in order to address a large number of bugs with the new Raid system, a new Pokémon GO update has been released – 0.67.2. The update is available as an APK on APK Mirror and it’s safe.

Not a lot was expected from this update, but we did find something very interesting: a new ONE_YEAR_ANNIVERSARY flag was silently added to the APK, likely indicating that a special event will take place on the game’s anniversary. No date has been given yet.

There is a number of smaller fixes for the following:

  • a new pre-battle time buffer was added
  • camera movement and model scaling in Gyms

As far as image assets go, there are no significant changes. The Star Sky texture was updated, but not a lot, as you can see here. No signs of the Golden Pinap and the Golden Nanab Berry yet.

Star Sky Texture

There were also several translation fixes, but nothing important to note.

  • Antonio Mercurio

    we all know what the event will be

    legendaries are approaching starting in chicago or sydney

    • Joseph Cohen

      Sure, legendaries are coming – most likely for GO Fest, but that’s at the end of July, whereas PokémonGO launched early July (6th?). We’ll see! Either way, it seems like events are getting better. I’m excited!

    • Nick Wilson

      It kinda good we have to wait giving time for lesser accounts to get decent pokes for legendary raids…

  • gianni van damme

    how do you find the pictures in the apk? i’m datamining it myself and i’m wondering where and how i can find them.

    • Drawables folder I guess.

  • Pokemon Trainer N

    Legendaries actually don’t seem that great, considering you won’t be able to put them in gyms. Good for collectors, I guess.

    • Tia2591

      I guess they will be amazing attackers for raids or gyms

    • Antonio Mercurio

      what do you mean you cant put them in gyms??

    • Nick Wilson

      I know you want to show them off. But you can’t its a bummer

    • Zapmeister

      Why would you want to put strong things in gyms anyway? It’ll take longer to get your coins because they’ll get stuck there. Magicarp defenders FTW.

  • driftw00d

    Any news on the “gym under attack” glitch? Really frustrating not be able to place your mon on a Gym eventhough no one else is battling on it.

    • Mandy Kota

      I was having this problem yesterday. I thought it was someone i couldn’t see near me, but there was no one and the problem was still happening. I rebooted my phone and thankfully, the issue went away.

      • driftw00d

        Thanks, haven’t tried restarting my phone. Hopefully a spot is still available after restart cause that will be even more frustrating.

      • Edison Poi

        got someone teleport there and in preparation to atk gym i guess. i had same experience.

    • Creepy4eyes

      That’s not a glitch, it’s a feature. You have to wait 10 minutes after the gym has been attacked to put your mons

      • RLB63

        Nope they are admitting that there is a problem. They say it can take up to an hour to clear the gym is under attack.

        • Jack Mehoff

          You’re correct in that Niantic came out a few days ago saying it was a glitch and they were working to resolve it. I updated the app and was still having issues earlier. Seems like after ~10 minutes or so I can usually drop a Mon in after the gym had turned over, but the update doesn’t seem to resolve the error from happening unfortunately.

    • Higher_Ground

      that’s a feature? If so, it doesn’t work. I’ve had multiple times now where someone added pokemon while I was in the middle of fighting them (went from 2 to 4 the last time – so two people added while I was attacking)

      • driftw00d

        It supposed to work that way, nobody can add a mon if it is under attack, but there was a confirmed glitch that you have to wait too long before you can put your mon if there is available spot and no one is obviously battling on it. Some suggests restarting the app, visiting another stop then go back to that gym or even restarting your phone. Kinda frustrating really. By the way I experienced the same as what you said so this feature is still buggy.

  • Marcus Elmore

    Ban spoofers, get rid of permanent decay of 3k Pokémon. Give people a reason to battle gyms other than a badge that rewards items. Reward players for holding gyms rather than losing them… I swear niantic doesn’t play their own game.

    • Zapmeister

      Hear, hear. And create a reason to have powerful pokemon.

      • Marcus Elmore

        Instead of making me feel like I wasted a ton of time and resources getting my blissey to nearly 3200

    • James Smith

      They can never get rid of spoofers deal with it. Yes I’m a spoofer now I’m not lazy I dgaf anymore.played legit for so long and for what wasting gas,money,time.

      • Zapmeister

        To not waste gas, walk. To not waste money, don’t buy coins. And you can’t waste time because its a game, so you do it because you enjoy it.

      • hkmaly

        Every time I’m getting network error it makes me think “hey, if I would be spoofer, I could be on fiber-backed wifi and had no network errors” …