it’s unfortunate that we have to report this, but it happened. The world’s most popular tracking platform, RocketMap, has found a way around unique IVs and stats for wild Pokemon.

Fortunately, this workaround is only for Level 30+ accounts, meaning that players using these scanners will have to level their scanning accounts to at least Level 30. Will they do it using bots or actual game play? We’ll let you answer that one for yourself.

Here’s what changed:

  • Tracking websites based on RocketMap can now utilize Level 30 accounts for scanning
  • Level 30 accounts are not being recycled like low level accounts
  • This is a breaking change, implying that there will be downtime as trackers migrate to a new version
  • This directly benefits bots as they are commonly based around RocketMap

If you are not familiar, RocketMap is a free technical platform that you can self host and set up a self hosted tracker in a matter of hours.

It garnered huge popularity among the members of the tracking and botting scene, as it’s hackable and easily customizable.

Here’s the official announcement they published via Discord:

@everyone IV/CP scanning with level 30 accounts is now merged. This fixes the problem of Niantic’s recent updates that changed IVs/CP/moves to only be the same for L30 accounts or higher. This is a breaking change, as the old way of enabling encounters has been changed entirely. We’ve prepared a new documentation file that explains all the steps required to get started:

To update:
git pull
npm run build

If you’re not seeing CP, make sure you successfully ran npm run build

Although this was expected to happen, we hoped it will take a bit longer before it happens. Luckily, as RocketMap is rather difficult to self host, we do not expect to see an instant rise in spoofers’ activity.

  • Do PokemonGoHub feels right sharing this? Wouldn’t it “promote” more bots? I don’t think that’s a concern for legit players to know.

    • Rillan

      U dont have to read it if u dont like it. Keap playing way u like.

      • I read because PGH brings up pretty much good information, as I’m not in favor of non-fair-gameplay I wrote that above, but I’m huge supporter of PGH and SilphRoad

    • We share info like this in order to keep legitimate players in the loop with what happens behind the scenes. Also, articles like these elevate the issue on Niantic’s priority list and help them target specific malicious targets.

      As far as “promoting more bots” goes, we are quite confident that the difficulty curve required to setup these tools is scary enough to deter anyone who is not a technical person.

  • Josh Hack

    If niantic added this system to help shiny Pokemon and stop spoofing, it isn’t working well
    I heard an idea, and a good one to stop spoofing. If you record and compare spawn and Capture locations, you will work out who is spoofing. If a snorlax spawns in NYC, but is caught in Florida, there is a spoofer.
    The others will just have to be down to Us reporting them

    • GonzoI

      I’m confused why the spawn and capture locations would be different?

      • vision33r

        Simple, capture location is the spoofed location. Makes no difference , since the real location is not revealed to the app.

    • TCU

      See that’s the problem, the glitch that spoofed use( it is a glitch) involves spoofing to Florida ( or the Snorlax location) and then stopping the location app after you click on the Snorlax. Effectively, the Snorlax is caught in Florida ( or said location ) while the spoofers location is set at home. How it works, the capture location is where the spoofers encountered it, not where they were when they caught it. We can’t ban people in the way you describe because of this

      • vision33r

        If they do a reverse IP lookup, which can track the user IP, they can tell they are spoofing. But people will just use VPN. Plus doing reverse lookups are huge tax on the system. The game cannot work if it costs Niantic too much money to manage just to catch spoofing. They operate knowing spoofers are part of their paying playerbase.

        • GonzoI

          GeoIP isn’t that intense. All those “New Law in (where GeoIP says you are) That You Need to Know About!” scam ads you see on a lot of sites just before the Disqus comments are doing it, for example. I used to do it in bulk for monthly web logs. It wouldn’t take too much for Niantic to run hourly spot checks on everyone playing at a moment in time.

          VPN is a workaround, but you’d run into the same problem with it if you don’t have a complex network of VPN’s for where you want to be. It wouldn’t be any better having a Russian TOR exit node than your real Florida IP while catching a Pokemon in NYC.

          The benefit of any of strategy isn’t that it kills all spoofing, but that it makes spoofing complicated enough that only the most dedicated few can do it. The problem with spoofing right now is that any idiot can watch a Youtube video and do it so there are thousands of spoofers. If you knock it down to the 100 or so that can keep up with Niantic moving the goalpost on them, they become an ignoreably rare problem.

          The other strategy I’ve seen done is to make getting caught really hurt psychologically. Cheaters in any game are expecting to have their accounts closed, but one of the most effective punishments I’ve seen left the accounts intact – but with the levels of everything halved. I think that one denied them the sense of closure that simply closing the accounts over and over had been doing. Again, you have to change it up, just as with moving the goalposts for cheaters. Finding new, sadistic ways to make cheating not fun.

          • Josh Hack

            I agree with you, as they should make it downright Annoying to spoof, rather than try to eradicate it completely. Niantic won’t be able to do that.
            For example, they should make it that all (known) spoofers and botters Pokemon will have trash IV’S
            Or, in the legendary event, they should rig it so NO spoofers could ever get one.
            It needs to be hard and complicated, not impossible

  • vision33r

    I prefer Pokemon hub not report them so Niantic and Google won’t interfere.

  • the2000guy

    Offtopic: I am looking at Niantic’s web to give a suggestion. Is there someone who knows how I can do this? Please, is annoying to destroy a lvl 10 gym with all Blisseys during the night for 1.5 hours and suddenly someone put a 10Cp Pokemon and then in less than half an hour is again in lvl 10 with Blisseys using a bot… Please I need to suggest Niantic to ban 10 Cp or 10 Hp Pokemon to be in gyms. To limit the Pokemon to a minimum 100Cp to put on a gym and eliminate that trick and also limit the bots

    • Abhijit Biswas

      They will fix this in the gym rework update and do what they have done in ingress. You can put only x number of a particular Pokémon in a gym. So like max 2 blissey per gym kind of restrictions will be placed. As one of the oldest ingress players i can tell you it’s coming in this update.

      Nia is very slow and irritating but it does finish all its work.

      • the2000guy

        Thanks for your great colaboration. I am really sick of people cheating, I can’t play as often as I used to due to bots and spoofers taking over 50 gyms for them only. I noticed that everytime I clear gyms, a lot of players get involve to cash in some coins. These cheaters are the problem for the declined of this game.

  • Andrew Howson

    Niantic needs to make every trainer level random IV. That would end all this spoofing the best Pokemons

    • Abhijit Biswas

      No, niantic wants this game to have friendly group/community gameplay. All seasoned players are level 30. So giving them same Pokémon promotes gameplay in groups.

      And what the rocket map or whatever that tool is, it’s idea is something that already struck me and many others. I’ve personally analysed this idea and execution is almost impossible for a long time. So trackers are bound to disappear, albeit the only this Pokémon is here kind of system which nobody will care for…

  • iCycle

    Niantic should stop spoofing directly. If I see a 100 Snorlax and I physically move to it, it´s no cheating for me.