9 essential tips to prepare for the Pokémon GO Generation II release

Cyndaquil, Quilava and Typhlosion
Cyndaquil, Quilava and Typhlosion

With Generation 2 coming out this week, preparations are in order! This list shows 9 most important tips to prepare for the release. Follow it to the letter and understand, as you could easily be sorry in a few days!

1. Stop transferring

Don’t transfer any Pokémon if you have enough free bag storage, you probably don’t need that much candy to end this event. There’s a good chance you could be transferring your 1 male / female of a given species and you had no idea you’re doing it.


2. Don’t evolve cross generation Pokémon

Don’t evolve or level up anymore of the Zubat / Poliwag / Eevee / Oddish / Onyx / Scyther / Horsea / Hitmon / Chansey / Porygon family, they all have evolutions in Generation 2 and you’ll use the Candy there. Feel free to grind Candy for them during the Valentine Days event.

3. Stop spending coins, NOW!

Don’t buy ANYTHING with coins. For a number of player this is a no brainer, but for players who like spending on the in game goodies, stop doing it now.

Play it safe for a few days and wait to see what items will be big payoffs for Generation 2. When the full details are revealed there could be new (potentially expensive) items added to the Store that you need.

4. Stock up on items

Start stocking items you would normally discard, for example, berries. There was no real reason to have more than 30 Berries since the game was released, but now we’re catching 80 new Pokémon and any improvement to the catch chance is appreciated.

5. Get some Gyms

Get in gyms NOW. Gyms often tend to eventually end up being whichever color keeps at it the longest. Start that process now and put your team back on top so you can farm Coins for Gen 2.

6. Don’t spend Stardust

Don’t use ANY until you get some new Pokémon. You’re going to be so, so sad if you catch a 100% Mareep and can’t do anything with it for weeks.

7. Don’t use Lucky Eggs

You’re about to have several thousand XP worth of new Pokémon/Evolutions when Generation II releases. A mass-evolve batch next week could easily net you a free 20k-40k more XP than it would right now with all the new Pokédex entries you’ll be getting.

8. Visit nests

Visit nests of pokemons you need/want before next nest migration occurs as their nests might decrease or disappear completely when Gen 2 nests are added.

9. Hatch your remaining eggs

If you’re missing something from a 10km (or any) egg, your best bet at getting it will be after the event ends and before Gen II is released. Remember, egg hatches are determined on pickup, so any Poké egg you hold now is a guaranteed Generation I hatch.