We recently reported that Sprint is holding the world’s first Pokémon GO giveaway using promo codes, but since than, there was a decent amount of confusion, coming from both Sprint and Niantic.

It seems that everything has been finally cleared up as players are reporting receiving their promotional code via e-mail all across the US! As we earlier suspected the promo codes are for one time use, individual and only for US Android players.

Players have reported that event registration is still open and that players using other carriers can also participate! You should still be able to go to a participating Sprint store, check in for the event and get your own promo code, under the condition you are a member of the Sprint’s My Trainer Rewards program (details below).

In game Sprint PokéStops were also updated to reflect this new rewards system:

The promo code rewards are as follows:

  • 200 MyTrainerReward points (Sprint reward program)
  • 2 Incense
  • 1 Lucky Egg
  • 15 PokéBalls
  • 5 Great Balls

A redditor also provided a screenshot of the e-mail containing a promo code:

More information on participating

In the mean time, we’ve collected more information about the sweepstakes program that Sprint is organising in the future and more details on the My Trainer Rewards program.

This is the gist of the My Trainer Rewards program:

  • Open to legal US residents over the age of 13 with a valid email address. They also ask for your Pokemon GO User Name, Team Affiliation, Phone number, and Wireless Carrier at Sign up.
  • You do not have to be a Sprint/Boost Mobile customer to sign up
  • Is not affiliated with Niantic/Pokemon GO, but solely with Sprint/Boost Mobile (who are Pokemon GO sponsors), so don’t feel obligated to join the program if you think you will be missing out on exclusive in-game items

According to a reddit user called Unubore, in addition to receiving a promo code, you will be able to redeem your reward points for an entry to a future sweepstakes, coming in 2018. One of the rewards is a trip to Japan!

We advise all eligible US trainers to join the My Trainer Rewards program and participate in the promo code event, as registration is painless and open for everyone.

  • Leek Duck

    Hi, I’m the user Unubore. The promo code isn’t associated with the future Japan sweepstakes. That wording is a bit confusing in this article.

    • Thanks, we thought that points you get through My Trainer Rewards can be exchanged for entries in the Japanese sweepstakes?

      • Leek Duck

        That’s correct. Just want to make sure it was clear.

  • Antonio Mercurio

    Nice promo codes!!! Where’s the gym update?? next week!! I think we may get a trailer soon? maybe?

    • Imseos1

      lol it was in spring 2017 … eat some memberries ^^

  • Janek

    I would like to buy such a promo code on eBay. I’m not from the US and it just sucks that I can’t get one

  • Bob Labaff

    Can anyone tell me how to get sprint to sign you up I’ve been to two different stores and they’re both absolutely clueless as to what’s going on and how to do it

  • John Jorgensen

    Looks like I’m gonna have to find someone with an android phone to let me login to my account and redeem some rewards 🙂

  • Ari Thunder

    Please do umbreon in battle dex!!

  • suukialdrea

    Went to sprint today. Said it ended 5/26.

    • Marc Lieberman

      That was the previous event. The promo codes were first announced just after this.

  • Marc Lieberman

    So after many visits to Sprint stores, I finally got a code. Maybe you could update this article with the following details.
    1) This isn’t really an “event”, and saying “event registration is still open” is confusing and misleading. There is, however, a “check in” required.
    2) As mentioned, players must have a MyTrainerRewards account before going to the store.
    3) Tell the Sprint rep to search their offer portal (iConnect) for “pokemon go lucky egg code” or similar phrase. This should bring up the instructions for the rep to get your code.
    Note: the instructions say to use Chrome, but most stores don’t have Chrome installed. We had some trouble with IE but eventually got it to work.
    4) Sprint employee will need to log into the Sprint Trainer Rewards portal at the address provided in the directions, using their store number to log in. NOTE: I was told this only works for corporate stores, not independently-owned stores.
    5) After logging in, the employee will search for your MyTrainerRewards account by name or email address and check you in. (This is the part we had trouble with, as it would not allow the employee to click on the search field to enter my email address. She eventually opened the page in a new tab and it worked.)
    6) After checking you in, a pop-up should appear confirming that a code has been sent to your email address.

    Even after going through all these steps, including getting the confirmation pop-up, I never did receive my code by email. I could see I received the 200 MyTrainerRewards points, so I contacted MyTrainerRewards through the help link and they sent me a code manually.

    Good luck!