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Kyurem is a T5 Raid boss in Pokémon GO. Best Kyurem counters for this frigid dragon include powerful Steel, Fighting, Rock, Fairy, and other Dragon types. Kyurem can be caught with the following Combat Power values:

  • 1791 – 2042 CP at Level 20, no weather boost
  • 2239 – 2553 CP at Level 25 with Snow or Windy weather boost

Kyurem can be ideally beaten with a team of 3 trainers with level 30+ counters. However, to be on the safe side, 2-5 high-level trainers or 6-8 lower level players are recommended to successfully take down this legendary raid boss.

In this guide, we will provide detailed coverage of the best Kyurem counters, the best strategy to be adopted in order to defeat it, and the CP range of the Kyurem that you can catch for yourself.

Best Kyurem Counters in Pokémon GO

List of counters for the Kyurem Raid Boss in Pokémon GO, including best Pokémon to defeat it, highest DPS attackers, and moves to use. Learn which Pokémon are the best choice to beat this raid boss.

# Pokémon Fast Move Charge Move Time to win Deaths
1. Blaziken (Mega) Counter Fighting Focus Blast Fighting 347.21s 14.33
2. Latios (Mega) Dragon Breath Dragon Dragon Claw Dragon 345.22s 18.67
3. Latias (Mega) Dragon Breath Dragon Outrage Dragon 378.62s 17.33
4. Aerodactyl (Mega) Rock Throw Rock Rock Slide Rock 392.79s 19.83
5. Lopunny (Mega) Double Kick Fighting Focus Blast Fighting 417.00s 17.83
6. Aggron (Mega) Iron Tail Steel Heavy Slam Steel 475.65s 9.83
7. Scizor (Mega) Bullet Punch Steel Iron Head Steel 465.00s 12.33
8. Alakazam (Mega) Counter Fighting Focus Blast Fighting 439.18s 21.17
9. Terrakion Double Kick Fighting Sacred Sword Fighting 459.68s 20.00
10. Charizard (Mega X) Dragon Breath Dragon Dragon Claw Dragon 450.41s 24.40
11. Keldeo Low Kick Fighting Sacred Sword Fighting 492.88s 17.50
12. Keldeo (Ordinary) Low Kick Fighting Sacred Sword Fighting 494.05s 17.33
13. Metagross Bullet Punch Steel Meteor Mash Steel 514.92s 13.17
14. Gengar (Mega) Lick Ghost Shadow Ball Ghost 481.04s 22.67
15. Altaria (Mega) Dragon Breath Dragon Dazzling Gleam Fairy 510.68s 17.80
16. Zacian Metal Claw Steel Play Rough Fairy 560.57s 9.00
17. Ampharos (Mega) Charge Beam Electric Dragon Pulse Dragon 486.13s 24.00
18. Lucario Counter Fighting Aura Sphere Fighting 507.70s 19.33
19. Steelix (Mega) Iron Tail Steel Heavy Slam Steel 549.51s 12.17
20. Sceptile (Mega) Fury Cutter Bug Dragon Claw Dragon 439.89s 34.40
21. Charizard (Mega Y) Dragon Breath Dragon Dragon Claw Dragon 513.73s 20.00
22. Gyarados (Mega) Dragon Tail Dragon Outrage Dragon 540.55s 15.50
23. Rayquaza Dragon Tail Dragon Outrage Dragon 490.21s 23.50
24. Dialga Metal Claw Steel Draco Meteor Dragon 526.32s 19.00
25. Salamence Dragon Tail Dragon Outrage Dragon 492.54s 24.50
26. Palkia Dragon Breath Dragon Draco Meteor Dragon 521.93s 22.00
27. Zekrom Dragon Breath Dragon Outrage Dragon 503.51s 24.50
28. Reshiram Dragon Breath Dragon Draco Meteor Dragon 533.36s 21.33
29. Conkeldurr Counter Fighting Dynamic Punch Fighting 530.55s 21.33
30. Garchomp Dragon Tail Dragon Outrage Dragon 523.77s 21.50
31. Rampardos Smack Down Rock Rock Slide Rock 518.65s 26.00
32. Pidgeot (Mega) Steel Wing Steel Brave Bird Flying 541.95s 23.00
33. Rhyperior Smack Down Rock Rock Wrecker Rock 553.38s 21.17
34. Banette (Mega) Shadow Claw Ghost Dazzling Gleam Fairy 518.50s 31.00
35. Zacian (Hero) Metal Claw Steel Play Rough Fairy 602.22s 11.33


Best Kyurem Counters in Pokémon GO
Best Kyurem Counters in Pokémon GO

Lucario and Metagross

Lucario and Metagross have the Steel typing to help them resist all of Kyurem’s moves and are the undisputed best counteras to Kyurem, regardless of whatever moveset Kyurem is using.

Aura Sphere changed the fortunes for Lucario and propelled it to astronomical heights in terms of shelling out pure DPS. With the ever handy steel typing in its arsenal and the massive amounts of damage potential, Lucario tames Kyurem as its top counter.

Metagross finds supreme utility as a top raid boss counter. Just like Lucario, this arachnid metal monster not only inflicts super-effective damage to Kyurem, but it is also resists everything that Kyurem throws at it. Add the fact that Metagross boasts of the devastating Meteor Mash and comes with amazing bulk, and you have got one of the apex counters to check Kyurem.

Their Steel type resistances, amazing stats, and terrifying moves like Aura Sphere and Meteor Mash are enough to give Kyurem the icy shivers. [Dragon] types are a viable option as long as Kyurem wouldn’t be freezing them with Blizzard.


Combine steel and dragon, and you have a mighty foe for Kyurem. As the only dragon counter to be not weak to either ice or dragon type moves, Dialga is a compulsory addition to your team of counters.

Fighting types

Needless to mention, strong Fighting Pokémon like Terrakion and Machamp are definitely going to do a great job at punching Kyurem down to the snow.

The Counter and Dynamic Punch moveset that has always been notorious for being able to breeze several lower-tier raid bosses and no one does this better than Shadow Machamp. This time, it uses the same arsenal of moves to topple a powerful tier 5 raid boss in Kyurem.

Kyurem stats

Kyurem (Normal Form) is a Dragon Ice type that comes with the following stats:

Kyurem DragonIce
Max CP at lvl 40 3575 at lvl 50 4041
ATK 246 DEF 170 HP 245
Weak to Strong Against
Steel Dragon Fairy Rock Fighting Dragon Flying Ground Grass

Kyurem Moveset Analysis

Kyurem can have the following moves in Pokémon Go:

Fast Moves Charge Moves
  • Dragon Breath Dragon
  • Steel Wing Steel
  • Draco Meteor Dragon
  • Blizzard Ice
  • Dragon Claw Dragon
  • Glaciate* Ice

*Denotes legacy move.

Dragon Breath and Draco Meteor/Blizzard are murderous for dragons and you should strive to do as much damage as you can with them till the 1-bar charge moves hit you. Dodging is strongly recommended. Steel types aren’t too bothered with this moveset while fighting types do decently well.

Steel Wing and Draco Meteor pose good DPS but are not too difficult to dodge. You can make your counters last a bit longer and do some sweet damage.

Kyurem comes with two three-bar charge moves in Dragon Claw. You should absolutely try to dodge at least the first time they come for better potion efficiency.

Without any weather or friendship boosts our simulator has a TTW with Metagross of 562 seconds. Accordingly, a trio is definitely possible and if blessed with ideal conditions, Kyurem can be duo raided.


It is not every day that a Dragon type legendary raid boss isn’t countered best by Dragon or Ice types. The Steel types begin to gain more relevance in the meta as the top counters for this powerful dragon.

Even though the ideal weather condition for the Steel type isn’t such a common one, its numerous resistances come into play. All those fairytales about slaying a mighty dragon with a steel sword? Well, it’s time you do that yourself!

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