Galarian Weezing Raid Guide

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Weezing (Galarian)

The two Best (non-shadow/non-mega) Galarian Weezing counters are the ever useful, but legacy, Psystrike Mewtwo and Meteor Mash Metagross. Galarian Weezing is a dual Fairy Poison type, is boosted by Cloudy weather, and has weaknesses to the following types: Steel, Ground, Psychic.

As a Tier 3, its stat composition of 174 Attack, 197 Defense, and 3,600 Stamina brings its raid boss CP to 16,511, or a very manageable solo for higher level trainers. If you aren’t sure if you can manage stick to groups of 2+. You can catch a Galarian Weezing Raid boss with the following CPs:

  • 1242 – 1310 (Unboosted Level 20 raid catch)
  • 1553 – 1637 (Boosted Level 25 raid catch in Cloudy)

Galarian Weezing Counters

The following table lists the best Galarian Weezing counters in Pokémon GO. 

# Pokémon Fast Move Charge Move Time to win Deaths
1. Latios (Mega) Zen Headbutt Psychic Psychic Psychic 88.18s 1.88
2. Latias (Mega) Zen Headbutt Psychic Psychic Psychic 101.47s 1.88
3. Mewtwo Psycho Cut Psychic Psystrike Psychic 111.21s 2.75
4. Gengar (Mega) Shadow Claw Ghost Psychic Psychic 119.12s 2.38
5. Scizor (Mega) Bullet Punch Steel Iron Head Steel 116.93s 2.63
6. Slowbro (Mega) Confusion Psychic Psychic Psychic 122.23s 2.13
7. Hoopa (Unbound) Confusion Psychic Psychic Psychic 119.26s 4.25
8. Charizard (Mega Y) Fire Spin Fire Blast Burn Fire 132.29s 2.25
9. Steelix (Mega) Iron Tail Steel Earthquake Ground 137.73s 1.38
10. Metagross Bullet Punch Steel Meteor Mash Steel 134.46s 2.50
11. Aerodactyl (Mega) Steel Wing Steel Earth Power Ground 138.87s 2.50
12. Hoopa (Confined) Confusion Psychic Psychic Psychic 138.54s 3.25
13. Jirachi Confusion Psychic Doom Desire Steel 146.27s 2.50
14. Dialga Metal Claw Steel Iron Head Steel 146.35s 2.75
15. Latios Zen Headbutt Psychic Psychic Psychic 140.90s 3.75
16. Landorus (Therian) Mud Shot Ground Earthquake Ground 141.57s 3.50
17. Pidgeot (Mega) Steel Wing Steel Brave Bird Flying 140.93s 3.88
18. Excadrill Metal Claw Steel Earthquake Ground 147.71s 3.00
19. Alakazam Psycho Cut Psychic Psychic Psychic 137.15s 4.88
20. Genesect (Burn) Metal Claw Steel Magnet Bomb Steel 155.41s 2.17
21. Genesect (Douse) Metal Claw Steel Magnet Bomb Steel 154.34s 2.33
22. Genesect (Normal) Metal Claw Steel Magnet Bomb Steel 155.13s 2.33
23. Rhyperior Mud-Slap Ground Earthquake Ground 157.20s 2.25
24. Espeon Confusion Psychic Psychic Psychic 142.09s 4.63
25. Charizard (Mega X) Fire Spin Fire Blast Burn Fire 152.51s 3.13
26. Blastoise (Mega) Water Gun Water Hydro Cannon Water 152.07s 3.13
27. Garchomp Mud Shot Ground Earth Power Ground 152.28s 3.38
28. Beedrill (Mega) Poison Jab Poison Drill Run Ground 147.97s 4.00
29. Deoxys (Attack) Zen Headbutt Psychic Psycho Boost Psychic 129.20s 9.00
30. Zacian Metal Claw Steel Iron Head Steel 159.24s 2.50
31. Groudon Mud Shot Ground Earthquake Ground 156.29s 3.00
32. Articuno (Galarian) Confusion Psychic Future Sight Psychic 152.20s 3.63
33. Azelf Extrasensory Psychic Future Sight Psychic 145.09s 4.75
34. Landorus (Incarnate) Mud Shot Ground Earth Power Ground 153.23s 3.75
35. Landorus Mud Shot Ground Earth Power Ground 153.47s 3.75


You can assume that, if anything is weak to Psychic, Mewtwo will make an amazing counter. There is no question, it is the best Psychic type in the game. It has no weakness to any of Galarian Weezing’s moves. In the case of Mewtwo vs Galarian Weezing – Psycho Cut/Psystrike is the Number 1 Moveset; however, if you missed Psystrike then Confusion/Psychic is Number 2. Either way, Mewtwo is King

Mega Gengar

Even without a Psychic fast move to back it up, Mega Gengar still makes an excellent counter down to sheer strength. If you do not have enough mega energy (or just don’t want to use it battling a tier 3 raid) then there are plenty of other options to choose from.


Meteor Mash Metagross does some mean work in Raids. In this case, it comes in just behind a Confusion/Psychic Mewtwo. If you’re lucky enough to have a few of with Meteor Mash go ahead and use them; however, if you aren’t so lucky a Zen Headbutt/Psychic Metagross is still good, but would drop down to the same level as Jirachi. Although Steel resists almost all of Galarian Weezing’s Moves – WATCH OUT for Overheat as Metagross will take a large hit from this Fire-type move.


This enigmatic Dragon seems to have proven quite useful. Although Dragon Pokèmon aren’t the usual goto against Fairy Pokèmon, the strong Steel Moves and STAB that Dialga enjoys a spot on this list. In addition, typically a Fairy Charge Move would spell disaster for a Dragon the dual typing of Steel negates any weakness to Fairy Moves. The same is the case for Fire Moves. Its power and resistance to both Normal and Poison moves makes it very useful.


The first Ground type to appear and exploit the Poison secondary typing, Rhyperior should be easily available having had a community day and Rhyhorn being strongly featured in Kanto Tour earlier this year.


Excadrill combines two of Weezing’s weaknesses in one pokémon, as such it will definitely come in handy. Unfortunately, its Ground typing won’t save it from a weakness to Fire, but it will increase its resistance to Poison yet another stage. That means Poison Move do just under 25% damage! It has a Steel and a Ground fast and charge moves so it would be hard to pick a ‘wrong’ moveset, just TM away Rock Slide and you are good to go!

Shadow Pokémon

There are some great shadow Pokémon available, including two of the top counters Mewtwo and Metagross. So by all means, if you have one or both of these powered up then you can really let rip! Shadow Aggron and Scizor also get an honourable mention with Alakazam and Tyranitar lower down the list.

Galarian Weezing Moves

Fast Move Charge Move
  • Tackle Normal (fast)
  • Sludge Poison (3 bar)
  • Hyper Beam Normal (1 bar)
  • Play Rough Fairy (2 bar)
  • Overheat Fire (1 bar)

As can be seen from this table Steel Pokèmon resit all the moves except Overheat, which they are week to. In other words, don’t use Steel counters against Overheat – especially in the Sunny weather.

Weather Effects

Weather Pro Attacker Pro Weezing
Sunny Boosted Ground Boosted Overheat Fire
Partly Cloudy Boosted Tackle Normal and Hyper Beam Normal
Cloudy Level 25 Galarian Weezing Boosted Sludge Poison and Play Rough Fairy
Snow Boosted Steel
Windy Boosted Psychic

As you can see raiding it in Cloudy weather, will boost 2 different Charge Moves, it will reward the work with a higher level Galarian Weezing to catch. The two more rare conditions – Windy or Snow – will definitely make the battle easier. Good news/bad news is the Northern Hemisphere is now seeing a lot more Snow in-game.

Shiny Galarian Weezing became available August 2021 as part of Ultra Unlock Part 3.

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