Pokémon GO Fest: Attending Player Guide

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Trainers attending the GO Fest will have the opportunity to unlock worldwide bonus rewards by participating in timed capture challenges. These challenges last for 30 minutes and happen 3 times during the GO Fest.

GO Fest Catch Challenges

GO Fest attendees have the following three opportunities to unlock the rewards (times are in Chicago time-zone):

GO Fest challenges
Challenge Start End Date
Challenge window #1 11:00 11:30 22/07/2017
Challenge window #2 12:00 12:30 22/07/2017
Challenge window #3 15:00 15:30 22/07/2017

Challenge requirements

In order to complete a challenge, it’s required to reach a GOLD Tier in one of the type catch medals. It’s not yet clear what is the exact number of Pokémon required to reach the limit.

Challenge rewards

The following worldwide rewards will be available:

Phase 1: In-game bonuses

Medal Type Rewards
fire Candy Bonus
water XP Bonus
grass Stardust Bonus
electric Egg Distance Bonus
rock Buddy Distance Bonus
normal Encounter Rate Bonus

Phase 2: GO Fest Mystery Challenge

From 18:00 to 19:00

Mystery Challenge will appear for GO Fest attendees if attending and worldwide players manage to obtain the Gold Tier rewards in Phase 1. We expect this to be related to Legendary Pokémon.

Phase 3: Major Global Reward

From 23/07/2017 to 24/07/2017

If GO Fest Attendees manage to complete the Mystery Challenge, a major global reward will be unlocked. It’s unclear what this mean.

GO Fest Official Infographic guide


Are the challenge windows limited only to GO Fest participants?
No, they’re not. During each of the Challenge Windows, the whole world participates to extend any Bonuses GO Fest Attendees manage to collect.

Will there be an advance warning for the challenge windows?
Not sure yet, make sure you have these dates and times recorded in your calendar before the event.

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