Pokémon GO Floatzel is a pure Water type Pokémon, which evolves from Buizel. The evolution from Buizel to Floatzel costs just 50 candies, as no special requirements (items, etc) are required to evolve Buizel.
Floatzel’s max CP is somewhat of a disappointment: only 2443, with 221 ATK, 114 DEF and 198 STA. Oh dear, we can already tell that poor Floatzel won’t see much use in the meta.

Floatzel in the Meta

As stated earlier, Floatzel will be underwhelming in battle. Just to prove it, here’s a chart comparing it to other Water types:

Flying Type Max CP Attack Defense Stamina
Kyogre 4115 270 228 205
Palkia 3991 280 215 189
Gyarados 3391 237 186 216
Vaporeon 3114 205 161 277
Floatzel 2443 221 114 198

Clearly, Floatzel is outclassed in every category by the Pokémon listed above. In and of itself, its stats are not terrible — there are just better stardust investments out there for gym battlers and raiders (namely Kyogre, the king of the seas). Do note that Palkia may not have access to a full Water type moveset, nor is it guaranteed to even get “good” moves, so its place on this roster of top-ranking Water types isn’t certain.

It does has a higher attack stat than Vaporeon, but is far glassier and will have a lower overall TDO (Total Damage Output). Even so, if Buizel is common in your biome, Floatzel may be a discount option for new or lower level players to use in raids or gym battles.

Floatzel’s type coverage regarding its movepool is poor, and therefore it’s nothing particularly special in PVP.

Floatzel’s Water type moves will deal super-effective damage to future legendary bosses Terrakion and Landorus, as well as the previously introduced Regirock, Heatran, Moltres, Entei, Ho-Oh, and Groudon if they ever make a comeback.

Now this is purely speculation, but Floatzel has the potential to make an appearance as a tier 2 or 3 Raid Boss; it’s usable, won’t break the meta if people have easy access to it, and is comparable to other Pokémon who have been given the raid spotlight such as Starmie and Sharpedo.

Floatzel’s Water type moves will deal super effective damage to Rock, Ground and Fire, while Floatzel itself will take super-effective damage from Grass and Electric.

Floatzel’s Movepool

Fast Moves Charged Moves
  • Waterfall Water
  • Water Gun Water
  • Aqua Jet Water
  • Hydro Pump Water
  • Swift Normal

Weather Influence on Floatzel

The following chart will help you visualize what weather conditions are helpful or harmful when battling or raiding with Floatzel.

Weather Pros Cons
Sunny Boosts super-effective Grass moves
Partly Cloudy No pros or cons
Cloudy No pros or cons
Rainy Boosts super-effective Water moves Boosts super-effective Electric moves
Fog No pros or cons
Windy No pros or cons
Snow No pros or cons

Shiny Floatzel

Shiny Floatzel’s orange fur, as in Shiny Buizel’s case, turns a bright gold. The yellow flotation sac wrapped around its neck and arms turns white.

Normal Shiny

Pokédex Entries and Facts

Floatzel, like Buizel, is also called the “Sea Weasel Pokémon.”

  • Its Pearl Pokédex entry states that “Its flotation sac developed as a result of pursuing aquatic prey. It can double as a rubber raft.” Floatzel is known to help drowning people, and like its pre-evolution, deflates its sac in order to dive.
  • Floatzel is based on an otter, weasel, and a life raft.

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