Lugia Raid
Lugia Raid

Lugia is one of the Legendary Tier 5 Raid Bosses in Pokemon GO. Best Lugia counters are strong Electric type Pokemon like Zekrom, Therian Thundurus, Mega Manectric, but also strong Rock types with access to Smack Down and Stone Edge and Dark/Ghost types to take advantage of its part Psychic typing.

Lugia’s raid CP is 45925 CP and has the following raid catch CPs:

  • 2028 – 2115 – perfect IV Lugia, LVL 20, no weather boost
  • 2535 – 2645 – perfect IV Lugia, LVL 25, Windy weather boosted

Lugia can be defeated by 4+ Trainers with ideal counters and under favorable weather.


Best Lugia Raid Counters

The following table shows the strongest Pokémon you can use versus a Lugia. Be on the lookout for that Hydro Pump, as some Lugia counters can be OHKO-ed with it! Shadow Pokémon have been excluded due to their stardust cost.

# Pokemon Fast Move Charge Move Time to win Deaths
1. Gengar (Mega) Shadow Claw Shadow Ball 693.01s 35.5
2. Manectric (Mega) Snarl Wild Charge 867.34s 30.17
3. Houndoom (Mega) Snarl Foul Play 877.06s 26.83
4. Zekrom Charge Beam Wild Charge 926.3s 25.17
5. Thundurus (Therian) Volt Switch Thunderbolt 913.24s 30.83
6. Gyarados (Mega) Bite Crunch 963.31s 17
7. Darkrai Snarl Shadow Ball 950.02s 28.17
8. Rampardos Smack Down Rock Slide 912.93s 46
9. Chandelure Hex Shadow Ball 923.3s 41.5
10. Gengar Lick Shadow Ball 906.67s 50.67
11. Darmanitan (Galarian) Ice Fang Avalanche 938.71s 38.83
12. Ampharos (Mega) Volt Switch Zap Cannon 969.16s 26.67
13. Rhyperior Smack Down Rock Wrecker 968.4s 29.33
14. Weavile Snarl Avalanche 974.81s 31.67
15. Giratina (Origin) Shadow Claw Shadow Ball 991.98s 24.83
16. Electivire Thunder Shock Wild Charge 983.32s 34.5
17. Raikou Thunder Shock Wild Charge 1010.9s 28.67
18. Abomasnow (Mega) Powder Snow Weather Ball 1001.59s 34.67
19. Magnezone Spark Wild Charge 1025.37s 24.67
20. Mamoswine Powder Snow Avalanche 1009.58s 37.5
21. Terrakion Smack Down Rock Slide 1021.93s 38.33
22. Luxray Spark Wild Charge 1029.08s 35.5
23. Yveltal Snarl Dark Pulse 1058.38s 23.5
24. Deoxys (Attack) Poison Jab Dark Pulse 952.99s 75
25. Zapdos Thunder Shock Thunderbolt 1055.49s 30.83
26. Thundurus (Incarnate) Thunder Shock Thunder 1050.92s 34.67
27. Hydreigon Bite Dark Pulse 1073.74s 26.5
28. Glaceon Frost Breath Avalanche 1059.16s 37.5
29. Golem (Alola) Rock Throw Wild Charge 1074.52s 31.5
30. Mewtwo Psycho Cut Shadow Ball 1077.35s 29.67

Lugia Raid Counters Explained

Lugia’s possible movesets are as follows:

  • Extrasensory Psychic (fast)
  • Dragon Tail Dragon (fast)
  • Futuresight Psychic (charge)
  • Sky Attack Flying (charge)
  • Hydro Pump Water (charge)

Before we go into deeper analysis, remember that Lugia can’t be soloed. Before joining raid make sure you are using Pokémon with proper movesets.

Lugia takes Super Effective damage from electric, dark, ice, ghost and rock type moves, due to its dual psychic and flying type. The best non-mega Pokemon to fight Lugia is either a Zekrom or a Darkrai, depending on Lugia’s moveset.

Be aware that a Lugia with Hydro Pump will destroy any Pokémon that is weak to Water. Don’t underestimate this, as a HP Lugia counters most of her own counters.

In addition, all steel and psychic type Pokemon take reduced damage from psychic type moves.

Also steel, rock and electric type take reduced damage from flying type moves, so keep that in mind.

Weather Influence

Windy weather may be more challenging than other weather conditions, but it will unlock the option to catch a weather boosted Lugia! We recommend catching a weather boosted one if you’re not planning to power it up. Otherwise, shiny hunting is easiest in rain, fog and partly cloudy weather conditions.

Weather Pros Cons
Partly Cloudy Boosts all Rock type moves
Cloudy No pros nor cons
Rainy Boosts all super effective  Electric type moves Boosts Lugia’s Hydro Pump
Windy Boosted Lugia encounter Boosts almost all Lugia’s moves
Fog Boosts Darkrai’s and Tyranitar’s Dark moves