Regice Raid Counters Guide

Regice Pokémon GO
Regice Pokémon GO

Best Regice counters are Metagross, Chandelure, Moltres, Entei and Charizard. Regice is weak to Fighting, Rock, Fire and Steel moves, but most of its counters are strong Fire Pokemon.

Regice is a Level 5 Legendary Raid boss in Pokémon GO, with 42768 Raid Boss CP and pure Ice typing. Regice raid counters are mostly strong Fire Pokemon. Despite Regice’s high defense, it is an easy boss fight. Regice max capture combat power is as follows:

  • 1703 – 1784 CP (No weather boost, L20, 100% IV)
  • 2129 – 2230 CP (Snow weather boost, L25, 100% IV)

In this guide, you will learn which Pokemon are best counters for the Legendary Pokémon Regice. To take down Regice, as long as you prepare well using this guide, should be able to go down with around 6 trainers, or at minimum 4 players.

Regice Raid Counters

Looking for the finest selection of Regice Raid counters on the internet? Look no further Trainer, you’re in the right place. Now bring out those Fire types and let’s melt some ice!

# Pokemon Fast Move Charge Move Time to win Deaths
1. Charizard (Mega Y) Fire Spin Blast Burn 739.6s 16
2. Reshiram Fire Fang Overheat 857.6s 24
3. Metagross Bullet Punch Meteor Mash 889.6s 22
4. Charizard (Mega X) Fire Spin Blast Burn 863.9s 25
5. Volcarona Fire Spin Overheat 931.7s 20
6. Moltres Fire Spin Overheat 948.9s 19
7. Darmanitan (Zen) Fire Fang Overheat 952.0s 19
8. Chandelure Fire Spin Overheat 924.2s 22
9. Conkeldurr Counter Dynamic Punch 937.9s 25
10. Houndoom (Mega) Fire Fang Flamethrower 885.2s 29
11. Gengar (Mega) Shadow Claw Focus Blast 955.5s 22
12. Kyurem (White) Steel Wing Focus Blast 981.5s 27
13. Darmanitan (Standard) Fire Fang Overheat 936.3s 32
14. Darmanitan Fire Fang Overheat 933.3s 32
15. Blaziken Counter Blast Burn 939.7s 32
16. Entei Fire Fang Overheat 1019.1s 24
17. Charizard Fire Spin Blast Burn 1048.2s 24
18. Victini Quick Attack V-create 1074.6s 21
19. Machamp Counter Dynamic Punch 1008.2s 28
20. Lucario Counter Aura Sphere 906.1s 40
21. Genesect (Shock) Metal Claw Magnet Bomb 1048.6s 26
22. Genesect (Burn) Metal Claw Magnet Bomb 1047.8s 26
23. Genesect (Douse) Metal Claw Magnet Bomb 1050.4s 26
24. Genesect (Chill) Metal Claw Magnet Bomb 1050.0s 26
25. Terrakion Smack Down Rock Slide 989.1s 30
26. Meloetta (Pirouette) Low Kick Close Combat 1014.6s 28
27. Ho-Oh Incinerate Fire Blast 1143.3s 17
28. Heatran Fire Spin Flamethrower 1007.3s 27
29. Hawlucha Low Kick Flying Press 1049.0s 28
30. Rhyperior Smack Down Rock Wrecker 994.4s 32


Best all around Regice raid counter, takes reduced or neutral damage from most Regice attacks (Earthquake excluded of course), has enough bulk and deals a lot of damage very quickly.


Moltres goes toe to toe with Charizard, and is actually the preferred counter versus Earthquake and Focus Blast, as it’s Flying typing reduces the damage from both.


Chandelure is an amazing Fire-type addition introduced in Generation V, especially useful against Regice’s Fighting type moves.


It’s time to pull those Blast Burn Charizards from retirement, as this budget Moltres does wonders against Regice.


Former best all around Regice raid counter, also takes reduced or neutral damage from most Regice attacks (Earthquake excluded of course), has enough bulk and deals a lot of damage.

Regice moves analysis

While picking counters, we tried our best to pick counters that deal a large amount of damage and take reduced damage from Regice’s moves. Regice has access to the following moves:

Fast moves Charge moves
  • Rock Smash Fighting
  • Frost Breath Ice
  • Lock-On Normal
  • Focus Blast Fighting
  • Blizzard Ice
  • Earthquake Ground

Regice raids significantly vary in difficulty:

  • Blizzard (and Frost Breath Ice) deal reduced damage against Fire counters, making the fight significantly easier on your Revive / Potions stash.
  • Focus Blast can be dangerous, but it doesn’t deal SE damage to anything you would pick for your team, except for Tyranitar. But then again, you wouldn’t pick a Tyranitar against a FB Regice, would you?
  • Earthquake is very dangerous, as it deals SE vs Fire types and will likely OHKO any Flareon, or Blaziken you bring to the table.
  • The moveset that worries us is Rock Smash and Earthquake, mostly because it’s relatively good against Fire and can lead to increased Revive/Potion spending

Weather considerations

Knowing what Regice’s weaknesses and strengths are, we can now take a better look at Regice and weather effects on it. We know that Regice gets weather boosted in snowy weather which for many trainers can be very hard to come across, but honestly don’t worry — it really isn’t worth waiting for snowy weather to do a Regice raid.

Like we saw, Fire types are very effective against Regice, so it is recommended you wait until sunny weather to have some extra strength on your side, just be cautious if Regice has Earthquake Ground.

Cloudy weather is also beneficial for boosting your Fighting types, as many players will just be putting together a team of Machamp to take on all three of the Regis.

Final notes

  • Take advantage of Fire types when battling against Regice in sunny weather
  • To catch a weather boosted Regice, raid during snowy weather
  • A level 20, 100% IV Regice will be 1764 CP, and weather boosted will be 2205 CP
  • Avoid using Pokémon that will take super effective damage, unless if they have a high CP and DPS value

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