Pokémon Go Hub Database now available as an iOS Widget/Shortcut!


Trainers! At the Hub, one thing we love more than anything is the insane content that is provide by members of the community to make everyone’s experience of the game better! Well, today’s article is the announcement of a Widget available on iOS that will make searching through the Pokémon Go Hub database much more friendlier (not that it wasn’t already, but it can now be much more efficient and organic)! In case you are wondering, this is 100% free and legit (i.e. no jail breaking or anything against Terms of Service).

Here’s what it looks like:


This shortcut is a simple Pokémon searcher by name or Pokédex number and will take you to the Pokémon Go Hub database. It can sit in the widget section of the Notification Centre within Shortcuts on iOS 12 and above. It requires the Shortcuts app by Apple the to be installed on your iDevice. Unfortunately due to Apple limitations, search by name swaps you to the Shortcuts app but once you enter the name you will be taken straight to the Pokémon Go Hub database website. Pokédex number works better as it is all within the widget.

How can I get this Widget/Shortcut?

  1. Have an iOS device.
  2. Install the App called Shortcuts from the App Store before clicking the link below.
  3. Install the shortcut/widget using the following link: https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/11aceee8e0b14608bf9bcb15b815fef9
  4. Enjoy!

The best way to enjoy it is to add Shortcuts to your Notification Center which can be done by going in to your Notification Center (at the far left when swapping) > Edit (at the bottom) > Hitting the plus sign next to Shortcuts.

This tool simply uses the Pokémon Go Hub database, but it makes it much more convenient, efficient, organic, and user friendly.

This Widget was created by Darkriot5, and we are very happy that he reached out to the Hub family so that we could share his creation with the rest of the community! Darkriot5 is an active member of the Discord community. If you would like to reach out to him, visit his Facebook or contact him on Discord using his Discord tag: Ciaran (Ultima Anima)#3402

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