Pokémon GO STADIUM is a Pokémon GO event that will be held at Yokohama Stadium (Japan) on Monday, August 14th. The event is stil shrouded in mystery, as the official announcement doesn’t hint a thing about what’s taking place at the Yokohama Stadium.

The participants of the event will be chosen by a lottery system, which has never been done for earlier Pokemon GO events. The official event information says that Level 5 in Pokemon GO is the required minimum for participating Trainers, which indicates that Raids will be a part of the event.

Although it could be nothing, the event is happening in the same week as European Safari Zones (August 5 in Prague and Copenhagen, August 12 in Stockholm and Amstelveen).

  • Pokemon Trainer N

    IT’S PVP!!! THEY’RE GONNA DROP P V P !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY

    • Josh Hack

      Are you sure? I think it will be another legendary trial

    • Leek Duck

      It’s just an event with a misleading name. I don’t expect anything special out of this.

      • I wouldn’t bet against this statement at all. Niantic is not well known for being clear and concise about things to come.

    • I really hope so as well. The only thing I could see them doing that I hope isn’t what happens is it’s a PvP system that you and your opponent can access by going to a gym or special spot. Fingers crossed!

  • Trainer Kyle

    I’m also calling it as pvp. The Pokemon Stadium game was used for official tournaments; thus “Pokemon Stadium” is hinting towards pvp. Although I could be wrong and the name is just misleading, but the name had to be chosen for a reason right?

  • @elsextotuitero

    Please, look at the game trailers, are full of hints, in the first trailer, they showed Raids (the mewtwo raid, GO Unite), well, look at superbowl’s trailer, at the end of the trailer( can be defeated?) , they showed PvP battles…. In a stadium!!! (yeah, they showed pvp battles in first trailer too, but in the superbowl’s one, they showed it in a stadium), Niantic always teases features

  • Marcus Elmore

    …it’s not pvp.

  • Amir Sama

    It was a part from pikacu outbreak… They held 2 event pokemon park 9-15august andsstadium at 14.. From the promotioal art its a bit prommising its might be an early test of PVP who know rite…. Since this event brought by pokemon company i guess it will be great event

  • Gary Choo

    For all who is commenting saying it’s pvp, didn’t you read the recent inteview with john hanke saying that they aren’t in the stage of the development for pvp yet?

  • Antonius Naumann

    And I will leave Japan on 14th August…

    I hope they don’t drop something exclusive, which is not accessible via Safari Zone

  • reygie reyes

    They’ll just give you stickers.

  • Manny Saborurbano

    PVP confirm

  • Dan

    Level 5 could also mean gym involvement. It doesn’t necessarily include raids.

  • Garry Mark Giles

    It’s not going to be PVP. Niantic have already said PVP isn’t a priority and isn’t any where near finished yet, same with trading. It’s literally pokemon stadium because it’s being held in a stadium lol.