Gen 2 Cross Evolution Candy

Pokémon Candy you should save for Gen II

We’ve received a number of questions what Pokémon Candy should you save for when Generation II releases.

We’ve compiled a list of all Evolution branches that are coming in Generation II and include Gen I Pokémon. Accordingly, you can see what Candy is going to be useful moving forward. You can also see the Max CP value of every new Pokémon to make planning your Candy farm easier. You can check all of the upcoming Generation II Max CP values here.

Given how the current meta is looking, you should consider stashing a lot of Eevee Candy and a number of good IV Eevees to ease up obtaining your Umbreon or Espeon. Other notable Pokémon families include Kingdra, Porygon2 and Scizor.

We don’t expect Steelix to shine or to be very powerful in the new Generation.

New Gen 2 Evolutions

Zubat -> Golbat -> Crobat max CP 2348

Onix -> Steelix max CP 2080

Scyther -> Scizor max CP 2270

Horsea -> Seadra -> Kingdra max CP 2671

Porygon -> Porygon2 max CP 2653

Chansey -> Blissey max CP 1234

New Gen 2 Pre-evolutions (Baby Pokémon)

Pichu max CP 426 -> Pikachu -> Raichu

Cleffa max CP 599 -> Clefairy -> Clefable

Igglybuff max CP 612 -> Jigglypuff -> Wigglytuff

Tyrogue (*) max CP 550 -> Hitmonchan OR Hitmonlee OR Hitmontop max CP 1515

Smoochum max CP 820 -> Jynx

Elekid max CP 1166 -> Electabuzz

Magby max CP 1270 -> Magmar

New Gen 2 Split-Evolutions

Oddish -> Gloom -> Bellossom max CP 2394

Poliwag -> Poliwhirl -> Politoed max CP 2460

Eevee -> Umbreon max CP 2311

Eevee -> Espeon max CP 2252

Slowpoke -> Slowking max CP 2597

(*) Tyrogue note: With the addition of Tyrogue, who has a split evolution between Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, and the new Hitmontop, it’s likely that Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee candies will be merged.

A word of advice

We advise to save Candy for all types of crossover evolutions, including Pre-evolutions. As you can see, some of the Pre-evolutions increase the Max CP of their evolved forms (Magby!).

It is also possible that some move sets will only be obtainable when evolving from a Baby Pokémon, so that is another consideration to keep in mind.

Especially, think about stocking up on Porygon Candy via walking him as your Buddy. Porygon2 is going to be very rare, probably the rarest Pokémon on this list.

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