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Dare, a member of the GO Hub Fam, from the APAC Region, is currently attending Go Fest in Yokohama and has compiled some specific tips and tricks for getting the most out of your day if you’re yet to attend.

The event continues for the next three days, with the final day being on Monday, August 12th.

Go Fest Yokohama Tips and Tricks - Regular notifications about the heat (screenshot by Trainer Tips)
Regular notifications about the heat (screenshot by Trainer Tips)

First and Foremost

Stay Hydrated! Dare has reported that his phone overheated multiple times during the day due to the heat; and, Niantic has sent a number of reminders about the heat to ensure that you stay mindful of it.

Take lots of breaks at the water fountains. There are also lots of vending machines too. Bring a towel (possibly wet and freeze prior to arrival) along with water so you can cool down if needed.

Water-resistant phones cool down the fastest when water is run over them. Holding them up to one of the many misting fans was also a popular solution.

Top Tips from Dare

  • Get the Jirachi Research done quickly to allow more time for making the most of the Biomes.
  • If you can, finish up Yamashita and Akarenga quickly! (and before it gets too hot as there isn’t much shade) Get your Shiny Poliwag family, then retreat to the Winter Biome at Rinko and settle there for a while; it has the best Shiny chances of all three Biomes as it features Seel, Sneasel, Alolan Sandshrew, Alolan Vulpix, Snorunt, and even Absol.
Go Fest Yokohama Tips and Tricks - Location of the big trees - a great farming location
Location of the big trees – a great farming location
  • If you can settle down under the big trees (X marks the spot on the map below), you’re shaded and can reach 3-4 lured PokéStops within the Biome, where you can catch more of those rare and potentially Shiny Pokémon.
Go Fest Yokohama Tips and Tricks - Lots of Chimecho caught at Go Fest
Lots of Chimecho caught at Go Fest
Go Fest Yokohama Tips and Tricks - Giovanni Photobomb with Unown taken by Dare at Go Fest
Giovanni Photobomb with Unown by Dare
  • While you’re there, use Go Snapshot and get those Photobombs; the Winter Biome has Kricketot and Chimecho hijacking your shots, the latter of which gives 1500 Stardust each (with a Star Piece). Even Kricketot gives 450 Stardust (also with Star Piece). Photobombs in the other Biomes only give base forms like Jigglypuff, so be sure to prioritize the ones in Winter. Don’t forget…this is a quick way to achieve that Gold Photobomb Badge!
  • PokéStops aren’t exactly plentiful so go prepared with a numerous of Poké Balls if you intend to farm in the ways described above. Dare started with ~100 standard Poké Balls, ~100 Great Balls, and 600+ Ultra Balls. He was left with 9, and that was with slowing down in the last 4 hours because of the heat and the lack of Poké Balls – seriously, stock up!
  • Don’t pick up too many Gifts from PokéStops before Go Fest if you want some to send plenty home, as you may hit your limit and not be able to pick up anymore (like Dare did).
  • Arguably Dare’s most important tip for international travel, however, is to ensure you have a backup plan for transport in case of delays… the poor dude got a bit stranded at the airport, but luckily some very helpful locals were on hand on Twitter to offer some advice and get him moving. Thank you all!

Well, that concludes Dare’s insightful round-up of ‘how to GO Fest Yokohama.’ If you see him around, make sure to say Hi and grab some free Go Hub merch.

Go Fest Yokohama Tips and Tricks - Dare and other Trainers at Go Fest
Dare and other Trainers at Go Fest



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