Niantic has recently announced that they’re releasing updates for Pokémon GO on Android (version 0.61.0) and iOS (version 1.31.0). As the update is slowly rolling out, we’ve prepared a data mining report. Brace yourself, this one is massive. Also, we did not find any evidence of a possible Easter event.

Be aware that reading this data mining report will reveal in game spoilers for upcoming events. Reader discretion is advised. You can find the raw diff here.


Redeemable codes

We first encountered redeemable codes in our 0.59.1 data mine, detailing how redeemable codes are written. We also know what redeemable codes can reward: Items, Avatar Swag, Candy, Stardust and PokéCoins.

With 0.61.0 we learned a few new things:

  • redeemable codes are tested and ready to release!
  • codes are redeemed via the in game shop
  • there are two or more types of redeemable codes (promotional, etc)

First evidence of testing came from exception messages found in the APK, noting a few errors that the game throws if the redeemable code was already consumed:


We also came across more details on redeemable codes, indicating that this feature is complete and ready to be activated for a future event:


According to image data we found, or rather the lack of it, the button will be constructed using existing UI elements in the game, so no further client side updates are needed.

Personal notification inbox

Apart from Redeemable codes, Niantic used this release to introduce the Notification Inbox, a one stop hub for all Notifications submitted by Niantic.

The notification inbox includes the following categories:

  • Marketing
  • Announcement
  • Admin Note
  • Game Event
  • Unset Category

And those notifications can have three different status states:

  • Unread
  • Expiring Soon
  • Immediate

This feature goes hand in hand with the Redeemable codes support, as Niantic needs a way to notify players of upcoming, important and soon-to-expire codes and events. This feature doesn’t look completely done yet, but it’s still a notable addition.

PokéStops rewards rewrite

For no apparent reason, the whole code behind PokéStop rewards bubble was rewritten and optimized. We are not sure why this was done, it’s possible it was a required change for other bug fixes.

The code features several animation and sound optimizations, but in essence, it’s still the same behaviour as it was before.

Sky rendering changes

There were significant changes to the in game skybox rendering. There is no indication this is connected with the previously leaked sunset animations, but it has potential to move in that direction.


Performance improvements and bug fixes

Without going into technical details, there were numerous performance improvements and bug fixes all across the board. We’ve observed the following:

  • Gyms battles now work without much lag
  • Dodge has been fixed
  • Egg collection dates are now correct
  • App loading time was improved

However, not all players are reporting the same. This is still being researched, but early reports indicate that the game is very buggy on Sony Xperia phones, especially lower end ones.

A new loading screen was added!

And finally, after months of looking at the Winter loading screen, Niantic has finally introduced a new loading screen featuring Steelix! This loading screen appears without clearing the cache and local app data.

Credits for extracting the new loading screen go to x68zeppelin80x.

  • GO Hub Admin

    There is a mistake in the first part of the article, it should say features instead of events:

    “Also, we did not find any evidence of a possible Easter event. Be aware that reading this data mining report will reveal in game spoilers for upcoming *events*. Reader discretion is advised. You can find the raw diff here.”

  • Jacob Morris

    The secret was a loading sceen?? Wow rip off…. plus I’ve had the baby pokemon loading screen for a bit not the winter one.

  • bebopready

    This popped up over at TSR did Gohub notice anything similar or is this just a rumor?

  • MM7

    The new loading screen is exploiting womens bodies and advances the white capitalistic male agenda that niantic loves so much. Disgraceful. (satire)

    • Connie

      Wow this is really painfully, cringe-inducingly, unfunny satire. I legitimately feel bad for you, being this bad at comedy must be difficult.

  • Miguel Vera

    I noticed new items in the code apparently available for purchase:


    • GO Hub Admin

      Old 🙂 It’s been in there for a while…

      • Miguel Vera

        Oh… my bad. Sorry :-p

  • Miguel Vera

    Code lines 294 and 295

  • Pascal F

    No dodging improvement here, if we’re talking about pokemon taking damage even when you dodge successfully and then disappearing/reappearing until they actually faint. This is still happening and it’s very annoying.

    • Filip Čakić

      You still receive damage when you dodge, it’s just reduced…

  • Kevin Goo

    Still getting the gym dodge error very frequently. Im on a Samsung J7 with 2 GB of ram.

  • Micael Elzey

    So where can we find the redeemable codes at?