How IVs Work in the Great League

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Pvp in Pokemon Go can be a bit overwhelming at first. What makes a Pokemon good? What moveset do I choose? What about IVs? These might be some of the questions we all ask before diving in to the world of Pvp. Let’s start start with IVs. Check out An Depth Guide to Strongest Great League Pokemon to understand what makes a Pokemon stand out in Great League. These are the current top-tier Pokemon of open great league battles. We will discuss what makes a Pokemon meta relevant and how they are utilized in various situation in the near future. For now let’s focus on the nitty gritty; what are IVs and do they matter in Great League Pvp?

This article breaks down exactly what IVs are and how they function in the game. In short, IVs or Individual Values are unique stats attributed to every Pokemon. The update back in July allows you to get a clear visual of what your Pokemon’s exact IVs are via the appraisal system. The main thing to understand about IVs in Great League is that you do not necessarily want a perfect IV Pokemon.

Check out this article first to understand how IVs influence CP, or Combat Power. Great League eligible Pokemon must be under 1500 CP, so keep that in mind when catching Pokemon in the wild since evolving certain Pokemon will exceed the required CP. A simple rule of thumb is you want a Pokemon with 0 or very low Attack IV. When looking for Great League IV Pokemon it should look like this

  • Attack: 0 IV
  • Defense: 15 IV
  • Health: 15 IV

The attack IV greatly influences your CP so you want a Pokemon with high defense and HP IVs. This is so you can reach a higher HP breakpoint for your Great League Pokemon.

For example, your 15/15/15 Azumarill will cap out at 1497 CP and be level 36. What you want is an 8/15/15 Azumarill that will cap out at 1500 CP even at level 40.

The attack IV being low that does not mean your Pokemon is weak. Every Pokemon already has their base stats, the IVs just increases them. What matters most is getting your Pokemon to a higher level. Getting your Pokemon to reach closest to 1500 is the key and their attack IV will influence whether the Pokemon reaches 1500 CP at level 36 or level 40. Higher-level Pokemon means higher HP so they will always have the edge in Pvp.

Certain Pokemon can reach 1500 CP when you max them out and some reach 1500 CP such as Sableye and Medicham at levels as low as 15. Go Stadium has a great IV Calculator for Pvp so definitely check them out to find if your Pokemon is Pvp ready! It’s ok if your Pokemon doesn’t have perfect Pvp IV since strategy plays a big part in succeeding.

An important step towards creating a great team means understanding IVs so check out all the resources here at Pokemon Go Hub and be on your way to creating your desired team for Great League!

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