it’s unfortunate that we have to report this, but it happened. The world’s most popular tracking platform, RocketMap, has found a way around unique IVs and stats for wild Pokemon.

Fortunately, this workaround is only for Level 30+ accounts, meaning that players using these scanners will have to level their scanning accounts to at least Level 30. Will they do it using bots or actual game play? We’ll let you answer that one for yourself.

Here’s what changed:

  • Tracking websites based on RocketMap can now utilize Level 30 accounts for scanning
  • Level 30 accounts are not being recycled like low level accounts
  • This is a breaking change, implying that there will be downtime as trackers migrate to a new version
  • This directly benefits bots as they are commonly based around RocketMap

If you are not familiar, RocketMap is a free technical platform that you can self host and set up a self hosted tracker in a matter of hours.

It garnered huge popularity among the members of the tracking and botting scene, as it’s hackable and easily customizable.

Here’s the official announcement they published via Discord:

@everyone IV/CP scanning with level 30 accounts is now merged. This fixes the problem of Niantic’s recent updates that changed IVs/CP/moves to only be the same for L30 accounts or higher. This is a breaking change, as the old way of enabling encounters has been changed entirely. We’ve prepared a new documentation file that explains all the steps required to get started:

To update:
git pull
npm run build

If you’re not seeing CP, make sure you successfully ran npm run build

Although this was expected to happen, we hoped it will take a bit longer before it happens. Luckily, as RocketMap is rather difficult to self host, we do not expect to see an instant rise in spoofers’ activity.