Pokémon Go has been hosting a special event for the past few months: Community Day! So far, they have been a great success, with a large majority of the fanbase enjoying them, so we can expect them to stay! Community Day of course, featuring a single Pokémon with a special move for a specific three hour period, a high shiny rate for the featured Pokémon, and usually paired with boosted XP or Stardust gains.

With that in mind, there was a want for a list of past Community Days, and we decided it would be a neat idea to keep a table of what ones have happened, and which ones are further to come. The list may be small now, but it will grow over time!

Written and maintained by Kristy and Wilson

Featured Pokémon Event Move Bonus Date of Event
Pikachu Surf (Charge, Pikachu Only) Double XP and 3-hour lures 20th January 2018
Dratini Draco Meteor (Charge, Dragonite Only) Triple Catch Stardust and 3-hour lures 24th February 2018
Bulbasaur Frenzy Plant (Charge, Venasaur Only) Triple Catch XP and 3-hour lures 25th March 2018

And that is it for now, this list will be added to over time as more Community Day events are announced! We look forward to these events in the future, and do not forget to send your Community Day pictures to us for February and likely Community Days to come! Click Here to see details on submitting your photos.