hundreds of new PokeStops are appearing worldwide! Reports are coming in left and right that a new wave of additions (and conversions!) has occurred, with no specific target area.

This comes as no surprise, given that Open Portal Recon is now available for Level 12+ Ingress players. In other words, the number of players reviewing portals has more than quadrupled since January.

We also stand corrected: previously, new PokeStops were added only on Tuesdays. It now seems that portals are becoming PokeStops on a daily basis. Same goes for PokeStop updates and type conversions (stop => gym and vice versa).

In our local area 2 new PokeStops have appeared and one of the old ones is now a Gym. How does it look on your end?

The official announcement for Level 12+ OPR

Level 12 or above now have access to Operation Portal Recon via! This will be the last level granted access at this time.

As mentioned in a previous announcement, there will be medals for participation in OPR.

Q: What will the in-game medal be based on?
A: The Ingress medal will be based on the total number of OPR Agreements which will appear in your agent profile. You must also maintain a good or better performance rating in order for your agreements to be counted.

Q: What exactly is an agreement in OPR?
A: An agreement is awarded when a decision has been made and your analysis agrees with the final decision. These agreements are currently shown as Portals Created and Rejected in the OPR stats area by selecting your profile photo.

Q: What are the medal levels?
A:Bronze: 100
Silver: 750
Gold: 2500
Platinum: 5000
Onyx: 10000

Q: Will the medal count towards leveling?
A: Yes.

  • the2000guy

    Funny that my favorite spawn still has only 1 Pokestop. I’m not an Ingress player and it is very frustrating to drive 15-20 to fill my storage to return and catch hundreds of Pokemon

  • Pascal F

    I still think it’s ridiculous that only Ingress players can do it. I refuse to play a game I’m not interested in just because of Pokestops.
    Fortunately there are some Ingress players in town so the number of gyms quadrupled over the last couple of weeks.

    • Brad

      I don’t know of ANY ingress players around where I live. We have the same stops we did at launch, some have changed to gyms though. I refuse to play one game, that I have no interest in, to fix another. I’ll quit before I start playing another Niantic product.

      • Dutch_Soldier


  • AverageGamers

    “How does it look on your end?”

    As far as I can tell? No change.
    Unless you count several ones around my area that actually went MISSING earlier this month 😒.

    • Heather Minamino

      no change in springtown ca.

  • Cirithungolem

    In my town they added at least one Pokéstop. Weird thing about it is that within 20 meters from the new stop we already had two stops. So now three. Well you don’t hear me complaining because now I can spin three stops at once sitting on a bench.

  • Jimmy Loewen

    Hey trainers! I am a level 1 Ingress player. There are 2 portals in my town of less than 50 ppl. I submitted pics thru Ingress and voila! a Pokestop…only one, but my point don’t have to be level 12 or whatever. The pokestop showed up in like 72 hrs. Hoping the other turns into a gym. Before this, the closest pokestops were over 15 miles away.
    Never say die!!!

    • leonidaswin

      How you did it?

  • Hilman Fachrudin

    Fvck ninitic.
    I dont like fvcking ingrest.