I will be cancelling my sprint service tomorrow and I want to do horrible things to the people at Niantic. After all the money my family has spent on this game I just can’t deal with crushing my daughter the day before I send her back to her mom’s for 6 months.

    My family is so stressed and broken right now over corporate greed over a silly video game. Congratulations on reaching the billion in sales Niantic, but I wish I could get a refund on all the money I have given you. Better yet I wish someone could come dry up my little girls tears and heal this father’s heart.

    • Rob Freeman

      If this is real it is very sad. As a father I would feel the same way.

  • Karolina Czerny

    Mine was sheduled 12/25 – shopping mall in Warsaw.

  • Tarun

    When niantic is restarting ex raid, can you tell niantic please