Pokémon GO Heracross Max CP, Stats and Moves


The Bug is out There

Heracross, the elusive. Heracross, the one to lead the Bugs. That’s how people usually refer to Heracross both inside and outside region exclusive boundaries of Heracross. Heracross was bound to be the game changing BUG FIGHTING type Pokémon, delivering the best of both worlds.

Unfortunately, it’s region exclusive to Central and South America, making it rather useless for world wide Gym meta discussions.

Where to find Heracross?

Heracross is a confirmed region exclusive Pokémon for South and Central America. You can see how the current state of region exclusive Pokémon looks like on the map below:

Credits for the map go to oktimeforplanb

Heracross Max CP and Stats

Heracross is an offensive beast, with 234 ATK, making it among highest ranking ATK Pokémon in Generation II. However, ATK doesn’t solely make a Gym beast. His Max CP is respectably high, a lot higher than Generation II starters actually, making it a vey interesting alternative to Meganium.

Heracross is favored by almost all Tier lists, often placing it in Top 20s of Gym Offense and Defense due to its’ high ATK stat, solid STA and access to some amazing moves.

# Sprite Name MAX CP ATK STA DEF Total
214 Heracross
2938 234 160 57 583

Heracross best Moves and best Moveset

It’s funny to see that the best Heracross moveset is not a BUG moveset, but a double FIGHTING moveset! Funny, but true, with Counter / Close Combat being the absolute best moveset for Heracross. Evidently, Counter / Megahorn is not bad either, but Close Combat tops Megahorn DPS and is a better fit for the current meta.

Surprisingly, Struggle is not completely useless anymore, so combinations with Struggle and Close Combat / Megahorn are not bad either. There are two bad Heracross movesets and both include Earthquake GROUND. Hopefully, you won’t get them.


Move Type Power DPS STAB DPS
CounterFIGHTING Close combatFIGHTING 12/100 28.40 35.50
CounterFIGHTING MegahornBUG 12/90 27.10 33.90
Struggle bugBUG Close combatFIGHTING 15/100 26.75 33.40
Struggle bugBUG MegahornBUG 15/90 25.45 31.80
CounterFIGHTING EarthquakeGROUND 12/120 23.30 25.00
Struggle bugBUG EarthquakeGROUND 15/120 21.65 22.90

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