it’s happening — the Super Incubator has been added to the GAME_MASTER configuration file, leaking almost fully ahead of the Equinox event. We still don’t know the exact price of the item, but we know the following:

  • it will be available in event sale boxes
  • it applies a 0.6666667 distance multiplier, resulting in 1.5x faster hatching
  • it breaks after 3 usages, not after one, different from what the earlier translation files hinted

The full excerpt from the Game Master is here:

item_settings {
    item_type: ITEM_TYPE_INCUBATOR
    drop_trainer_level: 100
    egg_incubator {
        incubator_type: INCUBATOR_DISTANCE
        uses: 3
        distance_multiplier: 0.6666666865348816

And the full Super Incubator distance chart is here, illustrating how much faster it will be to hatch using the new incubator:

Egg Distance (km) Distance (miles)
2 KM 1.3333 km 0.8285 mi
5 KM 3.3333 km 2.0712 mi
10KM 6.6666 km 4.1424 mi

We’re in the process of updating related Hub pages, namely our Super Incubator guide. We still have no information on the price of the new incubator, but we’re hoping that Niantic will offer an interesting deal.

As parting words, remember to look out for the following new icon tommorrow:

Super Incubator
Super Incubator
  • Antonio Mercurio

    Really, if only they half the distance after all they are ‘super’!!

  • Heydavid17

    Well, it does save some distance… and since it can be used 3 times, it would be better than a normal incubator, but should be a bit more expensive of course.

    Personally, since it’s a minor save in distance, then it really doesn’t interest me that much.

    • Dimas Aditya S

      Me too, after knowing that it only hatches 1.5X faster, I’m not that interested in it unless they make a good deal of price

  • Nick van den Ingh

    Who cares? Basically the thing breaks sooner, so you need to spend more coins.

    • Matthew Bryce Ervin

      Exactly. We shouldn’t use our incubators at all and then they would last forever.

      • Nick van den Ingh

        I rather would go for a cheaper incubator, than a faster one. Paying more for an incubator that hatches faster just seems silly to me.

    • Rillan

      I care. Cause in my wet dreams incubator get cheaper.

      • Nick van den Ingh

        Cheaper would be a lot to care about, but from what I gather this one is more expensive..

  • Michal Hušák

    It can give sense when sold during event for identical price as standard incubator in a bundle. Othervise multiple standard incubators will do identical speed up of hatched edges/time for better price.

  • pooranspress

    drop_trainer_level .. what is that?

  • Neopiru Games

    in the code it looks like we will get them for free after we reach lvl. 100 lol

  • Crystal Lynch

    Ohhh… I have a 10km going now that at 5.73, so when the event starts would I just have about 1km to go?

    • Crystal Lynch

      Oh wait….. nevermind. They are in a regular incubator.

    • Dimas Aditya S

      No, the question is are they gonna get double stardust when it’s hatched since you incubated it before the event?

      • Crystal Lynch

        I would think so??? It’s says for eggs hatched during the event right?

  • Reagan Choi

    Why is the multiplier 0.6666666865348816? Isn’t this part directly in the code, and not a result of some calculations (that may have rounding errors)? If so, shouldn’t Niantic just put 0.666666666667 or something instead of all of the weird digits?

    • hkmaly

      Game master is binary file, it doesn’t look actually like this, they are decompiling it for us. And yes this is closest you can get to 2/3 in IEEE 754 float.

      • Alberto Torre

        Exactly. Is 2/3 written in binary code. Floating numbers has that innacuracy.