Capture Bonus Medals for Rare Pokemon Announced

Pokemon GO Rare Capture Bonus Medals
Pokemon GO Rare Capture Bonus Medals

Niantic published a post this morning previewing the New Capture Bonuses that increase the Odds of Catching Rare Pokemon. There is no release date on the new update, but Niantic refers to it as a “sneak peek”, indicating we could see it relatively soon.

Pokemon GO Capture Bonus Medals

The bonuses enable Trainers to earn medals when catching certain types of Pokemon. These medals increase the chance to catch the same type of Pokemon, allowing trainers to specialize in capturing a certain Type. As Niantic wrote:


“For example, as you reach a higher tier for the Kindler Medal, your bonus to catch Fire-type Pokémon such as Charmander, Vulpix and Ponyta increases.”

Here’s what we know:

  • Medals come in three Tiers
    • Bronze medal for capturing 10 Pokemon of same Type
      • Awards +1 Type catch bonus
    • Silver medal for capturing 50 Pokemon of same Type
      • Awards +2 Type catch bonus
    • Gold medal for capturing 200 Pokemon of same Type
      • Awards +3 Type catch bonus

It’s still unclear how much these Bonuses will influence the capture rates, but the running theory is that each Bonus level will add to the potential capture rate chance anywhere from 5% to 10%.

As for dual Typing Pokemon bonuses goes, your capture rate will increase as an average of appropriate medals. For example, if you save Silver medal in Normal and Flying Types, your bonus when catching a Pidgey would be the following:

(Normal Type Bonus + Flying Type Bonus) / 2

The medals are named after Trainer Classes in the core game series, and here’s the complete list of medals:

Schoolkid Normal 10 / 50 /200 Pokemon
Black Belt Fighting 10 / 50 /200 Pokemon
Bird Keeper Flying 10 / 50 /200 Pokemon
Punk Girl Poison 10 / 50 /200 Pokemon
Ruin Maniac Ground 10 / 50 /200 Pokemon
Hiker Rock 10 / 50 /200 Pokemon
Bug Catcher Bug 10 / 50 /200 Pokemon
Hex Maniac Ghost 10 / 50 /200 Pokemon
Depot Agent Steel 10 / 50 /200 Pokemon
Kindler Fire 10 / 50 /200 Pokemon
Swimmer Water 10 / 50 /200 Pokemon
Gardener Grass 10 / 50 /200 Pokemon
Rocker Electric 10 / 50 /200 Pokemon
Psychic Psychic 10 / 50 /200 Pokemon
Skier Ice 10 / 50 /200 Pokemon
Dragon Tamer Dragon 10 / 50 /200 Pokemon
Fairy Tale Girl Fairy 10 / 50 /200 Pokemon
Gold Medal for capturing Fire Type Pokemon
Gold Medal for capturing Fire Type Pokemon