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Cresselia is a Tier 5 Legendary Raid Boss in Pokemon GO (33794 Combat Power). The best Cresselia counters are strong Ghost Dark and Bug type Pokemon. Shiny Cresselia is available in Pokémon GO.

Cresselia can have the following CP values when caught in the post-raid capture encounter:

  • 1555 – 1633 CP in normal weather conditions
  • 1944 – 2041 CP  in Windy weather

Cresselia can be duoed by 2 level 40 trainers running teams of Mega Beedrill / and Shadow Claw Gengars with Fog weather and best friend boosts. Realistically 3-5 high-level players can tackle a Cresselia with proper counters, and 6-20 lower level players can handle one.

If you complete a Cresselia raid during its raid hour on February 20th 2024 and February 24th 2024, Cresselia will know the elite move Grass Knot Grass.

Best Cresselia Counters

Let’s check out the top raid counters for Cresselia:

# Attacker Fast Move Charge Move Faints TTW
1. Tyranitar (Mega) Bite Dark Brutal Swing Dark 12 659s
2. Gengar (Mega) Lick Ghost Shadow Ball Ghost 23 624s
3. Tyranitar (Shadow) Bite Dark Brutal Swing Dark 18 673s
4. Chandelure (Shadow) Hex Ghost Shadow Ball Ghost 24 686s
5. Banette (Mega) Shadow Claw Ghost Shadow Ball Ghost 27 696s
6. Houndoom (Mega) Snarl Dark Foul Play Dark 14 748s
7. Gengar (Shadow) Lick Ghost Shadow Ball Ghost 38 716s
8. Rayquaza (Mega) Dragon Tail Dragon Dragon Ascent Flying 21 743s
9. Cursola (Shadow) Hex Ghost Shadow Ball Ghost 31 747s
10. Mewtwo (Shadow) Psycho Cut Psychic Shadow Ball Ghost 21 772s
11. Weavile (Shadow) Snarl Dark Foul Play Dark 25 767s
12. Tyranitar Bite Dark Brutal Swing Dark 18 796s
13. Gholdengo Hex Ghost Shadow Ball Ghost 15 825s
14. Hydreigon Bite Dark Brutal Swing Dark 22 791s
15. Scizor (Mega) Fury Cutter Bug X-Scissor Bug 14 848s
16. Gyarados (Mega) Bite Dark Crunch Dark 16 831s
17. Pinsir (Mega) Bug Bite Bug X-Scissor Bug 22 799s
18. Alakazam (Mega) Psycho Cut Psychic Shadow Ball Ghost 23 800s
19. Giratina (Origin) Shadow Claw Ghost Shadow Force Ghost 19 822s
20. Darkrai Snarl Dark Shadow Ball Ghost 22 817s
21. Houndoom (Shadow) Snarl Dark Foul Play Dark 23 812s
22. Chandelure Hex Ghost Shadow Ball Ghost 24 808s
23. Volcarona Bug Bite Bug Bug Buzz Bug 19 839s
24. Absol (Mega) Snarl Dark Dark Pulse Dark 31 800s
25. Scizor (Shadow) Fury Cutter Bug X-Scissor Bug 21 846s
26. Gardevoir (Mega) Magical Leaf Grass Shadow Ball Ghost 21 861s
27. Honchkrow (Shadow) Snarl Dark Dark Pulse Dark 34 829s
28. Hoopa (Confined) Astonish Ghost Shadow Ball Ghost 24 854s
29. Hoopa (Unbound) Astonish Ghost Shadow Ball Ghost 22 863s
30. Gengar Lick Ghost Shadow Ball Ghost 38 834s

Cresselia Stats

Cresselia Psychic
Max CP at lvl 40 2857
Max CP at lvl 50 3230
ATK 152 DEF 258 HP 260
Weak to Resistances
Ghost Bug Dark Psychic Fighting 

Cresselia moves analysis

Fast Charge
  • Psycho Cut Psychic
  • Confusion Psychic
  • Futuresight Psychic
  • Moonblast Fairy
  • Aurora Beam Ice
  • Grass Knot* Grass

Legacy Elite Fast and Charge Attacks can only be obtained during special events, or by using an Elite Fast TM or an Elite Charge TM. Legacy moves are marked with an asterisk (*). Complete Cresselia raids during its February 2024 Raid Hours to catch a Cresselia that knows the charged attack Grass Knot.

Weather Effects

Cresselia is boosted by Windy weather, while being more vulnerable in Fog and Rainy weather.

Weather Pro Con
Windy Allows a Level 25 Encounter from Weather Boost. Boosts Cresselia’s Fast moves and Futuresight
Partly Cloudy
Cloudy Boosts Cresselia’s Moonblast
Snow Boosts Cresselia’s Aurora Beam
Rainy Boosts Bug counters
Fog Boosts Dark and Ghost counters

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