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Pokémon GO Jirachi is a dual Steel Psychic type known as the “wish making” Mythical Pokemon. Coming in at a CP of 3090, making it the second highest of all Steel types currently in the game. There is no confirmation that Jirachi will be available as a raid boss.

Jirachi’s HP (200), ATK (210) and DEF (210) are well rounded just like the other Mythical Pokemon. Notably, the HP is the highest among Steel types.

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Jirachi in Pokemon GO
ID Sprite Pokémon ATK DEF HP MAX CP
379 Jirachi
Steel Psychic
210 210 200 3090

Jirachi in the Pokémon GO meta

Comparing numbers, Jirachi is like a miniature Metagross. Not as beefy, but will do a fair amount of damage output due to higher HP (200 compared to 160) and be the best Steel move available in the game once released.

Jirachi is a very useful Rock and Ice counter. A solid alternative to Metagross, whom will be more rare to find in the wild. Having a dual Steel Psychic typing and an interesting move pool, Jirachi can be built in two different ways:

  • Double Psychic moves
  • Hybrid Psychic Steel moves

Jirachi moves and best movesets in Pokémon GO

Best moveset: Confusion / Doom Desire

Hands down the best quick move is Confusion. It deals the most DPS and benefits from STAB. We wouldn’t recommend Charge Beam for any reason as there are better Electric type attackers to fill that role.

When choosing the best charge move, it’s easy. Doom Desire deals the most DPS, benefits from STAB and is the most powerful Steel move in Pokemon GO — 2 bar power!

Using Psychic is a solid choice if a Psychic move set is desired. Dazzling Gleam although powerful, does not benefit from STAB. Therefore it is not recommended under any circumstances.

Jirachi has access to the following moves:

  • Confusion Psychic (fast)
  • Charge Beam Electric (fast)
  • Doom Desire Steel (charged – 2 bars)
  • Psychic Psychic (charged – 1 bar)
  • Dazzling Gleam Fairy (charged – 2 bars)

Shiny Jirachi in Pokemon GO

A regular Jirachi has a white body, a yellow triangular hat and the same shade of yellow silky-like wings. Hanging from each tip of the hat are turquoise colored ribbons. The eyes are black with a turquoise mark under each eye. On the belly is a black mark where the third eye is located.

A shiny Jirachi has a reddish tint to its white body. The markings under each eye and the ribbons hanging from the hat are red. All while maintaining the same shade of yellow for the hat and silky-like wings.

Shiny Jirachi

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