Sprint is having the first officially recorded giveaway that uses the new promo codes feature! The giveaway is US and Android only and it marks the first recorded occurrence of promo code usage by Niantic and their partners.

Sprint is giving away Great Balls, Lucky Eggs and Incense items and it is required to visit a Sprint store in order to get your promo code.

These promo codes will be given away at local Sprint stores and will be valid for one time usage, only to Sprint customers.

  •  Update #1  (17:14 UTC): it seems that Sprint doesn’t have the codes just yet. A redditor went into a Sprint store, showed them this article and their official response was: “call or come back later, we should have them in a few hours”! – source
  •  Update #2  (17:27 UTC): Sprint confirms that the offer is valid only for Android users at this point. – source (Tweet)

This giveaway is a part of their official My Trainer Rewards partnership program with Niantic.

Official event page at Sprint.com

The event is taking place at 200 Sprint stores in the United States and it’s on while supplies last. In addition, remember that this giveaway is for Android users only. 

As we’ve previously reported, Apple doesn’t allow usage of promotional codes through iOS apps. No alternative has been given for Trainers using iPhones.

The official event information can be found here. The summary of the event is as follows:

Pokémon GO Code for Great Balls, Lucky Eggs and Incense

Come into your local Sprint Store for Free Great Balls, Lucky Eggs and Incense before they’re gone!

*Requires Android Smpartphone to redeem code. Data rates may apply.

In addition to this, Sprint is also holding a Lure-A-Thon, a separate event in Colorado Springs. Not much is known besides the fact that Lure modules will be activated throughout Colorado Springs (3244 Centennial Blvd.) on May 28th, 2017 11:00 am – 4:00 pm MDT.

A huge shout-out for reporting this news goes to Honest and Alrich of the GO Hub forum fame! If you are able to provide more info about Promo codes, make sure to report it back on our official forum thread.

  • vesra

    Is this for Sprint customers only?

    • Kevin

      I think it’s for any Android phone in the US.

      • vesra

        I meant could anyone walk in off the street into a Sprint store and get a code. But I already have my answer, yes they can. Provided the people working are decent enough to give them out.

  • Saulius Plevokas

    As always just for US ?

    • GonzoI

      Japan got spawn events and promotional pokestops first, so not “always”. This was a Sprint-only promotional giveaway through a feature that’s been deployed to everyone who isn’t using an iPhone. They’ve already shown they can control features on the shop screen by region with the pricing being localized. It’s pretty blatant that it won’t be “just for US”. Much like the promotional pokestops, promotional codes will be contracted out to whoever is willing to pay to give them out, whatever country they may be in.

      • well japan needs to cuz man come on… pokemon belong’s to japan afterall
        but we all would love gobal releases …..after all

  • Niall Fanning

    Wat about Europe niantic?? ?

  • Kendra Ball (PostalO)

    I just left a sprint store. Was in there for almost half an hour until the lady said that the offer was for the 25th and 26th.

  • Kevin

    I just left a sprint store. The promo code handout event was from the 23rd to the 26th. They did tell me there is an event tomorrow, but the system didn’t tell them what it is. GYM REWORK?!?!

  • David Weber

    I went to the store just down the street from me and the guy at the store told me that it ws a online thing only that there are no promo codes to be handed out but when i got home I looked the ad up and it said to go to the store to get this promo code to be able to get the 200 trainer points and the other prize that the code gives out. I think that this needs to be looked into and fixed because i see this is going to make alot of players unhappy

    • Snowy Lilacs

      but you gotta read the fine print too,its only at 200 stores,so yours might not be included

  • Zack Kielty

    I went in to my local Sprint store a couple hours ago, they helped me get signed up for the “My Trainer Rewards”. Then I gave them my email I used for the trainer rewards account and sent me an email containing my promo code, I have yet to receive the email but they did know about the event and I was their first test subject since it started today.

  • Darlene Parten

    These people at my local sprint store (Locust Gtove,Ga.)has no clue as to how they get thr codes.

  • Eric Ramirez

    This seems like a scam to get you in to the store. I’m in The New Milford, Connecticut Sprint store and the people have no clue what’s going on and told me to look at a box that has instructions to sign up for a Sprint Trainer Program that totally wastes your time.

  • Christopher Bowman

    This is a terrible idea I never bothered to go into a sprint store because of the hassle of dealing with sales people, they always want to sell you something and if you don’t buy they will gladly show you the door. These are nothing like the Pokémon GameStop releases.

  • One More Libertarian Communist

    My local Sprint store was told they aren’t one of the ones that get the codes. I think we probably just don’t have enough people in our area for them to bother with us but I don’t see the point of limiting the locations, since it’s not actual physical objects they have to ship anywhere.

  • John Lingo

    No Sprint store in Grand Rapids, MI knows anything about this.

  • Momof2boys

    I wish promo codes were in Canada as well, my son loves this game but we don’t have a Sprint in Canada nor can I find events to take him to here. Plus it’s too hard to pack up and take a trip to the states, also I think it would be great if all you had to do is visit well known landmarks (Parliament Hill, The White House, The Great Wall of China, Buckingham Palace, Niagara Falls U.S. and Canada ect.)

  • Harry Cline

    Cool those who got the promo please do share it I have problem with the employees that work at the one in Yakima wa long story