SAN FRANCISCO – Niantic, Inc., and The Pokémon Company International have unveiled new details for Pokémon GO’s global events and real-world activities for Trainers around the world to participate in together. Pokémon GO Fest Chicago will feature a variety of activities for Trainers including unique ways for players at the event and across the globe to work together simultaneously to complete unique challenges and earn special in-game rewards. In addition to Pokemon GO Fest, Trainers in Europe will have a chance to team up this summer across seven cities during Pokémon GO Safari Zone events, where they can catch rare Pokémon, obtain special rewards, and take on powerful Raid Bosses.

Pokémon GO Fest will take place on Saturday, July 22, in Grant Park, located in the heart of downtown Chicago. Throughout the day, Trainers will be able to participate in three Challenge Window activities, where they must work together to catch certain types of Pokémon in order to unlock a variety of perks for Pokémon GO players around the world. Trainers outside of Chicago will be able to participate in the festivities by catching as many Pokémon as possible during these Challenge Windows to extend the duration of bonuses unlocked by those attending Pokémon GO Fest. If Trainers around the world catch enough Pokémon, a mystery challenge will be revealed at Pokémon GO Fest Chicago for the potential to unlock an extra-special bonus across the globe.

In Europe, Pokémon GO Safari Zone events will be hosted at select Unibail-Rodamco shopping centers in Copenhagen and Prague on August 5, Stockholm and Amsterdam on August 12, and Oberhausen, Paris, and Barcelona on September 16. Pokémon GO Safari Zone events will give Trainers the opportunity to catch a variety of Pokémon from special Kanto-region and Johto-region zones, including Pokémon never before encountered in Europe. Players will also have the chance to team up with one another and take on unique and powerful Raid Bosses.

The European Pokémon GO Safari Zone event locations and dates include:

August 5, 2017
Fisketorvet—Copenhagen, Denmark
Centrum Cerny Most—Prague, Czech Republic

August 12, 2017
Mall of Scandinavia—Stockholm, Sweden
Stadshart Amstelveen—Amstelveen, The Netherlands

September 16, 2017
CentrO—Oberhausen, Germany
Les Quatre Temps—Paris, France
La Maquinista—Barcelona, Spain

The Pokémon Company will also be hosting the annual Pikachu Outbreak event in Yokohama, Japan, from August 9–15, where a special Pokémon GO experience will take place. More details on the event will be revealed soon.

To learn more about Pokémon GO Fest Chicago, please visit:

For additional information on Pokémon GO Safari Zone events in Europe, please visit:

  • Fernando Fabretti

    Not Brazil! 🙁

  • antonio rocco

    Send out that damn exp/stardust event + legendaries and stop with these unuseful local events where less than 0,5% of total players can partecipate!

    • Dutch_Soldier

      I’am living in Den Haag in the Netherlands, and i don’t think the city Amstelveen will be happy with al of those Pokémon go players going to the city. I’am 14 years old, i can’t go lonely to Amstelveen, its to far away. Please spread the events out! So more people can partecipate! But what you say Antonio is maybe even better.

    • Antonius Naumann

      Legendaries are meant to be something special for hardcore players. You can’t even use them in Gyms, so why complaining?

      It is a bonus for hardcore players, not a random gift for casuals. That would just ruin their legendary status. I mean, what’s the point of having a legendary Pokemon when everybody has access to them? Same with regionals, but because people complained about it, they start giving them away on the Safari event, which is a shame. (Note: I don’t have any regional Pokemon except my own and maybe Farfetch’d in the near future, cause I am there with a competition. I am fine with not having Tauros until I go to America some day)

      • Higher_Ground

        Legendary pokemon have always been easily obtainable for even casual players. You’re even given a master ball in game to assure that you catch one. In the last couple games, you HAD to catch the legendary for the game to progress. You literally couldn’t go any further until you caught it.

        The point, since it doesn’t seem to be obvious to you, is to collect them. That’s the entire point of the game really – to collect pokemon.

        If you were talking about mythical pokemon like Mew, Celebi, etc – you’d have a slight point. They aren’t obtainable in the game normally, but you can get them by participating in events. Thankfully the last couple years have seen all of them given out for free to anyone who wanted one.

        So in other words, there’s no reason for them to be hard to get. The one thing you shouldn’t be able to do however is catch multiples of them or breed them if you get one in a trade.

        The idea that you get one and must train it up to be any good suits me just fine.

        Not using them in gyms isn’t a big deal. I’ve got like 200+ pokemon I don’t currently use in gyms.

    • Jason

      The events are cool and they are trying to give players worldwide an opportunity to attend an event.. but I completely agree that only a small percentage of players can go to these events even if they aren’t real far away for various reasons.. most people want a big in game event.. myself I wanted double stardust.. First legendary will be released at Go Fest (not confirmed) after that will be interesting to see how or when they release them to other players

  • Robdebobrob

    “In Europe, Pokémon GO Safari Zone events will be hosted at select Unibail-Rodamco shopping centers in Copenhagen and Prague on August 5, Stockholm and Amsterdam on August 12, and Oberhausen, Paris, and Barcelona on September 16.”

    Amstelveen, not Amsterdam.

    Im really curious to what these “unique and powerful Raid Bosses” are. If they are the legendarys, it would really suck. I actually have an oppertunity to go to 1, but most of the playerbase wont have this chance..

    • Dutch_Soldier

      I think its Amsterdam, because on that picture is a gym on Amsterdam, but wait. Eh i don’t know Please more clarity!

      • Dutch_Soldier

        Nono its just Amstelveen

  • Pokemon Trainer N

    Maybe this is what they’ve been waiting for, and why the current anniversary event is so stupid. Hopefully lots of trainers bring their Go Plus to Grant Park! We need to get ALL of those bonuses!

  • Lorddacc

    Well, 99% of Europe’s population won’t have access to anything.
    Let’s hope this is not the case with legendaries.

  • Simon Frith

    Kangaskhan in Europe ?

    • Antonio Mercurio


  • Michal Hušák

    Not a good news for working people, witch must plan the holiday 1 month in advance :-(. I live in Prague but I can not be there during the event.

  • Ari Thunder

    Wheres the U.S.!!

  • Daniel David McGuire

    What about the UK!!

    • Madsmathis

      It was european events…

    • Scrotie McBoogerBalls

      You guys brexited out of here.

  • Antonio Mercurio

    This is colabrative which i love, no safari in Australia but i dont really care as im very patient to catch regonal exclusives

  • Peg Pegasus

    Pfft, Niantic should know, Europe is bigger then France, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Denamrk.

    Some countries don’t even have Unibail-Rodamco shopping centres.
    I wish Niantic would do Fests at state/provincial/kantonal capital cities.

    So people who don’t live nearby or in a country where a fest is held and don’t have the means to travel to there, they are all locked out of any fest, pure discrimination!!

    • Tobias Brüning

      pff, some people should know, niantic gets paid for those events by unibail. why should they pay for malls they dont own?

  • Ricardo Quintero

    Hello and there will be no special events in Mexico.?

  • Bojan Marko

    I live in Europe, I work for a living, and am old enough to go anywhere by car, by plane, by fishing boat or by a wheelchair as far as I’m concerned, but let’s just say that the closes event is still a bit far away. And as it seems Europe will have the most events. Don’t get me wrong. I wish participants great battles and many great catches! Like a few already said it, I can wait. I am not a casual player, I play PoGo every day, I’d love to see more content, more action, and will be happy to wait to get more, to see what will Niantic hatch for “normal” players.
    I still don’t know what to say about the “new” gym/coin mechanic as when you wish to hold a gym(s) and wish to lose it(one) the next day, well, no, It’s just wrong… Events far away? Good luck guys!

  • seabread

    7 events in Europe and all of them on the mainland, just ignoring the UK.
    It’ll cost me a minimum of £130 to get to Amsterdam assuming I sleep rough when I get there. Thanks for the non-opportunity Niantic. Once again reverting to type and not caring about your user base.

  • Alex Sheppard

    When pokemon go Safari in Slovenia!

  • Dirceu Ponte

    Does the safari event have hours? And is for how long?