October 2016 bugs and workarounds list

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Pokemon GO is not a perfect game by any means, but some of the bugs can be easily avoided and fixed temporary by using one of the workarounds provided below. We’d like to highlight that we’re not the creators of this table – big thanks to /r/thesilphroad for posting this table! You guys are awesome!

Please be careful with the “may get you banned” workarounds as it actually can get you banned!

If you come across any bugs and fixes missing, please let us know!

Bugs and workarounds October 2016

Bug Cause Workaround
Gym ERROR GPS Drift Turn off GPS after selecting attacker but before starting battle (may get you banned), use a GPS locker (thx /u/zeratoz may get you banned), use “Device Only” or “GPS Only” on Android devices. (thx /u/zeratoz )
Gym ERROR Pokémon placed in a lower slot while battling Wait until all empty slots filled before battling
Gym ERROR Pokémon removed from lower slot while battling Wait 10 min before interacting with that gym
Gym ERROR Network connectivity Wait 10 min before interacting with that gym
Gym ERROR (thx/u/iamfrankfrank) Pokémon dies during a group battle Wait 10 min before interacting with that gym
Gym ERROR (the/u/zzmmrmn ) Specific gyms will create a gym error if you try to battle it No good workaround
Gym battle Insta-death Join a battle after another player has initiated the battle Start battle with “sacrificial” Pokémon, then switch to fighter
Gym battle “fake” damage Successfully dodge an attack but get hit with full damage temporarily No good workaround
Prestige enemy gym While you prestige a gym, the enemy takes it down and adds their Pokémon, and you end up prestiging their gym No good workaround
Invisible Pokémon spawn Game not properly loading sprite Download all game sprites by scrolling through Pokédex
Pokémon disappears while selecting (thx/u/Kasuha ) Unknown No good workaround
Log in error Unknown No good workaround
Audio cutting out Another app (e.g. Whatsapp) plays a sound over Pokémon Go Set dnd on your phone (thx /u/FireLucid ), restart app if it occurs
First Pokéball flies into space Unknown Fixed in latest update
Loss of too many items when throwing away (thx /u/ohbearly ) Throw away items, see no change in inventory, throw away items again, see too many items thrown away in inventory If you throw away items and don’t see a change in inventory, close and restart the app. Or only throw away items when connection is good.
Pokémon Go completely unresponsive (thx/u/ohbearly ) If you send too many inputs in a row, like rapid taps when healing a Pokémon Patiently wait for a response to last input before sending a subsequent input. Close and restart app when it becomes unresponsive.
Pokémon Go UI unresponsive (thx/u/mrflarp ) Unknown Close and restart app
Pokéstop has label “Try again later” (thx/u/kjhf1273 ) Spin Pokéstop and exit spinning screen before the Pokéstop changes color Pokéstop was successfully spun and items are in your inventory. To get Pokéstop to turn purple, stop the app and restart.
Pokéstop has label “THIS POKESTOP IS TOO FAR AWAY” when in range (thx/u/kjhf1273 ) Unknown Ignore message and spin Pokéstop as normal.
Sorting Pokémon by HP (thx /u/kjhf1273) Unknown No good workaround

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