Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Island scan locations and schedule

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A full list of all USUM Island scan locations and schedule days. The tables show which Pokemon can be scanned on each of the islands for every day of the week. Good luck!

Source: /u/lycillaMelemele Island

Day: Pokemon: Location: Egg move:
Sunday Charmander Route 3 Counter
Monday Squirtle Seaward Cave Aqua jet
Tuesday Onix Ten Carat Hill Rototiller
Wednesday Horsea Kala’e Bay Water Pulse
Thursday Scatterbug Hau’oli City Rage Powder
Friday Bulbasaur Route 2 Grassy Terrain
Saturday Litwick Hau’oli Cemetery Endure

Akala Island

Day: Pokemon: Location: Egg Move
Sunday Ralts Route 6 Low Kick
Monday Spheal Route 7 Misty Terrain
Tuesday Combusken Route 8 Low Kick
Wednesday Honedge Akala Outskirts Wide Guard
Thursday Beedrill Route 4 none
Friday Grovyle Route 5 Grassy Terrain
Saturday Marshtomp Brooklet Hill Counter

Ula’ula Island

Day: Pokemon: Location: Egg Move:
Sunday Rhyhorn Blush Montain Guard Split
Monday Swinub Tapu Village Icicle Spear
Tuesday Prinplup Route 16 Power Trip
Wednesday Grotle Ula’ula Meadow Heavy Slam
Thursday Pidgeot Route 10 Steel Wing
Friday Monferno Route 11 Power-Up Punch
Saturday Axew Mount Hokulani Counter

Poni Island

Day: Pokemon: Location: Egg move:
Sunday Elektross Poni Grove none
Monday Aggron Poni Plains Reversal
Tuesday Rotom Poni Gauntlet none
Wednesday Leavanny Poni Meadow Grassy Terrain
Thursday Chesnaught Exeggutor Island Spikes
Friday Greninja Poni Wilds Bestow
Saturday Delphox Ancient Poni Path Wish

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