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Pokémon GO Wurmple bug has a branched evolution tree. This means that this Pokémon can either evolve into a Silcoon bug then into a Beautifly bug flying , or it can evolve into a Cascoon bug, then Dustox bug poison in Pokémon GO.

This kind of branch evolution is already present in the game when the Second Generation was released. We can compare this branch evolution from that of EeveeThe evolution mechanism of Wurmple is still being researched but there are a few running theories:

  • it evolves randomly
  • it evolves depending on the time of day
  • it evolves depending on it’s highest IV
Wurmple family overview
265 Wurmple 
75 61 90 502
266 Silcoon 
60 91 100 517
267 Beautifly 
bug flying
189 98 120 1573
268 Cascoon 
 60 91 100 517
269 Dustox
bug poison
98 172 120 1121

Position in the meta game

Wurmple has a single role to fill in Pokemon GO: mass evolution fodder. Similar to how Weedle and Pidgey were used in Generation 1, Wurmple and Whismur are the 12 Candy evolution line that will be abused for mass evo XP grinds.


In a competitive sense, Wurmple or his family has no place in raids / gyms or any type of PvP.

Beautifly and Dustox Moves in Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO Beautifly and Dustox have a pretty similar move pool to choose from, since they both evolve from Wurmple. If you’re looking for a good Beautifly go for Infestation / Bug Buzz, and for Dustox go for Confusion / Sludge Bomb.

They share the following moves and introduce two separate moves per branch:

  • Struggle bug (quick)
  • Bug Buzz bug (charge)
  • Silver Wind bug (charge)

Moves reserved for Beautifly:

  • Infestation bug (quick)
  • Air Cutter flying (charge)

Moves reserved for Dustox:

  • Confusion psychic (quick)
  • Sludge Bomb poison (charge)

Shiny Wurmple, Silcoon, Cascoon, Beautifly and Dustox variants

A normal Wurmple has a red-pink color and yellow-green horn-like appendage on their tail and head. A normal Silcoon has a white hard body, red eyes, and black colored pupil. A normal Cascoon has light purple hard body, red eyes, and white colored pupil. A normal Beautifly has red-pink wing and antenna, the inside of its wings are yellow, blue and red colors. A normal Dustox has green wings and yellow antenna, the outer portion of its wings are lines with orange color, and has red-pink circles on the inside of its wings.

In contrast, a shiny Wurmple has a purple body and yellow horn-like appendage on their tail and head. A shiny Silcoon has a very yellow hard body, bright red eyes. A shiny Cascoon has a green colored hard body. A shiny Beautifly has purple wing and antenna, the inside of its wings is a cream color along with its body. A shiny Dustox has orange wings, the outer portion of its wings are lines with dark brown color.

Wurmple Silcoon Cascoon Beautifly Dustox

In the anime

In the cartoon series, May and Jessie caught their Wurmple on the 288th episode of the Pokémon series (Advanced Generation: Episode 14) titled “All in a Day’s Wurmple”. May’s Wurmple evolved into a Silcoon on the same episode that Jessie’s evolved into a Cascoon on the 298th episode of the Pokémon series (Advanced Generation: Episode 24) titled “All Corphish Out of Water”. Funny enough, Silcoon evolved into a Beautifly and Cascoon evolved into a Dustox also on the same episode in the series – on the 302nd episode of the Pokémon series (Advanced Generation: Episode 28) titled “Seeing is Believing”.