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Bronzor is a Tier 1 raid boss in Pokémon GO. Bronzor evolves into giant bell, Bronzong is usable in both great and ultra leagues, but there are better Pokémon that fill its roles. It has good defense stats, but its lackluster HP makes it less than ideal in PvP. It is usable in PvE, but there are other stronger Psychic and Steel types. If you like the Little Cup when its available, then Bronzor is a top pick.

Bronzor can be caught with the following CP values:

  • 305 – 344 CP at Level 20, no weather boost
  • 381 – 430 CP at Level 25 with Windy or Snow weather boost

With a dual typing of Psychic/Steel typing, it is weak to Ground, Fire,  Dark, and Ghost types. As such, its best counters include the likes of Mega Absol, Mega Gengar, Mega Charizard Y, and Darmanitan. You can also go ahead with your most powerful Pokémon of any of the above types for a tier 1 raid if you don’t have these specific counters.

Being a Tier 1 raid boss, Bronzor is easy to solo.

Bronzor Raid Counters

Since Shadow Pokémon are extremely expensive to power up and require specific events to remove Frustration with a Charge TM, they will NOT be listed as raid counters in this article. That being said, if you have the shadow form of a listed raid counter Pokémon powered up and TMed, use it.

The best counters for Bronzor are the following:

# Pokémon Fast Move Charge Move Time to win Deaths
1. Gengar (Mega) Shadow Claw Ghost Shadow Ball Ghost 8.20s 0.00
2. Blaziken (Mega) Fire Spin Fire Blast Burn Fire 8.40s 0.00
3. Banette (Mega) Shadow Claw Ghost Shadow Ball Ghost 9.81s 0.00
4. Charizard (Mega Y) Fire Spin Fire Blast Burn Fire 9.90s 0.00
5. Absol (Mega) Snarl Dark Payback Dark 10.96s 0.00
6. Houndoom (Mega) Snarl Dark Fire Blast Fire 11.00s 0.00
7. Swampert (Mega) Mud Shot Ground Earthquake Ground 11.30s 0.00
8. Charizard (Mega X) Fire Spin Fire Blast Burn Fire 12.08s 0.00
9. Gyarados (Mega) Bite Dark Crunch Dark 12.77s 0.00
10. Darmanitan Fire Fang Fire Overheat Fire 13.54s 0.00
11. Darmanitan (Standard) Fire Fang Fire Overheat Fire 13.54s 0.00
12. Reshiram Fire Fang Fire Overheat Fire 13.60s 0.00
13. Moltres Fire Spin Fire Overheat Fire 13.80s 0.00
14. Chandelure Fire Spin Fire Overheat Fire 13.77s 0.00
15. Gengar Lick Ghost Shadow Ball Ghost 14.57s 0.00
16. Darkrai Feint Attack Dark Dark Pulse Dark 14.61s 0.00
17. Alakazam (Mega) Psycho Cut Psychic Shadow Ball Ghost 15.08s 0.00
18. Entei Fire Fang Fire Overheat Fire 15.61s 0.00
19. Excadrill Mud-Slap Ground Drill Run Ground 16.01s 0.00
20. Blaziken Fire Spin Fire Blast Burn Fire 16.09s 0.00
21. Flareon Fire Spin Fire Overheat Fire 16.09s 0.00
22. Manectric (Mega) Snarl Dark Overheat Fire 16.11s 0.00
23. Infernape Fire Spin Fire Blast Burn Fire 16.25s 0.00
24. Charizard Fire Spin Fire Blast Burn Fire 16.23s 0.00
25. Hydreigon Bite Dark Dark Pulse Dark 16.21s 0.00
26. Haunter Shadow Claw Ghost Shadow Ball Ghost 16.37s 0.00
27. Giratina (Origin) Shadow Claw Ghost Shadow Ball Ghost 16.35s 0.00
28. Blastoise (Mega) Bite Dark Hydro Cannon Water 16.53s 0.00
29. Ho-Oh Incinerate Fire Fire Blast Fire 16.48s 0.00
30. Emboar Ember Fire Blast Burn Fire 16.47s 0.00

*denotes a legacy move

Stats and Max CP

Bronzor PsychicSteel
Max CP at Level 40 603 | Max CP at Level 50 681
ATK 43 DEF 154 HP 149
Weak to Strong Against
Dark Ground Ghost Fire  Poison Fighting Ice Rock Fairy


Fast Moves Charge Moves
  • Confusion Psychic
  • Tackle Normal
  • Gyro Ball Steel
  • Psyshock Psychic
  • Heavy Slam Steel
  • Payback Dark

Parting Words

Bronzor is a solid contender in the little cup for Pokémon 500 CP and under. Beyond that, Bronzong is usable in the great and ultra leagues, but there are so many other Pokémon that are better picks. It is also potentially shiny and a good option to raid if you are looking for that shiny variant. Bronzong does not have any special moves that you need to worry about, which is good for those that do not have elite TMs to throw around. I would use your free pass to look for a shiny if you still need it, but other than that, save your raid passes for other raids.

All the best, trainers! Happy Sinnoh Journey to you all! Comment any guides you want to see!

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