September Field Research Quests (Entei, September 2018 edition)

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September Field Research quests are now live, focusing on Fire typed Pokemon to accompany Entei as a research breakthrough from collecting 7 weekly research stamps. For the first time, we’ve observed a quest that rewards the new Silver Pinap Berry item!

The full list of quests is below, but it is also available as a beautiful info graphic created by Couple of Gaming for GO Hub.

September Pokemon GO quests image:

September Field Research Pokemon GO, Entei quests, Silver Pinap Berry, Shiny Growlithe
September Field Research Pokemon GO

Entei field research quests list (September 2018)

Highlighted quests

Catch 5 Fire-Type Pokemon Silver Pinap Berry

Field research related to Throws

Make A Great Curveball Throw Spinda
Make 3 Great Throws Gastly
Make 5 Nice Throws Voltorb
Make 3 Excellent Throws in a Row Larvitar

Gym Battles and Raids

Battle In A Gym Mankey
Win A Gym Battle Squirtle Charmander Bulbasaur
Win 3 Gym Battles Jynx
Win 5 Gym Battles Machop
Use A Super Effective Charged Move in 7 Gym Battles Electabuzz

Evolve / Hatch related Field Research

Evolve 5 Fire-Type Pokemon Ninetales
Evolve A Pokemon Eevee
Hatch An Egg Exeggcute
Hatch 3 Eggs Magmar
Hatch 5 Eggs Chansey

Catch / Use / Power Up / Other type of quests

Catch A Rattata or Pikachu Phanpy
Send 5 Gifts Roselia
Earn 1 Buddy Candy Numel
Use 10 Berries on Pokemon Growlithe
Power Up Pokemon 3 Times Koffing
Catch 5 Pokemon With Weather Boost Vulpix Poliwag
Catch A Dragon-Type Pokemon Dratini
Catch 10 Pokemon Magikarp
Power Up Pokemon 5 Times Squirtle Charmander Bulbasaur

Here’s a bonus info graphic featuring the Entei Reseach Breakthrough encounter stats:

Entei quest reward, Entei Field Research Breakthrough September
Entei quest reward

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