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This page describes Pokemon GO weather and how it affects spawns and weather specific IVs in the game. It includes an overall Pokemon GO weather chart with affected spawns, increased stardust gain and several other useful tidbits of information. Fog, Wind, Rain and Snow weather can have levels and severity.

  • Weather-influenced wild spawns can be caught above level 30, with player reports going as high as Level 37 catches
  • Weather-influenced spawns have stronger IVs than normal spawns. At least 5 / 5 / 5 IV values are guaranteed
  • Weather also influences raid bosses! Raid Bosses that receive a weather buff can be caught at level 25 (no weather buff equals level 20)
  • Weather also influences move damage, giving approx 20% more damage to moves whose type is buffed by the current weather.

Pokemon GO Weather Chart

The following Pokemon types appear stronger, more frequently and give bonus Stardust when caught during their accompanying weather effect.

Weather Boosted types
Sunny /
grass ground fire
Rain water electric bug
Wind dragon flying psychic
Snow ice steel
Fog dark ghost
Cloudy fairy fighting poison
Partly cloudy normal rock

A great chart by the LeekDuck:

Pokemon GO Weather and its influence on IVs and Combat Power

According to our research, Pokemon that are boosted during specific weather conditions receive a guaranteed IV set, below which the Pokemon can’t spawn. Similar to Raid Bosses and Eggs, we expect that a minimum guaranteed set of weather IVs will be 10, 10, 10 or slightly lower.

In addition, the base Combat Power of Pokemon receives a bonus multiplier during capture encounter, making the Pokemon harder to catch.

This was discovered in our 0.85.1 data mine, in the following code snippet:


Exclusive weather spawns

No, there are no exclusive spawns for a set weather condition. You can always encounter all Pokemon, regardless of the weather, but some Pokemon will prefer to appear in certain weather.

We can confirm that all Generations of Pokemon are affected.

Increased weather spawns

You can recognize a weather specific spawn by a special “swirly effect” enclosing the Pokemon. Similar to how Incense and Lure spawns have a special marker around them, the weather specific spawns can easily be recognized by the swirly marker.

Weather spawn stats and CP

It has been confirmed that weather spawns will feature higher level wild Pokemon (capped at Level 30 for normal spawns) and it’s possible that they will feature increased IV values. We are unable to confirm or deny the later statement at this moment, but the official press release states the following:

The new dynamic weather gameplay will add unique ways for Trainers to engage with Pokémon based on real-world weather including changing Pokémon habitats, increasing Combat Power, and earning more Stardust.

List of known weather conditions

The following links lead to separate Hub guides on each type of weather. These pages contain a full list of affected Pokemon and moves during each of the weather effects. Pages that are not linked are under construction 🙂

  • Foggy weather in Pokemon GO
  • Clear weather in Pokemon GO
  • Windy weather in Pokemon GO
  • Rainy weather in Pokemon GO
  • Snowy weather in Pokemon GO
  • Sunny weather in Pokemon GO

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