Pokémon GO Anniversary Box

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The Pokémon GO Anniversary Box is a special gift box that’s available during the Pokémon GO Anniversary event, as a discounted in-game purchase in the in-game store.

Contains Incubators, Max Revives, Ultra Balls and a Raid Pass.The Anniversary Box has been confirmed in the UK Press Release sent to media outlets on 6 July 2017. The first report was made by Serebii.

Pokémon GO Anniversary Box Content
Item Quantity
Egg Incubators 6
Max Revive 6
Premium Raid Pass 2
Ultra Ball 20
Price 1200 Coins

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    • Cannot upvote enough. We are way overdue for a stardust event. I have several things I need to power up for raiding parties and I just can’t get the stardust for (especially with gym stardust at 20 per berry).

      • Couldn’t agree more.. really thought we would get double stardust for this event.. plus possibly xp or candy as well it is supposed to be a big event right? I even saved some Pokemon that I am going to transfer incase we got double candy for this event.. and yes it is so hard to get stardust right now.. only thing good out of the event is the Pikachu.. I do really enjoy the special edition stuff but JUST that for the one year “event”.. cmon

    • 1200 for

      * 6 incubators [retail 900]
      * 6 max revives [retail 180]
      * 2 premium raid passes [retail 200]
      * 20 ultra balls [not available, but 20 pokeballs sells for 100]

  1. sheesh, 1200 coins for the box??? What part of “discounted” do they not understand? All of it?

    The 6 incubators might have been worth it at a discount but that’s only 900. Add two raid passes, 1100. Throw in the max revives and you’re up to 1280… I guess you can’t buy ultra balls so that’s something, but what a load of crap.

    • remove the ultras, you save 80 coins if you buy all seperate, what a joke LOL, should of been 400-800 ish , this is worthless IMO

  2. Why didn’t they just gift us with the anniversary box plus have it available on the shop? Ugh

  3. Honestly, I will buy 12 premium passes instead of this package. I could have the chance to get Lapras, Snorlax and Tyranitar which I really need, and their candys

  4. 1200 coins, what a joke.
    Incubators and passes are normally worth 1100, rest of it is not worth the other 100 imo

      • If you live in a remote village then they are maybe worth that much. I’m from a small town and for me they are worth ZERO because it will take me around 15 minutes of walking to get 6 Max Revives.

    • For that price people who want premium passes would rather buy 12 of them. Those who want incubators would rather buy 8 of them. Ultra balls and revives people can just get from pokestops. Too many reasons to not buy this mess of random items for that price.

  5. This gift box is lame. It’s supposed to be the ANNIVERSARY gift at a discount. And it’s 1200 coins?! 6 egg incubators + 2 premium raid passes = 1100 coins. The rest, you could just get the hard way from pokestops.

    I get that the whole summer is supposed to be a big anniversary extravaganza. But I would’ve hoped that they did something a BIT more special for the actual anniversary date.

    • I completely agree and I really like the special edition Pikachus but for JUST that for the big one anniversary “event” is what sucks.. really wanted double stardust

      • It’s another Pikachu with a hat on. It’d be a nice cherry on top if there was something else to the event (like double stardust). But when it’s just Pikachu w/ a hat, that dumb anniversary box, and….nope, that’s all there is to this event. Forget about anniversary, this is just a lackluster event in general. People were complaining about the fossil event? The fossil event was 10x times better than this.

        • No I agree I wanted it to be big and was disappointed as well and really wanted double stardust kinda wanted double candy too but would’ve been happy with at least stardust.. and the box isn’t a great deal but I am just saying the Pikachu is really cool at least I really like it.. I agree there should be way more to this “event” but I think the special edition Pikachus are really cool not just “Pikachu with a dumb hat”

          • Personally, I would prefer if at least ONCE they put the hat on something ELSE than Pikachu. Come on, I know, he’s the main star of the anime series but there are other pokemons in the game!

            (Ash? What ash?)

          • They could do the Squirtle shades thatd be cool for summer.. but I thought the Ash hat fit good for one year.. thats just me I think the special edition things are cool but I agree it was very disappointing to read that was all it was.. Pokemon GO Fest may be a part of it but a lot of people including myself are not able to go to that.. wanted a big in game event

          • I understand why they don’t. It’s new sprite development for a different Pokemon, while Pikachu hats are a thing in the main series where they got the sprites.

          • I agree too. The Pikachu with Ash’s hat honestly is pretty cool, want to catch one for myself. But by no means is it cool enough to carry the event alone. Also, is it just me? Or does it feel like the Pikachu spawn rate hasn’t actually increased at all?

          • It has slightly increased. We almost never see Pikachu outside of events and nests around here, but I saw a handful last night after the event started.

          • in a somewhat ironic reversal I saw the first pikachu in months yesterday but it wasn’t wearing a hat (and it was after the 1 pm PDT start time)

  6. Lol. What a horrible anniversary gift. You need to be really stupid or wealthy to buy this. And 1200 coins is the discounted price?! What a lovely gift. Happy anniversary guys.

  7. Big picture, everyone. This isn’t just for the higher levels. This is for everyone.

    6 Incubators = 900 coin
    2 Premium Raid Passes = 200 coin
    6 Max Revives = 180 coin
    20 Ultra Balls = Can’t Purchase

    Which means if you buy the box, you’ll save 80 coins (if you want everything) AND get 20 free Ultra Balls. There are trainers out there that don’t have access to either Max Revives or Ultra Balls. So for them, this may be the deal of the century. Just because it’s not the best deal FOR YOU doesn’t mean that this is a total waste.

    And before you ask, yes, I do have access to both Max Revives and Ultra Balls, and no, I won’t be buying the box. I currently have 45 Max Revives and 140 Ultra Balls. This box is not for me. But you know what? It doesn’t have to be. Not everything has to be perfect for me. The one thing I need right now is a Porygon, preferably with good IVs. I haven’t gotten one yet, and have 4 Up-Grades. But you know what? I’m happy for the people this box works for. Have fun.

    • they made over a billion + in a year from this game, this is just trash and over priced sadly not a discount as they said.

      • Last time I checked, 1200 plus 20 additional items you can’t buy IS less than 1280. This is a discount. It may not be the discount you wanted, but it’s still a discount.

        • it’s not, stop defending niantic lol… , small discount of barely 80 coins is a joke.

          • Again, a discount of ANY AMOUNT is a discount. The game is not 100% for Daniel Doiron and exactly what he wants. 10 coins off or 1000. Less coins means a discount. And they didn’t promise an amount or a percentage of a discount. They just said a discount. 80 coins off IS a discount, whether you like it or not. Basic math says that’s the case. Just because you’re upset over it doesn’t change that fact.

          • Yawn get out of here , this is a joke discount of 80C and 20 balls that can be in a hour in stops, not much of a anniversary.

            Basic math or not, crap discount is still crap discount and not WORTH it.

            Defend it if you want, but nobody else will period lol, we expected better for a year anniversary.

          • no it’s deff. a joke. Holiday gift packs saved us 40-60% but 1 year anniversary saves you 4% = JOKE

          • Agree, technically a discount, but a very poor one at that, considering the profits made it would be nice to see a 50% across the board discount.

    • do we know that ultra balls are 3x the catch rate? They aren’t in the main games…

  8. 2nd anniversary box also leaked. It’s gonna be a “Give Niantic all my money” button. In return, you might get 1 pokeball or a shiny Pidgey

  9. After the gym rework (battle degradation ) the Max Review is useless … I can beat any gym using normal Review and Pokémon with 1/2 HP.

    After gym rework I have so much balls (including ultra) I do not need more (due to gym->poke stop + bonus mechanism).

    So for me it give more sense to buy for 100 coins additional pass than useless 6 Max review and 20 Ultra ball …

    This box is targeted on people not able to calculate the true price …

  10. People, this box is not worth it at all. Two of the items you can get for free from pokestops. Then, both the incubators and premium pass can be bought separately in the quantity you want and when you want. Save your coins for what you really need, not in a box with barely any discount.

  11. ash hat pikachu on nearby. showing up in black image like ive never had a pikachu before when i have?

  12. Incubators: 900 coins; Raid Passes: 200 coins; Revives and Ultra balls: free if you spin Pokestops as you normally would (I currently have 41 Max Revives and 185 Ultra balls in my bag).

    Apparently this is Niantic asking for 100-coin donations—a gift for them, not for you. Bizarre.

    • This whole update thing is BS. No matter how many pokemon I put in gyms the limit is 50 coins per day, even if they defend for a week. There is no dust rewards.

  13. 6 incubators (the only thing I’ll use worth $9), 6 max revives (I have 41 which I never use), 3 premium raid passes (for raid bosses that I already have) and 20 ultra balls. For $12? Rip off and a disappointment

  14. Ya know .. I’ll keep playing in hopes that it’ll be worth it. Over the past year I’ve built up a really good team of pokemon based on good IV’s, high CP points, good movesets .. etc. I’m really disappointed in what’s happened lately. There’s no motivation anymore, no competition and no motivation to build a good team of pokemon.

  15. Its a money grab. People that don’t read the forums (most people, I would think) don’t know what’s in the box and have no chance of saving 1200 coins over the course of the event. So if they want their mystery “gift”, the only choice is to send Niantic some money.

    • Money grabs are part of being for-profit. This wasn’t even that. Nobody in their right mind is buying this. Even the people who don’t do the math when they see sale signs aren’t going to get fooled by this because it’s too high for that kind of marketing. This was pure, unadulterated stupidity on their part.

  16. 1.200 Coins for

    6 x Incubators (150) = 900
    2 x RaidPass (100) = 200

    So i get the 20 Hyperballs and 6 Max Revive for 100 Coins, wow, i am really amazed of this unbelievable and awesome anniversary offer…

  17. Is niantic trolling us? They’ve to give us a present, do you know hoe much Niantic already earned because we play this game? They have to give us a present. And the box sucks, come on Niantic. Do you guys not have enough money, do you want more? Damn…

    • Yea this should’ve been a way to give back to the community and a way to say thank you to all the players not a opportunity to just make more money..

    • They actually do have to keep making money. They aren’t a charity, they’re a business. They have to both pay the costs of continuing the game in service resources and development costs, and fulfill their fiduciary responsibility beyond that. The problem isn’t that this box makes them money, it’s that it’s so stupidly priced that no one will buy it.

  18. Took me a while to realize how ridiculous the pricing for this box is! LOL
    If only Niantic added a ‘secret’ Legendary Pass with it, I’d totally get it.

    Also, for some reason I kept reading Incubator as Mast**bator. I guess that’s just me and my pervy mind. ;p

  19. Haha!!! This event is retarded.They said anniversary box is a gift… and we have to pay for that! xD Not funny joke niantic

  20. The new gym set up is no good. Might as well leave a 100cp Pokemon there.
    Not getting any star dust and 50 measley coins.
    Getting much harder to power up Pokemon.
    Have assembled a good team but what’s the point of taking down a gym for no reward.
    Even most of the raid bosses I have and I like the idea of getting the rare candy but the star dust was 5000 a day now it’s basically only what I catch or hatch.
    It’s just a way of making more money it looks like to me.
    Losing interest fast.

    • I didn’t realize it at first but feeding injured teammate mon’s at gyms give 20 stardust a pop of the berry. Which finally makes Nana berries useful however I enjoyed heartlessly trashing them for simplicity sake. The only aspect I come to like with the change in gyms is I don’t have to feel finished after visiting one or two gyms and pressured to hit “collect” and therefore taking the drive out of wanting to attack any subsequent gyms. The loss in stardust is still great compared to what it was though. And it has a better ramp for one person to rip down stacked gyms

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