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“A Challenging Development” is a new 6 steps long Special Research quest line coming to Pokémon GO. The quest line was discovered by Pokémon GO dataminers on October 7th, the same day that Looming in the Shadows Special Research quest went live. As players can repeat Giovanni Special Research each month, we think this is the quest line that will be given each month.

As of the time of this publication, the story line is tentative and can change at any moment. Research tasks and rewards are also not yet known. As with all data mined information, contents of this page can change at any moment.

Story line

Stage 1 of 6

Hey there, %PLAYERNAME%. Thanks for your help in holding back Team GO Rocket’s forces, it is good to know I can rely on you. However, something tells me we’re in it for the long haul and Team GO Rocket won’t be going away anytime soon.

We need to start thinking long-term about our strategy when it comes to Team GO Rocket.
I hope to equip only the most prepared Trainers with Super Rocket Radars to take on Giovanni. I know you are an accomplished Trainer, but let’s make sure you’re up for the challenge.

Stage 2 of 6

Astounding work, %PLAYERNAME%. Did you know that purifying Shadow Pokémon makes them stronger due to the gratitude they feel towards you for saving them? Maybe one of the Pokémon you purify will become a trusted partner in our efforts to fight against Team GO Rocket’s invasion.

We need to continue saving and purifying these Pokémon. Remember this: a good Trainer is strong, but a great Trainer is caring and kind.

Stage 3 of 6

Fantastic! Good work purifying all of those Pokémon, %PLAYERNAME%. They’re practically glowing with gratitude towards you.

You can tell Shadow and Purified Pokémon apart because of the auras that surround them.
One of my favorite sights is a Purified Pokémon standing proud atop their Trainer’s team’s Gym. It’s truly a sight to behold!

Now it’s time to take your new friends and train alongside them. A difficult challenge awaits you next, so prepare for battle, %PLAYERNAME%.

Stage 4 of 6

You should feel proud of your progress, %PLAYERNAME%. I know myself and the team leaders are proud of how much you have grown as a trainer. There is one final task before you can be trusted to take on an opponent like Giovanni.

If you can show me that you can defeat the Team GO Rocket Leaders, then I’ll know that you are the trainer for the job.

Stage 5 of 6

Your skills are impressive. I think it is time for you to take the Super Rocket Radar and see if we can track down the boss himself. %PLAYERNAME%, I believe you are ready to take on Giovanni, again.

You’ve proven your strength in battle, but also your compassion through saving and purifying Shadow Pokémon. Confront Giovanni with your lessons and Pokémon in hand and I believe nothing can stop you.

Good luck, %PLAYERNAME%!

Stage 6 of 6

Fantastic work, %PLAYERNAME%! Enjoy your victory, but soon we will need to face everything we have discovered over the past month.  While you were completing your tasks, I was doing some reconnaissance myself. I have to admit, it has been quite thrilling!

As you might have guessed, there are many more hideouts and headquarters out there that the Team GO Rocket Leaders and Giovanni could be hiding at. We’ve secured the world of Pokémon GO for now, but know that they will come back.  When they do, be sure you’re ready for the challenge!

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