Pokémon GO Friend Fest 2019 Guide

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Friend Fest 2019 is a special Pokémon GO in-game event that features 1/2 Stardust trade cost, two special trades per day, attack boost when raiding with friends and increased spawns of “family themed” Pokémon in the wild.

Friend Fest 2019 event is now live in Pokemon GO! Starting November 27th until December 2nd, players can encounter plenty of new stuff in the game, including shiny Niodoran!

Increased “Family” Pokemon Spawns in the Wild

The following Pokemon spawns are boosted during the event:

  • Nidoran♀ ✨
  • Nidoran♂ ✨
  • Doduo
  • Magnemite ✨
  • Diglett ✨
  • Combee
  • Exeggcute

✨ means that the Pokémon is available in Shiny form. It looks like the “family themed Pokémon” referred to in the original announcement are actually Pokémon with multiple heads, be it in their normal, or their evolved forms. Nice one!

New Research Tasks

Along with the boosted Pokemon spawns mentioned above, the following research tasks are available during Friend Fest 2019:

Friend Fest 2019 Field Research
Research Task Reward
Friend Fest: Catch a Nidoran♀ Nidoran (F)
Friend Fest: Catch a Nidoran♂ Nidoran (M)
Friend Fest: Trade a Pokémon with a friend Nidorina   Nidorino
Friend Fest: Add 3 friends Nidoking   Nidoqueen
Friend Fest: Win a Trainer Battle against another Trainer Dodrio   Dugtrio

Reduced Stardust cost on trades

That’s right folks, Stardust cost on trades is reduced once again to 1/2! To save some time, we already did the math and here are the Stardust costs for trades made during the Friend Fest:

Friendship Level Normal Pokemon Legendary, Shiny, or New Register New Shiny or Legendary Register
Good Friends 50 Stardust 10,000 Stardust 500,000 Stardust
Great Friends 50 Stardust 8,000 Stardust 400,000 Stardust
Ultra Friends 50 Stardust 800 Stardust 40,000 Stardust
Best Friends 50 Stardust 400 Stardust 20,000 Stardust

2 Special Trades per day

You read it right, during this event we have not only one Special Trade per day, but two! Combined with the reduced Stardust cost mentioned above, Friend Fest is an excellent way to trade two rare Pokemon (such a legendary or shiny variants) for the price of just one! Still reading? Stop and go and trade!

Damage Boost when batting with Friends in Raids

This is the perfect time to gather some friends and do Raids like crazy, because damage in raids is also increased when battling with friends.

So, get ready to battle with your friends, catch some Pokemon, do Special Trades, and have fun  this week in Pokemon GO!


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