it seems that PokéStop submissions could be coming back sooner rather than later! Niantic’s official careers page was updated with a new job opening: Full Stack Web Engineer.

The interesting part is in the job description, as it states that the candidate will have the opportunity to work on “intuitive and beautiful web applications that let millions of users view and submit data on the world’s most interesting locations.

Curiously, the job listing refers to “apps”, as in plural, as in multiple web applications supporting this process.

We can only speculate, but with Ingress already having Operation Portal Recon, this could indicate that Pokémon GO and the upcoming Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game will be the prime targets of these new developments.

The job description also mentions the underlying technologies that will be used in the process of developing these apps (listed below are required technology qualifications):

  • Experience with Javascript and web frameworks, particularly AngularJS
  • Experience with server-side technologies such as Java and/or Python strongly preferred

Java and Python are fairly standard on the server-side of web development, mostly due to their pricing and developer availability. AngularJS has been a rising star in the recent years, so we’re quite excited to see how these web apps will look and feel.

The entire introductory job description is available below:

“Build intuitive and beautiful web applications that let millions of users view and submit data on the world’s most interesting locations. You will work with a proven and experienced team of mobile and cloud developers to gather and display geo data at scale and empower players on a gameboard consisting of the entire world.”

  • Krrish Dua

    Useless news………😕😕😀

    • Chris Denton

      Useless comment

    • Storta

      You know it means fixing the rural problem right? How is this useless

      • Hee Chan Chae

        niantic can’t solve this problem at once, idk why and that’s why they’re getting all the shame from players
        also this is uninteresting especially the people, like me, who live in cities. im not saying i dont care about rural players, i mean that’s why i am talking about niantic in a bad way :/

        • Chris Denton

          City players need a new generation every other day. I just want to be able to play the game.

          Thanks for somewhat supporting this even if it doesn’t help you directly. It’s never a waste to broaden the reach of the game. More playable areas will inevitably lead to more players in those areas.

          I have had 4 friends stop playing because they think it makes no sense that Pokémon spawn only in cities. We are country folks and honestly there should be Pokémon anywhere the app works.

          • Hee Chan Chae

            ye i agree, it’s not fair for ppl who don’t live in cities. niantic somehow can’t solve this problem

          • Chris Denton

            I said a long time back that they should add an always on free incense when the tracker changes from sightings to nearby. That way spawns would drop directly on the player and not on someone else’s property out of reach. The more you walk the more you see. Seems pretty solid to me.

            Niantic should be able to come up with something better but they just don’t seem to understand or care about the issue.

          • Hee Chan Chae

            that’s pretty neat m8! request this to niantic MANY times in the pokemon go help form. they might be able to hear about it

          • Chris Denton

            I’m going to keep trying

      • Piotr Krzywicki

        No, it doesn’t, as it will presumably inherit problems Ingress portal submission has, notably depedance on other players reviews of suggested location, which will effectivly kill rural POIs submission, as there aren’t enough players to handle it.
        And Niantic just wasted another opportunity of fixing it properly, by resuming portal-pokestop conversion with limitation to only portals accepted after December 7th, which is basically making offensive gesture toward rural players, since most of POIs there are already occupied by older portals.

  • Leo Luo

    I hope this means more Pokestops for rural areas.

    • Finn Brown

      i really do as well

  • Chris Denton


  • Nizar3003

    it’s mean we can request new pokestop ?

    • Brady Newton

      yes now we say what is an intresting area and it could become a pokestop

    • hkmaly

      Not yet. They need to hire that person first, then expect it will take some time to write those apps.

  • Luka Hacek

    Can we request a gym if the location is company?

    • Chanderule

      Like a building of that company? Definetly

  • sai sandeep

    Can we request both Pokestop and Gym??I’m a rural player and I need them both😭 and When is it gonna come??The app??

  • Oscar

    I guess that means an app for the OPR. Currently Ingress players don’t have an app for reviewing. Most players do it via mobile in the browser, which is not very friendly.

  • Sammy J

    Longer raid times would be awesome! 7-7:30pm just isn’t good enough.