In order to gauge player sentiment and interest for the game we asked the following question on Twitter yesterday: “Do you think Pokemon GO will be a huge Summer hit again?”

So far, more than 4000 players answered our Twitter poll and the initial results are in:

  • 17%   Yes, for sure
  • 56%   Yes, but not like launch
  • 17%   Not really sure
  • 10%   No way

In total, only 27% of the respondents expressed pessimism about the future of Pokémon GO this summer. 73% of respondents expressed optimism for Pokémon GO this summer. This is very exciting news, as the results come shortly after Niantic (Japan) confirmed a huge Pokémon GO Event for this Summer!

You can still participate in the voting on Twitter:

Results Commentary

This correlates well with our anecdotal evidence and observations in the comments section. Roughly, for every 10-11 comments there is one “Pokémon GO is dead” comment, so it’s not surprising to see the same sentiment elsewhere.

We’re happy that this poll proves the following:

  • Pokémon GO is still very, very, popular
  • Pokémon GO players are optimistic about the future of the game
  • A small, but still significant, portion of the playerbase is still very vocal about the game, but their sentiment is generally negative

With this in mind, we can once again compare Pokémon GO to World of Warcraft.

If you ever had the “privilege” to spend some time browsing the WoW forums, you have probably seen the huge number of posts created by a small, but very vocal, portion of the WoW player base.

Usually, these posts are low quality, very opinionated and strong minded tirades about a particular feature of the game that they dislike.

Unfortunately, it seems that this also exists in the Pokémon GO community.

We need your feedback!

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  • Josh Hack

    Mabye this will boost the amount of players in my area.

  • vision33r

    I don’t think it will ever be as popular as before. It’s no longer fun for casuals, Niantic needs to boost eggs and spawn rates. A friend who bought and hatched over 100+ eggs still doesn’t have a Lapras or Snorlax. He’s done playing because he’s frustrated with the slow progress and going out constantly finding the same Pokemons. With Gen 2 here, they should boost Gen 1 rare spawns. People are tired of seeing the same Pigeys and Rattatas. Niantic made this game to be played for spoofers.

    • MLG

      Lol funny thing is the first egg I hatched in the Easter week was a Lapras and I was so shocked. still not getting a snorlax or a dragonite tho 🙁

  • Heydavid17

    There is no way, that the game will reach the peek, that it did when it launched. It could be possible, but most likely won’t be.

    However, there is still so much to add to the game, and that is what will make dedicated people keep playing.
    I mean, it’s been months now, that Aerodactyl is my last missing Gen 1 pokemon, and it bothers me a lot hoping every time I hatch the right egg, and I don’t get it, but I do personally find it a lot of fun.

    I’m having my hopes up for legends this summer, because it would be cool to get a notification from the game saying “A Legendary has spawned” and then set a amount of time for you to reach the legendary one and to capture it, and of course a in-game compass to the legendary one. I could imagine something like this, would have been flood to one spot, just to capture it.

    • Rillan

      Legendaries will destroy this game or what is left. Who the fuck will need other pokemon if u can play legendary ? Can u imagine gyms full of legendaries ? Except to fullfill pokedex, others pokemon will be completely useless even strongest ones like snorlax and vaporeons.
      And now imagine im casual player. I download game, open it and find out i need tons of time to get on level where everyone is playing like top 5 pokemons and what do u think what will i do ? Ofcourse i will delete game with thoughts this game suck.
      Niantic always say they want to see us as Ash. But what the hell is going on !? Ash has no legendaries and never had!
      In my opinion legendaries shouldn’t be invented or there should be restriction that u cant use them in PvP or Gyms or any other competetive reason.

  • Shubham Khamaru

    The chances of pokemon getting huge is very less…still not impossible…but mostly is can be near to it or be lesser…it may regain by launching the promissed updates…

  • Shelly L. Smith

    I wish there was a way that I could find a phone that could help my daughter play the game who is mentally impaired and totally blind she loves going hunting with me and I help guide her hands at this time in catching Pokemon she love the sounds and gives out a big hoot when she hears that final sound of a catch. If anyone has any ideals would love to hear them.

    • vision33r

      Get a 3DS or DS and all of the Pokemon games allows you to catch Pokemon at home and battle against trainers with much better strategy.